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Why Believe the New Testament?

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In one of their Penn and Teller shows that ran on Showtime a few years back, atheist Penn Jillette took aim at the Bible and attempted to discredit its trustworthiness in his introductory statements by saying, “If you believe that the Bible is real because of faith, we can't touch you … they [Christians] pride themselves on believing things that are hard to believe in. They think God will bless them for that. But if you want history or fact in your Bible, you are so screwed.”

Is that true? How does one effectively evaluate the Bible to determine whether it's reliable or not?

The sixth presentation of the free "Esssential Apologetics" series tackles these questions and more. By utilizing accepted historical criteria that's used to verify other works from antiquity, the presentation shows that the New Testament holds up extremely well under scrutiny and deserves serious attention from both skeptics and the faithful alike.

Take a look and see what conclusions you reach.You can download all presentations completed so far in the Essential Apologietcs series here.

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