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The Wedding - Part 1 :The Coming Of Christ

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Over the years, we have seen much written about the second coming of Christ, with many predictions passing unfulfilled. Indeed, scripture has said we can not know the exact day of His coming, but that has not stopped many seeking to set dates. The Bible however teaches us that we are not in darkness that the day should catch us as a thief in the night. These articles seeks to throw light into the obscurity that this theme has been overcast with, and to establish some clarity out of much confusion.

With all my heart I sense that a most important theme for mankind, particularly with recent signs and developments, is the return of Jesus Christ. I believe I am being led to summarise the contents of a book on this theme, which I published in 2011, in a seven-part video series (30 minutes each) called “THE WEDDING” . The first episode is an introductory teaching while future episodes will look at topics like what it means to be chosen, the gifts of the Bride, the Victories of the bride, the Money of the Bride, Signs of His Coming and the Bride's Heavenly Home.

Episode 1: The Wedding

The video series can also be found in my youtube chanel "Thepilgrimpost".

I do pray you have been blessed by the video. Part 2 - Chosen and Gifted will be published the following week.

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