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Football & Faith

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The NCAA defines a game ball as a "prolate spheroid" which measures 10 7/8" to 11 7/16" long, 20 3/4" to 21 1/4" around middle and 27 3/4" to 28 1/2" around the long circumference. You wouldn't think that was such a big deal, but that ball can cause a lot of commotion. People take their football seriously (too seriously, sometimes), but there is nothing like a little football rivalry to get a conversation started.

There are topics that people say you should never discuss, mainly religion and politics. Many would say football should be added to the list; others say that football is included under religion. I know that a person's football team preference is more divisive than their denominational preference around here! In Alabama, the "dunkers" and the "sprinklers" can find more common ground than true fans of Alabama or Auburn! Rick Bragg said,"They say college football is religion in the Deep South, but it's not." However, everyone knows that Alabama football is clearly mentioned in the Bible: Then I said to them: "What is this high place you go to?'" (It is called Bamah to this day.) ~ Ezekiel 20:29

That IS funny, but actually Bamah was a name used simply to denote a high place where the Jews worshiped idols. Football is by no means the only idol we worship, but the fact is that there will be more people in the football stands than there are in our churches. No doubt, I will be cheering on my favorite team tonight, but win or (*gasp*) lose, football is not my main focus. So, enjoy the game, cheer for your team, but also remember to put aside a time to gather with others to worship our God.

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