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The Devil on the Rampage

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I heard the story of a war legend who fought and won many battles. In the last of his outings, he was seriously wounded and realised that he might be fighting his last battles. He therefore used his last breath and energy to make the greatest and wildest attack over his enemies.

The story has important lessons for fellow Christians. The devil had ever been at war with every and anyone who would venture to declare..."I'm on the Lord's side". He cunningly did it to Adam and Eve (Genesis 3) and also turned Samson to jelly in the lap of Delilah (Judges 16). He tried his tricks on Jesus Christ Himself but woefully failed. He attempted it with Peter but Christ rescued him. The devil has not relented ever since, destroying men and women. His attacks are even more subtle and vicious than it was in Bible times. Will you allow him to get at you?

John 12:30 Jesus answered and said, This voice came not because of me, but for your sakes. 31 Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

Having realised that he has but a liitle time left, he has decided to be even more outrageous, and you need to watch out. He really is desperate, wild and has gone berserk ... on the rampage albeit at a time when he has deceived many that he does not even exist and has supplied enough deceptions to empower his wicked onslaught on society to embrace sin. Politics, economics and even religion ... all spheres of life have been targeted for outright corruption and destruction. As a thief that cometh not but to steal, kill and to destroy, he is sealing the heart of many against the truth of the gospel by luring them into cults and false enlightenment. But worse is the seduction into social and philosophical groups which preach salvation by works or claim that the precious blood of Christ does not and cannot avail for sin. Brothers and sisters, watch out and do not be deceived. The devil is on the rampage. Do not relent, launch the right offensive against the devil ... snatch men from sin, lies and deceit of the devil. Let your light shine. Let your life be a living proof that the Gospel remains true.

Maybe the devil has made your home and family his battle ground - to cause troubles by bringing barrenness, sicknesses on children or unusual inexplicable quarrels between you and your spouse? Maybe it is your finances that has been battered. Maybe you have fallen into strange temptations. You have tried many approaches that just did not work. What must you do?

First be sure you are grounded in Christ the Rock. Be entrenched in Him who is the truth. Second be watchful. Beware of the baits of the devil, love not the world nor be yoked with the company of them who are worldly and teach that worldly gains imply Godliness or pleasure with God. Seperate yourself unto the living God. He has promised never to leave you alone nor to forsake you. He will fight and help you win against the devil's rampage. Be sure you don't give room to the devil and his agents.

How is it that in the time of Satan's rampage, many are sleeping - completely unaware, relaxed or busy seeking instead of righteousness, after new jobs, cars and houses - falling easily for the baits of darkness? How is it that when the truths of God are under the most powerful onslaughts that many are not going back to the word of God but falling for new truths and seductive philosophies that appeal to our intellect? How is it that we entertain and enjoy ourselves with worldly music and performances and call it worship ... not knowing this is indirectly worshiping satan?

Be watchful and recognise the baits of the devil's rampage.The rampage of the devil and his demons is a reality. But never ever forget, it is still only the last pathetic efforts of a defeated foe who already knows his time is up and soon we will see him - vanquished and humiliated ... wailing in the abyss where he rightly belongs and burning forever in a hell fire that never quenches ... along with those who fell for his lies.

Come back to Jesus - the Winner. Be grounded in Him - the Rock. May the grace of God be sufficient for all your victories in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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