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Seven Prayer Points for the Christmas Season

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As we remember Christ the reason for the season, we also remember that He was a man of prayer. Christ taught us to pray and not faint. During the season, we tend to have more time on our hands which is targeted for every other purpose but prayer.

We are encouraged to praise our Great God of Signs and Wonders and pray more for His awesome intervention, even now, as we are entering into the season. May the God Almighty bless us and grant us our own personal and family requests, in the precious name of Jesus – even as we also pray concerning His Kingdom. Amen.

  1. That Christ will return appropriately to be the focus of the season and not the opportunity that the holiday offers in many often commercial/humanist but Christ-less ways.
  2. That the stirrings of revival being felt all over the world will birth a global reawakening like has never been seen attended by floods of His salvation and refocus on preparations for His second coming as billions all over the world come to Him in repentance.
  3. That every other altar raised to oppose the truths of God and essence of Christ’s salvation will be quickly scattered and made desolate … and many will be liberated to worship Christ in spirit and in truth. Evil patrons behind these altars will lose all their powers.
  4. That as Mary had her encounter with God - every strategic distraction in the form of worldly entertainment , curious environmental demonic disruptions, disappointments, offenses, and strong seductions designed to cause many to forgo truth or miss their encounters with God in this season will fail in their assignment.
  5. That the joy and spirit of humility, sacrificial giving, sharing, forgiveness and heartfelt worship will spread all over the world as families, marriages, lives, health, ministries and situations are restored to the glory of God.
  6. That every other human, man-made or religious and anti-Christ tradition positioned to replace or erode the restorative power of the word of God will not be able to do so this season.
  7. That shouts of hallelujah and loud songs of rejoicing, praise and thanksgiving will echo all over the world – as peaceful and joyful celebrations replace and cancel every other agenda to cause sorrows, pain through deaths, national disasters, floods and accidents/crashes. Even as the blood of Jesus will flow now and render every weapon fashioned against Christians all over the world, impotent – especially at this season of remembering the birth of Christ.
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So shall it be – in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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