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Chen Guangcheng Interview: When the Blind "See" Injustice

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Human rights activist Chen Guangcheng immigrated to America after spending 4 years in a Chinese prison for protesting the one-child policy that results in forced abortions and sterilizations.

Although born blind, Guangcheng been an outspoken voice for freedom in his nation. Isn't it ironic that God uses the blind to show the seeing the nature of evil in the world?

Today Guangcheng is being interviewed online. You may submit questions online with the #ASKCHEN hashtag on Twitter.

We are live blogging the interview. Disclaimer: The following comments are a paraphrase of what Chen and his host says.

CP will be covering the live interview here from 1:30 - 2:00 Eastern time.

1:34 Chen is studying law right now. He has been in the United States for about 10 months.

1:35 China likes to use violence to crush dissent.

1:36 Because this is the information age, we have more ways to obtain information besides the government narrative.

1:39 China has a new premiere. When a new leader is selected people have high hopes but for China to really change will require a grassroots movement.

1:40 How can a grassroots movement work in a country that is not a democracy? People must fight for democracy and overcome their fear of the Communist Party.

1:40 Do the Chinese people understand democracy? More are understanding it.

1:41 Chinese government is committed to maintaining total control but will not be able to maintain this power.

1:43 Chen's nephew was threatened by communists and severely in prison and lost 20 kilos in weight.

1:45 The Chinese government agreed to not mistreat Chen's family members but have violated their agreement.

Chen Guangcheng

1:47 I have seen no changes in the government's position on the one child policy. China's government is proud of what they are doing.They do unjust acts and feel proud of them.

1:48 I am studing the Declaration of Independence.

1:49 The Chinese people are yearning for justice. This is a common desire of mankind.

1:50 Free speech, the right to vote and the right to protest are impossible in China. The Communist Party prevents these rights from being expressed.

1:52 My nephew is beaten at home and if he fights back, he will be punished worse.

1:53 The average American can do a lot to foster freedom in China.

1:54 Talk about freedom on the Internet and people in China can see it.

1:55 Using Google Translate Americans can learn what is going on in China.

1:56 The government is a tool for the Communist Party. The communists can do whatever they want.

1:57 What we do now could be sowing seeds for freedom. Whatever we do now won't be wasted.

1:58 The burden is on us to stand up for freedom.

1:58 People anywhere can fight for rule of law in China.

1:59 How long until China becomes a democracy? I think the movement has already started but depends on how much people fight for it.

2:00 People are willing to visit the victims of persecution. This has advanced freedom. America should stand firm on human rights and not compromise because of business practices.

2:02 Chen thanks the George W. Bush for his support everyone else that is supporting freedom in China.

Thank you for visiting the live blog of this interview on human rights.

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