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“Wealth out of Ashes” God’s Wonderful Intervention in Crisis.

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In the book “Wealth out Ashes” I wrote, on the Benefits of Crisis, that first we must see beyond the negatives.

  • Crisis is a time of intense shaking that leaves behind great strength, and removes the debris and impurities as well as preparing us for the future.
  • Crisis is the time of building and shining to the glory of God as God is proved.
  • Crisis establishes covenant relationships and trains you to restore others.
  • Crisis repositions you back on the track God has destined.
  • Crisis levels the playing field again and creates the opportunity for a fresh beginning.


Pastor Gabriel Oteka is in charge of RCCG HEAVEN`S GATE IKOTA AJAH – a Church Parish in Lagos, Nigeria and shares his testimony to the glory of God.

This time last year, I had lost all respect I had in the parish and every shred of dignity was gone. People began to leave the parish. I lost an elder and his wife because they felt I had lost the capacity to lead them. In 2008 we gave birth to a new parish and in the same week lost the tenancy to our accommodation .We had to make do with a training hall in a security company. We spent over two years here. Services were only on Sundays. Attendance dropped rapidly until we were less than twenty. In a move to remedy the situation we raised funds and paid a deposit of about $45,000 for a property of $200,000. The agreement was that we could go on the land and have our services there, but this we could not do because other parties suddenly came to stop us, claiming some dispute. At this point there was no more money and attendance had dropped so much that all hope was lost. One night I broke down in tears before GOD asking why He put me in this situation. Where did I miss it? Why all the losses? Financial, membership etc.

It was in the midst of this time of pain and confusion that GOD moved. I got a phone call to visit a couple in their home the following day. I was not expecting much, because by now the burden had become larger than what could be remedied naturally. When I got to their home, after a few pleasantries, an envelope was dropped before me. When I picked it up it weighed more than a single cheque leaf. When I opened the envelope there were 3 cheques, the first read RCCG HEAVEN`S GATE (equivalent of) $90,000, the second RCCG HEAVEN`S GATE $90,000, the third cheque RCCG HEAVEN`S GATE $90,000. My first reaction was to pinch myself to ensure this was not a dream. I took the envelope home slept, woke up, and the envelope was still there, I paid in the cheques and they cleared. It suddenly dawned on me how faithless I had been. And that He had been on my case all along. Our GOD is very faithful. We have since started service on our land. PRAISE GOD.

Someone reading this blog should be encouraged. It was good all those who left you and abandoned you did so. Stop weeping and be strong. God has not abandoned you. Keep moving forward. This Crisis will not break you but serves only to mould you into something better. Remember God needs you to encourage someone else when God comes finally through for you. It may not always be in a monetary form...but God surely comes through for His children...even as the floodgates of heaven open for you.

God bless you.

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