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The Overflow of God – A Great Global Christian Gathering.

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All over the world, everything that can be shaken is being tossed up and down by strange storms and typhoons. Even all that we understand to be true is being tested and our hope in experience, reason and instincts appear to be under the deluge of a different flood … yet we can only trust in the Good Shepherd to lead us home. Who else do we have to keep us when everything seems to be failing?

Each day I read the headlines and ponder on articles and posts all over the globe and can only come to a conclusion … we must trust in God and God alone, even more than ever. It is not just that the flood of the enemy has of recent become so overwhelming in all its external and internal ramifications, but also that we are warring with an invented sophistry that denies Biblical simplicity and veracity. Our response is faulted not just because it is full or error and plays to the melody of darkness but because it is our response. God answers the flood of the enemy Himself … hence the theme “The Overflow” divinely selected for the annual Congress of The Redeemed Christian Church of God beginning today in Lagos, Nigeria. More people from all over the world, by the grace of God, will gather for a week of worship, teaching, healing and encouragement, than has ever been seen even as the congress is globally streamed.

Isa_59:19  So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

The enemy has his own overflow seen in defiling corruptions, a new humanism, overwhelming worldliness and idolatry in the worship of men and their traditions and contraptions, satanic worship, greed and ambitions, spiritual attacks, satanic discouragement, witchcraft and irresistible seductions.… many that have been carried off by the flood of untruths cannot even discern that they are flowing in a forbidden river heading downhill.

But when the avowed and implacable enemy of Christ and his people, comes into the world, and into the church, "like" an impetuous flood, threatening to carry all, introducing his flood of greed, immorality and profaneness, as in the days of Noah and Lot, a flood of error and heresy of all sorts; and likewise floods of persecution and temptations …Christ and his Gospel, the standard - is lifted up in God’s all powerful Overflow bringing a divine arrest, repentance and restoration to many who believe - also causing the truth of the gospel and His blessings to run over to all nations as witnesses spread all over the earth.

I see the Spirit of the Lord responding Himself as He must, to rescue those who will humble themselves to trust in Him alone. Theology, debates, denominations and traditions of religious institutions have already failed so many even as in these end-times, the anti-Christ, the fake spirit that is almost but not Christ, has released a fresh array of deceptions. God answers with His standard – overflowing in his children to counter what the enemy thought was certain defeat. The Spirit of the Lord is about to put the foe and all his agents, in millions of lives, to flight.

Though we lament the progress of infidelity and impiety, we are assured that the cause of the Redeemer shall gain a complete victory even on this earth, and the saints will be more than conquerors when the Lord receives them to His glory in heaven. There shall be a torrential unstoppable overflow of truth, blessings, healings, salvation, anointing, power, strength, encouragement, joy, peace, divine corrections, repentance and restorations for all who come to Christ. As we are humbled, like His sheep, Christ promises to be our shepherd who – even in the presence of our enemies (internal and external) prepares a feast and fills our emptied cups till it runs over …affecting and changing us for good and all that are around us … even the nations.

The Congress, Dec. 9th- 14th 2013, now a six-day programme, with the maiden edition in 1998 has witnessed millions of worshippers gathered for sessions to celebrate Jesus. This year, the theme “The Overflow” celebrates Christ, the good shepherd who fills us with Himself, till our cup runs over.

I invite you to be part of the congress (for more information ). We all need more of Christ for the present and future times, to be the salt of the earth and light of the world as we were ordained by God to be. Pastor Adeboye, the Church Overseer reminds us that God wants us to live our lives experiencing His abundance and to the fullest of what He has ordained us to be … but this will only be with the help of His Spirit of truth. You will be blessed.

Youtube Live Stream Day 5

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