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Sharing Through Shopping

Tue, Nov. 20, 2012 Posted: 05:55 PM

 As Thanksgiving approaches, malls are getting geared up for the largest shopping day of the year! Which stores will be opening up earlier than ever? Who has the best sales? From those who love the excitement of the entire experience to those who are horrified by the frenzy, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is a day...WEEKEND...event everyone will be talking about. I no longer remember what year my cousin told me we were going to go to Walmart the day after Thanksgiving because they were opening 3 hours earlier than usual and had great sales on items she wanted to purchase. However, I do know that is the one and only time I have stepped foot inside a store on "Black Friday"! It happened over 2 dozen years ago, and someday, I know I must forgive her. Someday...!

I was traumatized to the point I rarely venture near a store from mid-November until mid-January, but there are three things I like to take into consideration:

1. Avoid Crowds! Cyber Monday is growing in popularity, and many people prefer the convenience of shopping online. The internet may be busier than ever that day, but I can shop in an old pair of sweats, and a cup of coffee nearby. Perfect!

2. Save Money! Sales and coupons are a great way to cut the cost of items, and especially if it is for something you planned to buy anyway. Whether it is because you need to watch your pennies, or because it gives you the opportunity to be more generous, coupons are great.

3. Helping Others! This time of year, many in this country are preparing for a huge feast with family or friends, and we make it a point to remember our blessings. It does seem to be a bit odd to go from a day of indulgence and gratitude for what we have to a day...or weekend...of buying more stuff. Ultimately, this often proves to be a time when charitable giving to others less fortunate is on the rise.

I was very excited when I was made aware of a group that combines all 3 of the above. provides the opportunity to shop from home, save money, and help save lives!! Shoppers simply need to visit the Save1 website, type the name of any store in the search box, find the most relevant coupon or offer, and click "Use this Offer." It sure beats trekking to a store and standing in long lines!

Family owned and operated, Save1 provides coupons and special offers from thousands of top online retailers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the year; enabling shoppers to feed a hungry child with every offer redeemed. Incorporating the Save Money, Save Lives principle, Save1 donates the cost of a meal to one of its nonprofit partner organizations every time a shopper uses a coupon or special offer from the site. For more information, please visit

So, by all means, count your blessings and enjoy your shopping. God blesses us and we should enjoy His provision. However, to also be able to share our blessing with others is a gift above no other. And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased ~ Hebrews 13:16

Cindy Navarro