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War on Gender (Part 2)

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In a previous post i.e. Part I (which I recommend you read for some context), this war was described as one of many fronts to ruin the destiny of God’s masterpiece ... in humanity. It is not war against male or female, but a fundamental confrontation of biblical models. Women should not be disadvantaged in access to education and workforce opportunities but encouraged and helped to take leadership positions in business and politics, if God has gifted them for that. Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was perhaps one of her best … we pray Theresa May, the new Prime Minister, will be even more successful. All people of all gender, race etc. are entitled to respect (even especially when we disagree with them).

The Battles

The war is a war against the word of God in Genesis 1:27. The enemy of this futile battle is not “the so called brutish man” but God Himself. Clamoring for rights can be as distractions to get our gaze off our preparations for the ultimate “wedding”. When we mix up the different roles of male and female, we soon obscure our responsibilities as the “Bride” of Christ.

Gen_1:27 so God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

If you follow developments in media – film, social or news … you can observe a new thematic philosophy to replace the “mother at home waiting for husband to come home” or the “weaker blonde femme fatale” paradigms (which people loved to see at a time). This is being replaced by media offerings featuring a novel army of super-fit “superwomen” soaring with their capes to rescue society against the “bad guys”. One easily forgets that media themes are often just entertaining and most importantly, commercial inventions which in most cases distort reality. Media thrives when people are attracted to it and themes reflect this. I would suggest that the true heroes and heroines of today’s society are the builders of sustainable institutions battling poverty, social crisis and injustice in lonely dull corners of the world. These are not glamorous svelte subjects and their battles when covered do not make for the most entertaining and commercially rewarding content. The idea of a bride (female) waiting and looking up to her husband( male) is now old-fashioned – even distasteful to the new post-modern thinking which demonizes manhood. Media is a useful weapon in this war against God.

I reviewed a few biographies of leaders to understand the part played by family foundations in the formation of individual character. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) served as the President of the United States from 1933 to 1945. A Democrat, who won a record four presidential elections and dominated his party after 1932 as a central figure in world events during the mid-20th century, leading the United States during a time of both worldwide economic depression and total war. He did all this from a wheel chair – struck down by polio at the peak of a political career, when any other person would have just called it quits blaming fate. It was his mother, Sara Ann Roosevelt’s extremely positive reinforcement and unwavering belief in her son and his unstoppable ability to reach the pinnacle that was said to sustain him at the worst of times. Sara, said to be extremely possessive of her “crippled” son, always kept him optimistic, strong and smiling … reminding him that his “fairly serious physical limitation” meant nothing. Wikipedia writes that she did not always get along with FDR’s wife, Eleanor – thinking her son was too young and unprepared at the time of the wedding … but when the relationship between FDR and Eleanor became strained, Sara is noted on record as informing the “not entirely innocent” FDR that divorce was just not on the cards … even threatening to disown him if he attempted to quit his home. The result is not just an ordinary President controlled by his mother, but one that will not be forgotten for a long time and indeed, a great wife Eleanor, who later led the US delegation to the inauguration of the United Nations … honoring a partnership involving much sacrifice that endured even beyond death. Without the sacrifices of the two women in FDR’s life, he would have just faded into history not even thinking of attempting a contest to The White House – the no. 1 political seat in the world.

Compare the above illustration with that of Adolf Hitler (no doubt also a genius of another type) – who was steeped at an early adulthood in dark Germanic operas of Wagner, and the philosophies of Nietzsche. Hitler, spurred on by his own ideals, vowed never to marry claiming he was already married to Germany … and only finally marrying at a strange rite to his partner Eva, a few hours before they both committed suicide. Little is known of any positive family influence, but Hitler also was the harvest of a different genre albeit it took many decades to mature to its full strength.

