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Worship is not just singing

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Many have asked what is Worship? Who is a Worshipper? Worship is important not just because God is seeking Worshippers (and He is), but also because in Eternity, our Worship in Spirit continues while virtually everything else ceases. Worship is not just singing and making music, indeed our Worship (if true) must extend to the home, the Market Place even in our Politics. God responds with extraordinary action, when we worship Him in Spirit. So what is Worship in Spirit?

Worship is an act of obedience, deep respect, devotion, adoration, bowing oneself down in full prostration before God thus seting God apart as above all in one’s life.

Indeed music elevates the soul and Martin Luther once wrote that God created man to extol Him in song …singing the psalms and hymns have always been part of what we can call worship, but we cannot limit worship to that which happens when we sing or are inspired by music. The hymns are a powerful teaching tool, and much gladness and healing for the soul of saints have come through music, and this is excellent …but true worship is directed to God and has less to do with human feelings. Worship is more than singing. Nothing wrong in being a professional musician … but this is not to be confused with Worship.

  1. In worshipping God, we draw near to God and sanctify His name
  2. True worship emanates from the heart
  3. Worship requires preparation to seek after God and please Him
  4. True worship requires a high view, constant focus and fear of God
  5. Our emphasis in our worship should be on pleasing God.

The following video is a teaching on Worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Teaching on Worship in Spirit and in Truth
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