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Cindy Navarro

A follower of Jesus. I also love Christian movies, music, and books. I am conservative in my views and an active seeker of good sense, since it is now a misnomer to call it common sense.

Posted 11/20/12 at 5:55 PM | Cindy Navarro

Sharing Through Shopping

Holiday Shopping Season

 As Thanksgiving approaches, malls are getting geared up for the largest shopping day of the year! Which stores will be opening up earlier than ever? Who has the best sales? From those who love the excitement of the entire experience to those who are horrified by the frenzy, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is a day...WEEKEND...event everyone will be talking about. I no longer remember what year my cousin told me we were going to go to Walmart the day after Thanksgiving because they were opening 3 hours earlier than usual and had great sales on items she wanted to purchase. However, I do know that is the one and only time I have stepped foot inside a store on "Black Friday"! It happened over 2 dozen years ago, and someday, I know I must forgive her. Someday...! FULL POST

Posted 9/2/12 at 7:51 PM | Cindy Navarro

Jenn Gotzon is Inspiring Audiences

photo courtesy of SDI Entertainment
Jenn Gotzon

 Jenn Gotzon is a talented, hard-working actress who uses her Christian faith, along with the faith-based, family, and/or redemptive films she stars in as part of her ministry, Inspiring Audiences. This motivational program is a means to educate and encourage others to discover what they are most passionate about and to pursue it. By using lessons that her character learned during the course of the film, she provides a visual that the audience can easily relate to and utilize in their own lives.

Ms. Gotzon began her acting career doing murder mystery dinner theaters, and went on to land bit parts in several films. The pivotal point of her acting career, though, was her role as Tricia Nixon in the film Frost/Nixon. That was also the year she won the "Rising Star" award at Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival for her body of work and "Best Actress" at the 168 Hour Film Film for the short film Stained , which also won Best Film for that year (2008). She has continued to grow as an actress and her talent is much in demand. In fact, in 2012 and 2013, she has nine feature films due to be released. FULL POST

Posted 11/5/11 at 2:56 PM | Cindy Navarro

Football & Faith

The NCAA defines a game ball as a "prolate spheroid" which measures 10 7/8" to 11 7/16" long, 20 3/4" to 21 1/4" around middle and 27 3/4" to 28 1/2" around the long circumference. You wouldn't think that was such a big deal, but that ball can cause a lot of commotion. People take their football seriously (too seriously, sometimes), but there is nothing like a little football rivalry to get a conversation started.

There are topics that people say you should never discuss, mainly religion and politics. Many would say football should be added to the list; others say that football is included under religion. I know that a person's football team preference is more divisive than their denominational preference around here! In Alabama, the "dunkers" and the "sprinklers" can find more common ground than true fans of Alabama or Auburn! Rick Bragg said,"They say college football is religion in the Deep South, but it's not." However, everyone knows that Alabama football is clearly mentioned in the Bible: Then I said to them: "What is this high place you go to?'" (It is called Bamah to this day.) ~ Ezekiel 20:29 FULL POST

Posted 11/2/11 at 1:05 PM | Cindy Navarro


Recently, I was having a really bad day, and became consumed with thoughts of my many failures. I knew I needed a break, so I stopped everything to grab a cup of coffee and my Bible to calm myself and regroup. My plan was to read the chapter of Jeremiah we would be studying the next Sunday, so I flipped open my Bible. As I glanced down to turn the page to where I needed to go, my eye was drawn to a verse that did literally make me Laugh Out Loud. Psalm 45:2 in the Contemporary English Version says: "No one is as handsome as you! Your words are always kind. That is why God will always bless you." My first thought was, "Oh my goodness! If Stuart Smalley was a new Christian, this would be his life verse!" I could just picture him peering intently into the mirror quoting that Scripture. God knew I desperately needed something silly to make me laugh, and provided what works best for me. However, it was also used to remind me that while my thoughts about myself have been completely opposite of Stuart's affirmation of himself, both are exaggerations. FULL POST

Posted 10/26/11 at 1:17 PM | Cindy Navarro

All About Me

A friend of mine recently told me about the 3 items her daughter selected for a class project called "ALL ABOUT ME". The instructions are to choose 3 items that will let people know about you. Ava had chosen a ribbon that everyone in her gymnastics class received several years ago, a small picture of herself, and a stuffed poodle (which was the last minute replacement for her original choice of mint-flavored dental floss). I would love to be in the class when she ties these items into an explanation of who she is!! :)

My grandson did the same project several years ago, and I was puzzled by some of his original choices as well. I remember I used my powers of persuasion to get him to broaden his perception of himself: All 3 of his selections involved Spiderman! :) I love Spiderman myself, but I felt that there was a little more to Cody than just one dimension. In retrospect, though, was I just trying to push my ideas of who he is instead of letting him tell how he sees himself? What does that say about me?

Would I choose 3 things that tell who I want to be...or would I choose 3 that tell who I really am? Are my words in conflict with my actions? Is what I say is my main focus what I actually focus on? It is so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of doing that one loses focus on important things. FULL POST

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