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Live Blog: Defined by God Conference for Pastors' Wives

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Stephanie Samuel is attending the Defined by God Conference. Here are the highlights:

Praise and worship team opens the night in worship.

Kimberly Scott, women's care minister at Grace Church San Diego, is the first speaker to take the stage. Scott tell of how her life as a pastor's wife crumbled after her husband came out as a homosexual man.

"Our marriage looked perfect from the outside."

However she later found out that he had multiple homosexual encounters dating back to their engagement. At the time she was rehabbing her house. She said that her broken house was a metaphor her life at the time.

She said God healed gave her the wisdom to raise her five children to love their dad despite his decision to follow a new life.

Scott said that her mother played Christian music in her home for her to hear when she came home from school. Now she does the same. Scott said it feels being welcomed by God.

God has healed her and allowed her to find her current husband Tim, lead pastor of Grace Church San Diego.

Worship team leads conference attendees in singing "Shine your light for ever and ever."

Band prays "we surrender our lives."

Lori Wilhite founder of Leading and Loving It, takes the stage. Wilhite's husband Jud is senior pastor at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas.

Says it is "interesting" to be a pastor's wife in Las Vegas... she has to pass a slot machine in the grocery store and the movie theater.

She said ministry is also a interesting life because if can be very lonely. The most common misconception is that pastors' wives can't have friends.

"Satan would like nothing more than a bunch of isolated, lonely ministers in the church."

Wilhite asks, "Who is holding up your arms?"

She recounts the Bible story where the Israelites held up Moses' arm so that they could win the war.

She said pastor wives are constantly holding others hands up: hold up your husband's arms during his Sunday sermon hangover or hold up children when their struggling at school or holding up members of the church.

She urged wives to find community anywhere they can: women at church, other pastors wives at the conference or around the world.

Wilhite said to imagine how powerful pastors wives could be in their ministries if they were supported.

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