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Gay Marriage Supporting Clergy Lead Inaugural Prayer Service

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America has a long tradition of the President attending a prayer service after the inauguration.

In 1789 the Congress passed this resolution:

Resolved, That after the oath shall have been administered to the President, he, attended by the Vice President and members of the Senate and House of Representatives, shall proceed to St. Paul’s Chapel, to hear divine service.

This year's Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service was held at the Washington National Cathedral this morning with supporters of the gay lifestyle playing key roles.

Gary Hall, dean of the Washington National Cathedral, and Mariann Edgar Budde, bishop of Washington, greeted the guests. Katharine Jefferts-Schori, head of the American Episcopal Church, prayed for America. Author and United Methodist pastor Adam Hamilton delivered the sermon.

According to The Huffington Post, Budde "approved use of the new marriage rite in December for 89 congregations in D.C. and Maryland. Each priest then decides whether to marry same-sex couples."

Hall told the Associated Press, "As a kind of tall-steeple, public church in the nation's capital, by saying we're going to bless same-sex marriages, conduct same-sex marriages, we are really trying to take the next step for marriage equality in the nation and in the culture."

In regards to Jefferts-Shorti, Virtue Online reported, "The presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church is defending her decision to allow a former Roman Catholic monk to become an Episcopal priest even after he admitted to sexual misconduct with a minor."

Jews, Muslims and Sikhs were also present for the prayer service.

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