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Beyond the Farthest Restored Hope

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Pathlight Entertainment

 Pathlight Entertainment's Beyond the Farthest Star will open in select theaters near Dallas and Houston on October 18th, with wider distribution planned for other cinemas in the future. Filmed in Dallas and Leonard, Texas, BTFS is a richly layered story that revolves around an outdoor nativity that was burned by an angry senator...leaving it in ashes. Beyond the literal fire, there are flames of jealousy, mistrust, abuse, depression, loneliness, and rage that threaten to consume these multi-dimensional characters. Some are smoldering embers that threaten to deaden the emotions, but others shoot off sparks that reignite and cause fresh fires that threaten to consume and destroy.

Narrated by teenaged Anne Wells (Cherami Leigh), the film is focused on a family falling apart: Pastor Adam Wells (Todd Terry) has gone from an internationally known child evangelist to small town preacher, Maureen (Renee O'Connor) withdraws more into herself to the point she has no identity, and Anne blames herself for all that has gone wrong in her family. The fire is the catalyst that stirs the ashes of abandoned hopes and dreams, but also brings secrets into the light. Will ambition to rise once again to celebrity status triumph or will Adam sacrifice all to save his family?

Beyond the Farthest Star: LIFE trailer Courtesy of Pathlight Entertainment
Pathlight Entertainment

The cast of this riveting family drama includes Barry Corbin, Andrew Prine, Lou Beatty Jr, William McNamara, Andrew Sensenig, Tyler Corie, Shawn Roe, and Jodie Moore. Each brings an added layer that draws you deeper into the drama. Writer/Director Andrew Librizzi has brilliantly taken a number of topics and woven them into a story that is unforgettable and filled with honest, raw emotion. Beyond the Farthest Star is a must see for those whose lives have been affected by the list below.

  • Separation of Church & State
  • Teen Depression and Self Harm
  • Abortion / Sanctity of Life
  • Priorities of Life - Leaving a Legacy
  • The Importance of Marriage Vows
  • Fathers

Producer Benjamin Dane also recently announced on the site that BTFS has formed a partnership with Restored Hope Ministries Inc. and that a portion of each ticket donated to at-risk teens and women will be donated to RHM. That along with the news that Crystal Lewis is remaking her hit song, Beauty For Ashes" for the movie ties together the theme that even though your dreams for you life may look like ashes, there is Hope and you can be given a crown of beauty in exchange for ashes.

Benjamin Dane on the set as Crystal Lewis reimages her classic hit, Beauty For Ashes" for the film, "Beyond the Farthest Star" Courtesy Pathlight Entertainment

Reviews that I have read, along with exit interviews from pre-screenings, have been universal in their praise of this film, with several calling it the best faith-based film they have seen! Check them out at thier website at

However, it is essential for tickets to be reserved in advance, by Oct. 9th, for a theater to guarantee BTFS will be booked, so they are depending on fans to take action. By clicking on this Seatzy link, you will automatically be directed to the page to reserve tickets for yourself or to donate to others. You'll be glad you did!

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