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Networking at the Chick-fil-A Leadercast

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The popular restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is holding its annual Leadercast today in Atlanta, Georgia. Thousands of business owners, nonprofit directors and church leaders are attending seminars and networking at the leadership training event.

(Special Note: Throughout the day CP will be updating this blog to include quotes from conference speakers.)

Author John Maxwell inspired the event by advocating an affordable leadership training event.

Photo: Twitter/John Maxwell
John Maxwell poses with the Chick-fil-A cows. The cows are holding signs that say "Chikin - Tha offishul food of leeders." (Chicken - the official food of leaders.)

 Conference attendees are sharing on Twitter favorite quotes from conference speakers with the hashtag #CFALeadercast.

A. Larry Ross, the well known Christian publicist is attending the year's event.

This year's list of speakers includes time management expert David Allen, author Dr. Henry Cloud, emcee Tripp Crosby, author Michael Hyatt, basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, author John Maxwell, Navy Seal Rorke, Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, pastor Andy Stanley and Jack Welch the former CEO of General Electric.

Ian Beyer shares this photo of Andy Stanley speaking

Photo: Ian Beyer

Select tweets of quotes from Andy Stanley:

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"What is your one-sentence job description?" -@AndyStanley #cfaleadercast

Brad Lomenick ‏@bradlomenick
3 key questions 4 leaders: "What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Where do I fit in?" - @AndyStanley #cfaleadercast

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"Dirty little secret of leadership: Leaders don't always have all the answers." - @andystanley #cfaleadercast

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"If there's one thing our organizations need from us, it's our leadership...Simply lead." @MichaelHyatt

Andrew Careaga ‏@andrewcareaga
"Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity." - @andystanley #cfaleadercast

marguerite wray ‏@mkwray
"We create churches that unchurched people love to attend" @AndyStanley #cfaleadercast

Nancy Wyatt ‏@nct621
From @AndyStanley Every leader needs a place to retreat. #cfaleadercast

Select tweets of quotes from David Allen:

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"Appropriate engagement is the master key." -David Allen @gtdguy #cfaleadercast

Leadercast Victory ‏@leadervictory
"There is an inverse relationship between 'what's on ur mind' and 'getting it done.' - David Allen #cfaleadercast

David Yetman ‏@mobilizemybrain
David Allen on time and productivity "Bach didn't have email but he had 20 kids...take your pick". #leadershipcbs #cfaleadercast

Lindsey Ford ‏@LinzATL
"You are most productive when you have the freedom to make a mess"-- @gtdguy #cfaleadercast

brianbrodrick ‏@brianbrodrick
Allen: If you do not pay attention to what needs your attention then you will give it more attention than it deserves. #cfaleadercast

Mary Mangan ‏@M_Mangan
David Allen's closing: "You are not your work, but your work will run you if you let it." - @gtdguy #cfaleadercast #cfaleadercasttally

Select tweets of quotes from Sanya Richards-Ross

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast "There will always be distractions. Focus on your goals until you reach them." -@SanyaRichiRoss #cfaleadercast

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"Since I was a young girl, I always set really lofty goals for myself." - @SanyaRichiRoss #cfaleadercast

Tyler Kent ‏@tylerkent
When the gun goes off, I think about executing every phase of the race. -Sanya Richards-Ross #cfaleadercast

Transcend Coaching ‏@leadfearlessly
Proper preparation allows you to focus on execution during the actual event. -Sonya Richards-Ross #cfaleadercast

Transcend Coaching ‏@leadfearlessly
"I'm not going to give in to my fears or my past memories. I'm going to overcome them." - Sanya Richards-Ross #cfaleadercast

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"There will always be distractions. Focus on your goals until you reach them." -@SanyaRichiRoss #cfaleadercast

Peter Greer ‏@peterkgreer
"Some of my greatest moments in sports were crossing the finish line and seeing my parents." #cfaleadercast Gold medalist Sanya RichardsRoss

Select tweets of quotes from Dr. Henry Cloud

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"The first boundary that a leader has to set is necessary endings. Pruning is required for growth" - @DrHenryCloud #cfaleadercast

Dan Rockwell ‏@Leadershipfreak
Leaders help attend to what's relevant and ignore what isn't. via @drhenrycloud #cfaleadercast

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"The worst thing you can do, once you realize you're on the wrong road, is hope it turns into the right one." - @DrHenryCloud #cfaleadercast

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"Yesterday is gone. It's time to do something new." - @DrHenryCloud #cfaleaderscast

Trent Tignor ‏@TrentTignor
"Goals will not be reached by desire, they will be achieved by what is prioritized" Henry Cloud #cfaleadercast

Select tweets of quotes from Jack Welch

Amanda ‏@adocmartin
"Give it all you've got. Get a purpose and go for it." -Jack Welch #cfaleadercast #tipforsuccess

Pushing the Envelope ‏@GetPushing
"Get a purpose, go after it with all you got." -Jack Welch What's your purpose/goal? #CFALeadercast

Mary Mangan ‏@M_Mangan
"If you weren't already in this #business, would you enter it today?" - @jack_welch #cfaleadercast #cfaleadercasttally

JackWelchMBA ‏@JackWelchMBA
"You have no right to be the manager if your staff doesn't know where they stand" Jack Welch #CFALeadercast

Andrew Careaga ‏@andrewcareaga
@Jack_welch: "Love what you're doing & over-deliver." Agree! #cfaleadercast

Jason Vana ‏@jasonvana
"Make your boss smarter than before he met you." @jack_welch #cfaleadercast #fb

Bryan Riebe ‏@SCFireRecruiter
"Work all the time to bring new insights to the job" @jack_welch #cfaleadercast

Select tweets of quotes from Condolezza Rice

Bree ‏@breekay12
"Life is a series of events that are very serendipitous, be open and let serendipity happen" - Condolezza Rice #CFAleadercast #simplylead

Carl Adams Jr. ‏@CCBCarl
"The first step for a leader is to be right with yourself. Integrity is the basis of leadership." - @CondoleezzaRice #cfaleadercast

Trent Tignor ‏@TrentTignor
"Leadership is recognizing the simple things you can do to make a particular circumstance better" Condoleezza Rice #cfaleadercast

Select tweets of quotes from Mike Krzyzewski

Randy Youngblood ‏@RandyYoungblood
"Every job in your organization is a job you should be willing to do." #cfaleadercast @SVCCGilbert @MikeKrzyzewski

Jedidiah Jonathan ‏@JedidiahAJ
Rules don't lead, standards are the way to make your team own it! Mike Krzyzewski #cfaleadercast #SimplyLead

CFALeadercast ‏@CFALeadercast
"A leader is someone who puts their people in position to be successful all the time" -Mike Krzyzewski #cfaleadercast

Select tweets of quotes from John Maxwell

Kilash Josephus ‏@kilashj
"@CFALeadercast: "Leadership is simple: Add value to people everyday." - @JohnCMaxwell #cfaleadercast" #Kenya

World Vision USA ‏@WorldVisionUSA
"We don't need to elect better officials, rather we need to be better leaders in our communities." @JohnCMaxwell #SimplyLead #CFALeadercast

Select tweets of quotes from Rorke Denver

David Yim ‏@crucialdy
"Every team should have a battle cry" rorke denver #cfaleadercast #hooyah

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