It is difficult to categorically say what makes a man or woman successful. For example, how much of Margaret Thatcher’s accomplishments can be attributed to her strict upbringing? Margaret’s father, active in the local politics and the Methodist church, served as an alderman and a local preacher - brought up his daughter as a no-nonsense Wesleyan Methodist attending the Finkin Street Methodist Church. Or the part played by the strength of a Clementine Churchill, the only wife of Winston who remained faithful through “thick and thin” in what many have described as a partnership that survived and weathered many internal and external storms.

Although, there are many dysfunctional home settings from which God has raised and polished gems even from the least expected and prepared of places, but this does not negate the important truth that the traditional family structure has a pivotal part to play in progressive civilization. It is also true that God did awesome things with David, who many Bible scholars said came from a “difficult” family environment, but we also know David emerged out of many flawed decisions, by God’s grace. I do not write to say God has written you off because of your past … but that the extra time and sacrifices made to nurture your family and sacrifices to preserve a Christ centred home, are seeds with a future good harvest.

The labours of our mothers and fathers are often not appreciated – albeit they may have had their issues peculiar to their time …but they were faithful to traditional ideals, and most importantly provided the reassurance needed at most vulnerable moments. The battle against gender is to destroy the foundation for stable society and make it impossible to nurture adults who will grow with the balance and inner grit to patiently confront the challenges of living, who will not resort to narcotics/drugs and not follow the path of destructive social rebels. We may need to wait a few more decades to appreciate the full impact of weakened family structures and strange marriage models … but we need not look far to witness an emerging social deterioration and chaos in nations like the United States. Societies that are becoming increasingly difficult to mend, as the role of family in nurturing youths is being eroded and novel freedoms, outside the family boundary, encouraged.

We do well to keep praying for our families … like our fathers, grannies and mothers prayed and continually sought mercy concerning us, so that it may continue to be well. God bless especially the fathers who stayed at home and did not run away, providing leadership through tough challenges. God bless our mothers with their narrow tolerance laced with constant encouragement … most will not win awards or earn any accolades … but without their sacrifices – which many now deride as “subjugation”, I shudder at what our societies would have looked like and the many gaps that would have never been filled.

Our Victory

Finally, there is a most important marriage ceremony ahead, the key reason why traditional marriage is under attack. Jesus Christ, our first Husband returns for His Bride. All who understand and expect this event, purify themselves … and like a Bride waiting for the special day, is careful and acts differently because she anticipates the day of God, the day of eternity that is coming, the day God has planned for those who love Him. This has strong implications for how we live. Destroying God’s concept of marriage demolishes the ultimate metaphor that assists us to understand our role to be ready.

Christ as our Husband has played a different role, from the Church His Bride. Christ has sacrificed His life for us. The Bride must be separated, apart … expecting a new heaven and a new earth …. This impacts the life of the Bride. This is what we have been saved for …Christ is not coming for a stained Bride but one that will be both spotless and blameless. Are you getting ready for that day? Are you living like pilgrims, knowing we live here at a different level of excellence with different aspirations … earthly laurels and achievement fades, becoming like dust as compared to our destined home country, a place with streets of gold, with Christ …and forever. We are headed for glory that is beyond that which can be conceived in our hearts...

What kind of person should we be? We are joyfully expectant, keeping ourselves for our first Husband – full of eager desire instead of living in a shameful dread and fear when all secrets will be exposed. We are full of admiration, worship … we are sober minded, our conduct and attitude are different … we instinctively evangelize, telling all about our Bridegroom, Jesus. We embrace holiness, living not for today or to impress our fickle ever changing world, but for eternity. We long for the day of the Lord’s return. Satan is defeated, he has lost all the battles, the war is now over as he is thrown into the lake of fire with his prophets and hierarchy of evil priests and the careless who fell for his allurements. This is our victory.

Understand why we must live differently. Get rid of the lies of invented romanticism, living by corrupted feelings pushing humanity to the precipice. Know what is important and what is not. Purify yourself. The former things will be completely forgotten when that Wedding day arrives. The day of the Lord commences as Jesus returns … it culminates in judgments. Will you be ready, apart or will you remain deceived? Maranatha.

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