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Shallow Faith by Tozer (Part 1)

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For some reason, each generation of Christians believe they need to reinvent the spiritual wheel, but Tozer was able to see above and beyond all of this because his focus was not on passing trends. In the book "The Dangers of Shallow faith awakening from Spiritual Lethargy", James Snyder summarizes Tozer's thoughts.

Mat 23:37  O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

As the Church stands now, the man who sees this condition of worldliness is either discredited for one thing or the other or just written off as a fanatic loser. The Bible has no compromise with the world and its only message is to call it back home. Still, it is often a peculiar and younger generation that sees through the maze of deception and longs for something original, something with substance - when it comes along dissatisfied with the status quo and has a hunger for God that cannot be quenched by shows, rituals and tradition. It comes stomping unceremoniously with a genuine passion for God.

I believe the spirit of Babylon is invading the Church today to the point of controlling it. The Church Fathers were fanatic worshippers, and their worship carried with it a heavy cost, which incidentally, they gladly and eagerly paid. The grandsons are now observers with an appetite for entertainment that has gone wild ...addicted to thrills which they confuse for anointing. The Church Fathers came into the presence of God with a sense of overwhelming reverence, which captivated them and brought them before God in holy silence. Today we have noisy celebrities and personalities . Every new thing in the world will soon be copied by the Church, thinking in some way this impresses God. Many live on yesterday's momentum, feeling that all the battles have been fought -thanking God profusely for a victory that others paid a heavy cost for. The Church Fathers had a religion that cost them much ... today's experts just enjoy the ministry - showing remarkable results.

Alas, there is the cult of imitation ...the secular media sets the standards for the Church and churches have programs directed by Masters and Mistresses of Ceremonies. If there is a best-seller out in the world, a popular music hit can be sure - it will soon be shamelessly imitated in the Church. Instead of writing great literature that honors God, we are duplicating the questionable styles of Babylon.

The reason for this is that Christianity is greatly misunderstood even by Christians. True Christianity is a mystery, a wonder, something alien and transcendent in this world. The Christianity of the New Testament is incomprehensible to the world...there is no bridge between God's standards and the World's. What satisfies the Church will in no way satisfy the world and vice versa. Why? Because the appetite of the Church is for Christ while the world has no such appetite. How can you ever serve a menu that satisfies both tastes? This is what the misguided generation hopes to do.

Then there is the cult of entertainment ... the most destructive heresy poisoning the Church today. This feeds the carnal competitive and quarrelsome nature - that grows in its billions. If we feed the spiritual our appetite for the spiritual will grow.

Then there is the altar of marketing. The successful Christian is one who realizes he is but a pilgrim in this world looking for a city whose builder and foundation is God. At the altar of marketing is worship driven by earthy publicity but what the world strives to have as success, God calls an abomination.

There are many other substitute altars - the altar of money, the altar of activity, the altar of pleasure ... all based on wrong concepts of God and man. Men will not let God be what He says He is. They must try and help Him be something else. Subsequently men will not accept to be what God says they are...they must strive to be superior to how God has already defined them. The inevitable consequence is a wrong concept of sin - which is now denied, renamed, colored and now even openly paraded in different guises ... that which God already terms as rebellion against the constituted authority of Majesty on High.

We speak of eternity but everything we do and all our arguments focus on this time-bound physical existence and how we can maximize its utility and rights - with little thought for eternity and what it will be like for us ... and where we will go. We have a shallow concept of faith to get ahead and be pleased and satisfied. There is lusting for gains and clinging to positions and titles ...seeking God in an overconfidence while God sees only our slumber and waits for us to come up higher.

 Culled from the book "The Dangers of a shallow faith - A.W. Tozer"

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