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What a CEO should be doing in the End times

Sat, May. 29, 2010 Posted: 10:17 AM

Someone asked me - what should the Christian CEO (Chief Executive Officer) note and do differently especially in the "End times"? I thought of a few things many of which relate to personal experience.

1. As we are going to render accounts to God, we must remember - to whom much is given...even more will be expected in terms of judicious employment of time, talent, skills, opportunity, connections and resources for the Kingdom of God. The questions we need to answer easily and positively would be ... what have you done for the Kingdom? Who have you told of the Kingdom? How have you contributed to the Kingdom of God? Indeed your taxes are all tidy...but how about your Tithes, offerings ...Be sure the divine Revenue Authority scores you 100% in your local church. Personal debt may be an issue with God for many.

2. The End times are times of rapid and unpredictable change in all ramifications. Corporate structures must be even more flexible...many will exit and enter new business because of the incredible dynamics of customer and market issues at this time. Dinosaurs will suffer for size and lack of nimbleness in a time when swiftness in responding to change is key. The CEO must be ready for change yet anchored with values that must never change.

3. Hearing and knowing God for yourself and your resources is important. There is no other time when personal and corporate devotion will be more valuable to sense the will, timing and purposes of God even in corporate decisions. Seeking to hear God through multitude of Godly counsel is also wise for major investments and decisions.

4. Our KPI - Key Performance Indicators can no more just be stock price or profits or financial value added. The Godly CEO ponders over other KPIs that show how rich we are towards God. These will include giving not just to ministry but to the poor, orphans and widows in community involvement and many little things we may not receive much credit for. A top company for example can organise a "Skill Building workshop for Prisoners" and executives spend personal time mentoring ex-criminals.

5. We should not go near God's glory especially at this time. God's divine jealousy has hurt people, myself not excluded. I sense we will be entering a period when worms will be devouring Herods again. We must be aware of serious dangers of evoking divine jealousy in corporate life and business. The devil will be tempting many "achievers" to boast to destroy them.

I read an article by Dr Okey Onuzo "The Wounded heart of a jealous God..." ponder these thoughts extracted from the article.

"I was there awhile ago when a young man became the head of his organization. His mounting of the saddle was greeted everywhere with a high degree of expectancy. It was like the people shouted: "Hurrah! The messiah has come." During his first year in office, the company made a strident progress and laid solid foundations for future progress. At their first annual general meeting after his ascendancy, there was a great sense of euphoria that great things were ahead. But alas, the seed of death was sown there at that first annual general meeting. There came forward staff that sang his praise to high heavens. The company even arranged a young girl of about 12 years to sing his praise in a poem. I was also there at this first Annual General Meeting. I could not help saying to myself under my breath: "This is wrong." Soon after, the wounded heart of God began to be revealed and this young man left the company after a few years in total disgrace and humiliation rejected by his staff who saw his tyranny and high handedness as an insult to their loyalty and obedience.

I was also there somewhat when a company defied the odds to keep afloat in a very competitive business world. Then one day, they looked at their balance sheet and felt they needed to show gratitude to those who had helped them in order to encourage them the more, a policy which in itself was very good. But then, who did they thank first: it was those who awarded the contracts, those who signed their cheques and those who facilitated their business in one way or the other. The only person they forgot to thank was the true source of their sustenance - GOD. As I watched from the sidelines, I felt in myself that something was wrong about this gratitude but it was no use putting in any word for they were bent on their project. When the effect of the wounded heart of God set in, they were ready to learn how to be grateful in life.

The LORD gave me the focus for the year 2010 from John 3:30: "He must increase, and I must decrease." Stretch that to mean, "God must increase and every man else and everything else must decrease." This is the attitude that will ensure that we have divine favour behind, in-front, and besides us as we navigate the year 2010.

The company that desired to show gratitude desired a good thing indeed. But they should have paused at the beginning to ask themselves: "In what way or ways should we show gratitude to God as an organization for what He has done for us through men and women in our business circle?" That question, coming from their heart would have gladdened the heart of the LORD and whatever token the Holy Spirit would have led them to do would have protected them from the dangerous effects of the vicissitudes of business life and from the consequences that come from the wounded heart of a jealous God. Beware of the snare of the fowler...

As for the young chief executive who relished in personal praise, he has gone into the wilderness as a very strong warning from the LORD. He would need to repent in dust and ashes in order not to disappear completely into oblivion. His arrogance had risen as a horrible stench in the nostrils of God and heaven is determined to put an end to it."

Finally, it is not morbid to be fully prepared to be with the Lord. Corporate battles won in the boardroom may count as major defeats in eternity. You may discover too late in eternity that the end does not justify the means. The blood of lives crushed by a "no-nonsense" regime that helped you to the top - may be crying as evidence against you. Be sure your family and loved ones are at peace with you. A few notes of apology may be apt.

For precious ones the best thing God could do is to take you out - aside for a while to help you regain true perspective. Cherish and make best use of this period to mend relationships that have been soured over the race for market share.

A final word on what I would be wary of the most - and that is worldly acclaim. For in Luke 16: [15] And he (Jesus) said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

Do all you can by the grace of God that if presented to the Almighty...He will be saying to you...Matthew 25:21 Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord

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Give your life to Jesus today. God bless you. Amen


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