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Winning The Culture War

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A lot has been written on what many call the emerging cultural captivity arising from battles which are still as spiritual as when Luther literally threw his ink bottle at the devil, but perhaps more subtle in the sense that new guises to defeat the cause of the Kingdom of Christ are being mustered. But in Christ we fight a sure battle in which the end is already known … "we win in Christ”. We cannot help observing the strategies of hell and understand well how to counter them only from consulting the pilgrim’s battle manual – the word of God.

I am drawn to the text of the woman caught in adultery … in which we can observe tactics of darkness and how light came. There are two (2) main onslaught platforms from which arrows of darkness have been well aimed. First, is the platform of the spirit of sexual perversion which has ravaged the culture and supervised the exchange of long-held divine truths on purity, faithfulness, marriage, gender identity and sexual proclivity for novel deceptions that suggest that everything goes as long as partners are consenting. The end is a trap in a wicked mire of oppression aimed at destroying its targets and society. In the text a woman is caught in adultery. Today, many will say what is wrong with adultery if the circumstance peculiarly drives such a scenario. We are in an era of prenuptial agreements and freedoms that argues that marriage is more like social experimentation … and media, news and Hollywood advertise alternatives and dreams that oppose the very existence of God talk less of His expectations and demands on His creation. The truth that mankind was wonderfully made for God’s own pleasure has been exchanged for the lie that humanity arose from an accidental spark and evolved from apes or fish etc. In the western, more developed and knowledge-rich economies, the propagation of these freedoms makes incidences of adultery and far more deviant sexual excesses increasingly the norm as God gives up societies to their evil devices.

Joh 8:3  And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, 4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

But the second attack platform is even much more deadly. The onslaught of satan through the Pharisees and the waiting mob drunk in hatred and seeking her death or insisting on a fitting punitive measure to be quickly administered. This is a more subtle aspect of the culture war as it stems from a different infection that attacks from within. The best allies of hell fight from inside the camp of the very gathering satan seeks most to destroy … with sundry religious deceptions. This is why over the centuries, religion – whether during the bloody crusades or in more modern scenarios - has always been leveraged successfully to launch most painful injustices. Sadly few will have the courage to battle a spiritual deception backed by the mob in connivance with the politics as this immediately comes at a huge personal cost. But the culture war is won by the Master and not men - by Christ who defeats both fronts of attack. In this text, it is the Pharisees and not the afflicted who calls on the Master…. But His agenda is different.

The Master is Jesus Christ. The solution to the culture battle is Jesus Christ. The winner of the culture battle is Christ. The message that the world needs to avoid cultural captivity is the gospel that Jesus saves. He heals, He delivers, He forgives, He restores and He is King of kings and Lord of lords. Both platforms of satanic deception and oppression are pulled down by the power of the gospel. The saints are truly free when the gospel is freely preached and there is no restriction or pressure to make the word more correct to a world steeped in sin. This is the battle that pilgrims must fight in a confused cultural terrain which has already attacked schools, youth and the minds of academia with major aberrations that will only be corrected when the true gospel of Christ is preached, heard and lived again.

Christ is not in the business of encouraging perversions in any way whether through media, music, entertainment or under the guise of giving freedoms. But then Christ is also not in the business of stoning and murdering the lost. Salvation, love and restoration are His primary result and objective areas. When the souls are delivered by the power of the gospel, then many will be delivered from cultural captivity.

I pray someone reading will be restored, helped, delivered and find the salvation that is sure in Christ Jesus. In spite of the wounds, do get rid of the self-justification, bitterness, self-pity and whining. Instead, go to Jesus waiting for you now. Hear Him say " Go and sin no more..."

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