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Jenn Gotzon is Inspiring Audiences

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photo courtesy of SDI Entertainment
Jenn Gotzon

 Jenn Gotzon is a talented, hard-working actress who uses her Christian faith, along with the faith-based, family, and/or redemptive films she stars in as part of her ministry, Inspiring Audiences. This motivational program is a means to educate and encourage others to discover what they are most passionate about and to pursue it. By using lessons that her character learned during the course of the film, she provides a visual that the audience can easily relate to and utilize in their own lives.

Ms. Gotzon began her acting career doing murder mystery dinner theaters, and went on to land bit parts in several films. The pivotal point of her acting career, though, was her role as Tricia Nixon in the film Frost/Nixon. That was also the year she won the "Rising Star" award at Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival for her body of work and "Best Actress" at the 168 Hour Film Film for the short film Stained , which also won Best Film for that year (2008). She has continued to grow as an actress and her talent is much in demand. In fact, in 2012 and 2013, she has nine feature films due to be released.

(photo courtey of I Am Gabriel
Benjamin Dane, Elise Baugman, Gavin Casalegno, Jenn Gotzon

 The first one of these nine films with Jenn Gotzon, I am...Gabriel, was released on dvd August 28th. This is the story about Promise, Texas---a town that no longer seems to hold out a promise of hope to the people who live there. With the economy failing and teens just waiting to grow up and move out, the town is slowly dying and discouragement is rampant. The current drought only adds to the misery of the inhabitants who feel as parched within their souls as the soil that cries out for refreshment. The sudden appearance of this mysterious boy (Gavin Casalegno) soon stirs up controversy through the miracles that occur and his message to the town: there is no hope without Christ, and Promise can only be remade through earnest communion with the Father. Jenn plays the role of ambitious local news reporter/blogger, Monroe, who hopes to use her story on the boy to impress the esteemed editor (Benjamin Dane) of the Dallas Morning Freedom newspaper and jumpstart her career.

Trailer for "I am...Gabriel" (courtesy of Echolight Studio)
photo courtesy of I am Gabriel
John Schneider, Gavin Casalegno, Elise Baughman, Mike Norris, Dean Cain

I am Gabriel stars Dean Cain (Superman from “Lois & Clark”), John Schneider (“Smallville,” upcoming “Doonby”), Elise Baughman, Carey Scott and indroduces Gavin Casalegno. The film was directed and written by Mike Norris ("Bells Of Innocence", "Walker: Texas Ranger") and filmed in Justin, Texas. I am…Gabriel is a lesson in connecting with those that really matter, the importance of prayer, and touches on why bad things happen to good people.

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