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The Wedding - Part 3. The Bridegroom Demands All

Sun, Oct. 29, 2017 Posted: 08:33 AM

Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom, is the king of Kings and He must have royal expectations. It should not surprise the Church, the Bride, that there is much to learn and unlearn. Marriage into royalty can be daunting and only the courageous will step into royal spotlight that requires new standards of behaviour. The question we answer in this episode reponds to the question …”What does the Bridegroom want?”

It is important that we understand that which is expected before we consider a marriage. It is even more important for a royal marriage to know and learn the ways of royalty. There is so much to learn for the Bride of Christ.

The answer is simple, Christ demands all and teaches us to give all. But Christ also demonstrates to the Church that He truly deserves our all. Look to the Cross to see what he did, the price He paid and be convinced that His demand is not unreasonable.

Be blessed by the video teaching – The Wedding Episode 3: Christ Demands All.

The Bridegroom does not want half measures, rather He seeks all that we are and can ever be. He seeks our worship, our devotion, our substance and our love..

Next week, we will examine the victories of the Bride in Part 4.

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