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Lindsay Huggins Makes a Difference with Music

Thu, Oct. 27, 2016 Posted: 09:23 PM

Music is a powerful thing. It can heal, inspire, empower, and even help us to express our emotions. While not all music available to us has a positive message, one artist is seeking to make an impact on needy youth by providing a way for them to study and create music of their own.

Lindsay Huggins is Christian artist in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Her main performance focus is vocal music, but she also studied instrumental music as a child, beginning with piano around the age of five, and flute in the school band during her sixth grade year.

Music has been a large part of Lindsay’s life. She grew up in a musical family, singing and performing in church with her parents and sister. That love for music took her to Nashville after high school, where she earned a degree in music business and continued her venture for a career in music. What began as a typical desire to be in the limelight turned into something deeper. Growing in her faith and appreciation for the affect music has in her spiritual journey, Lindsay knew that her calling was more than just singing feel-good music. For the past nine years, she has traveled in Gospel music ministry, sharing the Hope and Good News of Jesus Christ in song.

In 2014, Lindsay established a non-profit organization Lindsay Huggins Ministries. She travels the country ministering through sacred concerts and leading worship for various events. But earlier this year, Lindsay felt challenged to do more. After speaking with the Lindsay Huggins Ministries board of directors, she began taking steps to create a music scholarship for students in need.

Lindsay reached out to the band director at the local middle school near her home outside Nashville, and asked if there were students that would benefit from the music scholarship she was planning. The answer? “Absolutely!” After accepting applications, contacting instrument rental stores, and speaking with families, Lindsay Huggins Ministries was able to provide rental instruments and starter packs to the first music scholarship recipients in September.

With her musical background that has now been carried down to her young son, she has seen the joy that picking up an instrument and making a “joyful noise” can bring. “My son is four and he wants to try every instrument he can get his hands on. But instruments cost money! Thankfully my husband and I still have instruments that we learned to play in middle school. But not all families have that extra expense available in their budget. I didn’t want any child to miss out on that opportunity.”

Research supports many positive benefits to studying and performing music, including academic success and social expression, not to mention the community that so many students find in being a part of the school band program.

Who knows where the musical journey will lead these youth? Maybe in 20 years, we’ll be able to find them performing at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville's prestigious downtown concert hall. Lindsay hopes that this scholarship will propel these students to new heights. The sky’s the limit!

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