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Live Blog - A Wild Day With Bear Grylls

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All of the photos in this live blog come from the Saddleback broadcast.

1:16 P.M. PST - Event ends after audience applauds for Bear and his team.

1:14 P.M. PST - Rick Warren says that Bear attends Holy Trinity Brompton Church (famous for the Alpha Course) and that this church is planting a church in Washington, D.C. Bear describes the Alpha Course.

1:12 P.M. PST - Bear describes how one of his coworkers saw an angel on one of their adventures.

1:10 P.M. PST - Rick Warren asks if Bear has felt God's presence during his adventures. Bear says that he struggles with his faith but it is not about us because we are forgiven.

1:09 P.M. PST - Bear says, "When we are squeezed, life becomes more raw."

1:07 P.M. PST - The host says, "Scouting is faith-based."

1:06 P.M. PST - Bear talks about opportunity to raise funds for charities to save lives.

1:04 P.M. PST - Bear with host.

1:02 P.M. PST - Bear says that overcoming risks leads to kids developing confidence.

1:01 P.M. PST - Bear is asked who is better, himself or another adventurist named Les. Bear refuses to say he is better than others.

12:58 P.M. PST - Bear is asked about the shows being planned. Bear says that the locations are scouted before hand.

12:57 P.M. PST - Second person asks if Bear will be producing another TV show.

12:56 P.M. PST - The host asks five people from the audience to come on stage and ask Bear questions. The first person asks if Bear's family will join him for any adventures. So far none of them have.

12:54 P.M. PST - Video of Bear's wife describes family life. Bear is not great at cleaning.

12:53 P.M. PST - Bear describes how his job is to "always get it right." He has developed skills to anticipate danger.

12:50 P.M. PST - Bear invites Theo from the audience to join him on stage make a fire from flint because making a fire is an important survival skill.

12:48 P.M. PST - Pastor Rick Warren prays to God for the worms before they eat them and says that worms are now officially on the Daniel Plan.

12:45 P.M. PST - The host brings worms on stage for Bear to eat. Bear says he will eat a worm and maggot if someone from the audience will join him. Then Bear asks who wants to see Pastor Rick Warren join him.

12:41 P.M. PST - Bear says the worst thing he ate has been raw goat testicles.

12:40 P.M. PST - Video of eating creatures found in the wild.

12:38 P.M. PST - Bear says that his team has become best friends.

12:37 P.M. PST - Video with comments from Bear's team. Exploration is a team effort.

12:34 P.M. PST - The host asks about fear. Bear says life is about facing fear and it is a daily thing.

12:32 P.M. PST - The host asks about recent scary moments and the host says his favorite time is when Bear was stung by a bee.

12:30 P.M. PST - Bear says his favorite part of the adventures is when everything is going wrong and he must face new challenges.

12:29 P.M. PST - Bear says the worst place he visited was an Indonesian swamp.

12:27 P.M. PST - The host asks which is worst: extreme heat or extreme cold. Bear says the extreme cold is worst for him.

12:24 P.M. PST - Video excerpts from Bear's TV series.

12:14 P.M. PST - Bear and his host take a 5 minute break.

12:13 P.M. PST - Bear almost turned down the opportunity to be on TV.

12:11 P.M. PST - Man Vs. Wild becomes one of the most popular TV shows in the world.

12:08 P.M. PST - In the Sahara desert.

12:05 P.M. PST - Experienced basic training in the desert in Africa.

12:04 P.M. PST - Bear saved some snow from the mountain as a souvenir in a bottle. The snow melted. He allowed one person from the audience to drink some of it.

12:01 P.M. PST - When Bear reached the mount summit, he cried, overwhelmed with emotion.

11:59 A.M. PST - Video of climbing Mount Everest.

11:57 A.M. PST - Dark side of mountain climing: 180 bodies of people on Mount Everest of people that died attempting to climb up and down the mountain.

11:54 A.M. PST - After breaking his back, Bear re-learned how to climb and was able to climb Mount Everest.

11:52 A.M. PST - Bear Grylls at Saddleback Church

11:50 A.M. PST - Bear reads passage from his autobiography Mud, Sweat and Tears.

11:48 A.M. PST -  Serving in the special forces provided opportunity to make friends, experience sky diving and develop survival skills.

11:45 A.M. PST - Joined the British military.

11:43 A.M. PST - Quest to conquer things began in college. Discovered that trees on college campus were great for climbing.

11:41 A.M. PST - Bear says doors are boring. He and his sons enter their car through the windows -- it really disappoints his wife.

11:39 A.M. PST - Bear Grylls makes dramatic entrance onto the stage by climbing down from ceiling by rope.

11:30 A.M. PST - Welcome to The Christian Post live blog of Discovery Channel TV personality Beary Grylls telling survival stories at Saddleback Church.

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