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Cookie Monster Teaches How to Eat Cookie on Chocolate Chip Day

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Photo: Flickr/Sarah Fleming - Creative Commons

According to Holiday Insights, today is National Chocolate Chip Day.

You may not know this but there is a long tradition of Americans sending chocolate chip cookies to soldiers. Wikipedia reports, "During WWII, US soldiers from Massachusetts who were stationed overseas shared the cookies they received in care packages from back home with soldiers from other parts of the US. Soon, hundreds of soldiers were writing home asking their families to send them some Toll House cookies, and Wakefield was soon inundated with letters from around the world asking for her recipe. Thus began the nationwide craze for the chocolate chip cookie."

There are several websites dedicated to sending cookies to troops such as Treat the Troops and All Recipes has directions for sending cookies overseas.

The most famous fan of the chocolate chip cookie is Cookie Monster. In this video Cookie Monster teaches us how to eat a cookie. I normally forget the part about smelling the cookie.

Cookie Monster teaches how to eat cookie.
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