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Live Blog - The National Day of Prayer

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The Christian Post would like to thank the National Day of Prayer Task Force for planning this event and God TV which broadcast it. The photos in this live blog come from the broadcast.

12:26 P.M. EST - The National Day of Prayer service in Washington, D.C. has concluded.

12:25 P.M. EST - John Bornschein prayers for other groups joining in prayer for the National Day of Prayer.

12:22 P.M. EST - David Jeremiah finishes his speech.

12:21 P.M. EST - David Jeremiah says we should expect prayers to be answered. Peter says the story in Acts 12 of the early church praying unceasingly and God answer, is a story that we need to hear.

12:12 P.M. EST - Audience photos from the National Day of Prayer.

12:04 P.M. EST - David Jeremiah says we do not know how to do unceasing prayer.

11:59 A.M. EST - David Jeremiah talks tells the Bible story of how Peter escaped prison because of prayer. Jeremiah says that God loves to put his people in impossible situations.

11:50 A.M. EST - Shirley Dobson introduces National Day of Prayer honorary chairperson David Jeremiah.

11:45 A.M. EST - Travis Ryans sings, "We will not be afraid when evil comes our way."

11:41 A.M. EST - Chaplain Colonel Thomas Waynick prays for the safety of military personnel.

11:36 A.M. EST - Rear Admiral Parks requests that Americans pray for the spouses and families of people serving in the military. Parks says that many soldiers face stress and pressure in their job.

11:28 A.M. EST - Coast Guard Rear Admiral Michael Parks represents the military at the 61st Annual National Day of Prayer.

11:25 A.M. EST - Azusa Pacific University Men's Chorale singing Holy, Holy, Holy.

11:21 A.M. EST - The choir director reminds us that fear shouldn't prevent us from sharing the Gospel. The Choir sings its last song Be Thou My Vision.

11:15 A.M. EST - Azusa Pacific University Men's Chorale singing Holy, Holy, Holy.

11:07 A.M. EST - The choir director asks people to let the Holy Spirit speak as the choir sings.

11:03 A.M. EST - Azusa Pacific University Men's Chorale singing.

11:01 A.M. EST - Azusa Pacific University Men's Chorale sings a capella.

10:57 A.M. EST - The audience is asked to stretch their hands out towards the White House as they pray for the Executive Branch, President Obama, Vice- President Biden and their advisors.

10:52 A.M. EST - Bishop Jackson quotes Isaiah 60:1 which say, "Arise, shine; for your light has come..."

10:49 A.M. EST - Bishop Harry Jackson says if there is "mist in the pulpit, there is a fog in the pew." Jackson describes praying for a "canopy of grace."

10:45 A.M. EST - Bishop Harry Jackson says that "we are to pray and to act."

10:42 A.M. EST - Shirley Dobson introduces Bishop Harry Jackson.

10:38 A.M. EST - Travis Ryans leads the audience in singing the Hillsong song Stronger.

10:36 A.M. EST - Travis Ryans leads the audience in singing the song Mighty to Save.

10:32 A.M. EST - Vonette Bright for a supernational move of God in America.

10:29 A.M. EST - Vonette Bright leads the audience in Washington D.C. in silent prayer and asks that our congressmen serve with unity.

10:26 A.M. EST - Congressman Forbes says that 105 congressmen - both Democrats and Republicans pray together.

10:21 A.M. EST - Congressman Forbes describes how his dad carried a Bible during World War II and promised God that he would attend church each week if he survived the war -- and kept his promise.

10:16 A.M. EST - Robert Aderholt introduces Congressman J. Randy Forbes, founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

10:14 A.M. EST - Dick Eastman prays for a "free and fair America."

10:11 A.M. EST - Judge Walton asks for us to pray for judge and jurors to do justice.

10:04 A.M. EST - Judge Walton talks about the importance of prayer in his home. His grandmother was a woman of prayer.

10:04 A.M. EST - Judge Reggie Walton talks about the oath he took to serve as a judge. He talks about equal justice for the rich and the poor and not being a respector of persons and how he ended the oath with the words "so help me God."

9:56 A.M. EST - Travis Ryans sings "Our God reigns."

9:53 A.M. EST - People praying.

9:53 A.M. EST - Glenn Sheppard prays for revival.

9:50 A.M. EST - Glenn Sheppard reads verses from Isaiah 6 and reminds us that God resists the proud.

9:44 A.M. EST - Travis Ryan leads the audience song "Amazing Grace"

9:42 A.M. EST - Travis Ryan from Saddleback leads a song "How Great Is Our God"

9:36 A.M. EST - Congressman Robert Aderholt talks about the theme of One Nation Under God.

9:32 A.M. EST - Sheila Siwela, ambassador of Zambia to the United States, prays to the God of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia. Ambassador Siwela prays for God to settle international disputes.

9:26 A.M. EST - Jerome Magat prays that God protect us from evil.

9:23 A.M. EST - Father Jerome Magat describes the history of the National Day of Prayer and explains how our rights originate with God, not government.

9:20 A.M. EST - Shirley Dobsons says that James Dobson for the first time in over 20 years is not present for the National Day of Prayer because of an illness.

9:18 A.M. EST - Rabbi Lapin prays for the restoration of America. "LORD, please heal her."

9:16 A.M. EST - Warns the audience of carelessly praying to God.

9:12 A.M. EST - Rabbi Daniel Lapin - sounds the shofar - a call to prayer.

9:10 A.M. EST - Shirley Dobson is explaining this year's theme - "Blessed is the nation whose. God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12

9:02 A.M. EST - Greeting from National Day of Prayer chairman Shirley Dobson

9:01 A.M. EST - Pledging allegiance to the flag.

9:00 A.M. EST - Singing of the national anthem.

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