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Live Blogging: Joe Biden vs Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Debate

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Ryan asks what kind of country are we going to be? Ryan says 23 million Americans are struggling for work and 15 million are in poverty and offering real reforms. Ryan says we can have a job creator in the White House.

Biden says that he is frustrated with the attitudes of the Romney. Biden says the middle class is looking for a level playing field.

Closing statements.

Biden says that his record is about the middle class.


Ryan says that he will keep his words.


Biden says the Republican plans cut spending on education and preserving tax cuts for the rich.


Ryan says he would remind the soldier of the promises that Obama failed to keep. Ryan says we are getting speeches, not actions from the Obama administration.


Biden says that false accusations are an obomination. Biden says he would ask the soldier to consider which candidate is best for the middle class.


Moderator asks a question about a comment from a soldier regarding the tone of political ads and if the candidates are embarrassed by the campaign.


Biden says that the next president is likely to appoint 2 Supreme Court justices. Biden asks if there is a litmus test.


Ryan asks why are Catholic institutions suing over Obama's policies.


Biden says that he accepts the Catholic's view that life begins at conception but refuses to impose his view on others. Biden says that no Catholic institution has to refer, pay or give contraception.


Ryan says that he is not prolife just because of his religious views. He is also prolife because of science. He say the baby the size of a bean on the sonogram and they nicknamed their baby "Bean." Ryan says the policy of Romney would be to restrict abortion except in the case of rape, incest and life of the mother. Ryan says the Democrats support tax-funded abortion and Obama supported China's one-child per family policy.


Moderator says that both candidates are Catholic so how does their faith relate to their politics.


Ryan says in order to put troops on the ground only in the case of national interest.


Ryan says that Syria is Iran's key ally in the region.

Moderator asks what happens if Assad stays in power


Biden says that we are sending supplies to people in the region.


Ryan says we wouldn't call Syria's leader a "reformer" and Assad has killed thousands of his people. Ryan said we should have had a plan in place working with allies such as Turkey rather than going through the U.N.


Biden says that we are trying to identify the people in Syria to help so that there will be a reliable replacement government.

Moderator asks about the civil war in Syria.


Ryan says the summer is the fighting season, not winter. Ryan says we are sending fewer people to fight on the front.


Biden says the surge will end by the end of the summer. Biden says it takes months to draw down the troops.


Biden says the only way the transition will work is if there is a deadline.


The Moderator asks if the Taliban is taking advantage of the timeline


Ryan says he wants our troops to return safely. Ryan says we've seen the unraveling of the Obama foreign policy.


Biden says that he's been in Afghanistan 20 times, that we got Bin Laden and trained Afghanistan soldiers. Biden says it is the responsibility of Afghanistan to take care of their own security. Biden says we are leaving Afghanistan in 2014 and the primary objective is almost completed.


Ryan says we do not want to lose the gains that have happened or for the Taliban to take over. Ryan wants the 2014 transition to be successful.


Moderator asks about leaving Afghanistan now.


Biden says that the military is asking for a smaller military - the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


Ryan says that you don't cut military by $1 trillion. Ryan says the navy will be the smallest its been since World War 1.


Ryan says that Reagan and John F Kennedy cut taxes and paid for government programs.


Biden says that Romney considers hedge funds as small businesses.


Ryan says that they have a framework and Congress should settle the details.


Ryan says their plan's purpose is to create jobs and that Obama would take 44% of a small businessman's income. Ryan says the average tax rate for business around the world is 25% and it is 15% in Canada. Ryan says to close loopholes and drop tax rates.


Biden says the middle tax cuts should continue but tax cuts for the rich should not be continued. Biden says the last people to need help are the rich.


Ryan says they are not jepardizing Social Security.


Biden says that cutting benefits without taking other actions is the wrong way.

Ryan says that younger people should have a choice regarding Social Security.


Biden says that Obama will be no part of a voucher program.

Moderator asks Biden about raising the eligibility by 2 years.


Ryan says the committee was chaired by Democrat John Breaux that developed his plan.

Ryan says that they are not changing the program for current seniors.


Biden says that the cost of Medicare was cut and seniors get more coverage today. Biden criticizes Ryan's voucher program. Biden says they will not privatize Social Security.


Ryan says that Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt. Ryan says that his family took in his grandmother. Ryan says that Obamacare takes money from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Ryan says that a board will deny medical care. Ryan says that give younger people guaranteed options and choice and competition.


Biden says that no evidence of cronyism was found in an investigation of fiscal stimulus.


Ryan says that Obama and the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate and failed to create an economic recovery.


Biden says that Romney had no committment to the automotive industry. Biden says the Republicans need to get out of the way. Biden says the Republicans caused the debt.


Ryan says the ecomony is growing at 1.3 percent, that we are going in the wrong direction. This does not look like a real recovery. Romney has a 5-point plan for rebuilding America. Ryan says that Romney gave more to charity than Ryan and Biden combined and that Romney paid for the college education for a hurting family.


Biden says the administration rescued GM. Biden says that Romney says 30% of Americans are takers. Biden says the 47% should give more. Biden says the Republicans are holding the middle class tax cut hostage.


Moderator asks about getting jobs below 6%.

Biden says the sanctions are working on Iran.


Ryan says the U.S. needs all military options on the table. The only way we got sanctions against Iran is because they were watered down by Russia.


Biden says that facts matter. Biden says the U.S. would have the world behind us if we go to war with Iran.


Biden says the Ayatollah sees Iran's economy destroyed by a oil sanctions. Biden says that Iran is more isolated now than when Obama went into office.


Ryan says that Iran is moving faster towards a nuclear weapon. Ryan says that Iran sees Obama go on a TV show rather than meet with Netanyahu.


Biden says that our allies would not support the Republican sanctions. Biden says that we could deliver a military blow to Iran. Biden says that Iran does not have a weapon to put a nuclear warhead in.


Moderator asks about American policy towards Iran. Ryan says that Iran is closer to achieving a nuclear weapon. Ryan says the administration was objecting to the sanctions. Ryan says that Iran has stepped up terrorist activities. Ryan says the administration has no credibility on this issue and that the military option is not currently on the table.


Ryan is asked if Americans should apologize for burning the Koran. Ryan says that Americans should apologize for this action but that we shouldn't apologize for our values. Ryan says that the attack happened on 9/11 in Libya.


Biden says that Ryan's budget would cut spending by $300 million for embassies.


Paul Ryan says it is never too soon to speak for our values. Paul says that when we project weakness, it emboldens our enemies.


Paul Ryan says that Obama misrepresented the attack in Libya and that a Romney administration will call a terrorist attack, a terrorist attack.


Joe Biden says that people responsible for the deaths will be brought to justice. Biden says that Obama has announced that Americans will be removed from Iraq by 2014 and that Romney would keep troops in Iraq.

9:03 PM Debate moderator Martha Raddatz opening statement asks Joe Biden about the killing of Americans in Libya.

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