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Posted 6/11/14 at 8:05 AM | Christian Post

Live Blog: Day 2 of 2014 Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore


Fred Luter hands the gavel to Ronnie Floyd, the newly elected SBC president and he ends the convention's annual meeting.


Stephen Horn gives the closing prayer.


Fred Luter thanks the convention for the opportunity to serve as president.


WMU video says that 1 billion people around the world are likely to die without hearing of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.


Woman’s Missionary Union's executive director Wanda Lee gives the WMU report.

WMU reports that $154,057,852.36 was given to the 2013 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.


Akin is asked about the role of seminaries in church discipline. Akin says that church discipline is taught to seminary students.


Akin says he is encouraged by the students attending seminary and God is marching on.


Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary shows a video presentation about students that will "go".

Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, gives his seminary report.

According to Akin, Southeastern will have its largest enrollment this fall.


The executive board of Southwestern Seminary trustees will hold a meeting in September regarding this matter.


Patterson says he owes the convention an apology because he has caused sorrow due to allowing a Muslim into the Seminary.

The seminary is a partner to two archaeological dig sites and allowed a Palestinian Muslim to attend the seminary.


Patterson is questioned about how it operates a prison ministry. Because this ministry operates in a prison the seminary doesn't discriminate in who participates in the Bible study.


Video shows how Christians in China are reaching their nation with the Gospel. Some of these Christians received training through Southwestern Seminary.

Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, gives his seminary's report.


Kelley tells the story of an "unknown" Christian that gave so that the Caskey Center for Church Excellence was founded to assist small churches.


91% of Louisiana churches has less than 250 people present on Sundays.


Kelley says it doesn't matter what it looks like around you, God is always at work.


New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary President Charles Kelley Jr. gives his seminary report.

Kelley says that New Orleans Seminary offers a large extension program for students that live away from New Orleans.


The choir's final song is "Amazing Grace"

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we’d first begun.



With only occasional percussion the choir sings "Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning"

Keep your lamps trimmed an burning
Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
For the time is drawing nigh



Choir worships with the song "Soon And Very Soon"

Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King,
Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King.
Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King,
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
We are going to see the King.



Choir sings "Come To The Well"
Just come to the well
And all who thirst will thirst no more,
And all who search will find what their souls long for,
The world will try, but it can never fill,
So leave it all behind, and come to the well



Choir director describes his church youth group as a "missions factory" and introduces one of his youth that has been to Haiti 13 times.

Teenager says if we hold the hand of Jesus, He might allow us to walk on water.


One Voice youth choir from First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.


The new officers are presented on stage.


Frank Page and the Executive committee recognizes and thanks this year's leadership:

  • Fred Luter
  • Bart Barber
  • Jared Moore


The following were nominated and elected to serve at next year's convention:

  • Eddie Bumpers - convention preacher
  • Michael Allen - alternate preacher
  • Julio Arriola - music leader


Anthony Allen nominates Jim Wells as registration secretary. Wells' nomination is unopposed and Wells is elected registration secretary.


Pastor Robert Anderson opens the afternoon session with prayer.


Praising God with "Revelation Song"

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Holy, holy is He
Sing a new song to Him who sits on
Heaven's mercy seat



Singing the chorus of "I Stand Amazed In The Presence"

How marvelous! How wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
How marvelous! How wonderful!
Is my Savior’s love for me!



Singing about the awesomeness of God.

The afternoon session begins with worship singing the song "Glory Is Yours"

Blessing, honor, strength, and power
Yours alone now and forever
Love this world could never stop
There is no one like our God


The afternoon session of the Southern Baptist Convention will resume at 2:45 pm Eastern Time.


Hyoung Min Kim gives the benediction prayer to conclude the morning session of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting.


The worship team sings "Whom Shall I Fear"

The worship team sings the words "My help comes from the Lord"

I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side



Pastors have come to the front of the auditorium and are praying as a group for revival.


Pastor Meador asks the attendees to pray to God to lead them to change the picture of evangelism in their community ... and for God to raise up an army to bring in the harvest.


In his sermon Pastor Meador says, "We don't pray world changing prayers."


"We have to die in the field."


Meador says that Christians love pointing out sins but not sharing the Gospel.


What is it going to take for it to be untolerable to have unreached neighbors?


Meador tells the story of a man that heard the cries of babies that were abandoned and starts an orphanage.


Paul's advice to Timothy should be followed by today's Christians.

2 Timothy 4:5 says, "But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry."


Meador preaches that the big problem is many Christians don't want to share the good news.


In some communities today there are none in the fields. We are abandoning the fields. Our army has fled. It has no heart for the conflict. Some estimate that 95% of American Christians have not shared their faith.


The mighty warriors recognized their responsibility.


Meador preaches on the text of 1 Chronicles 11 and reads verses about David's famous warriors.


John Meador describes his 7th year of serving at First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas. It was a difficult year.

Pastor John Meador preaches the convention sermon. Meador asks, "Does God ever call us to less?"


Worship resumes with the song "Oceans"

Singing "Oceans"

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior



Member of the worship team thanks International Mission Board missionaries serving around the world. He says a missionary friend is among a group of missionaries huddled around a computer screen watching the convention meeting.


Moore is questioned about children planning to cross the U.S. border. Moore says that the rush across the border would stop if businesses stopped hiring illegals.


Moore is questioned about his support for immigration reform. Moore describes visiting a church recently and observed baptisms performed in Spanish.

Moore says he doesn't support blanket amnesty. Moore says the government should secure its borders and allow illegal immigrants to make their situation right.


Moore says the culture is changing so that things the church previously assumed must now be defended. "The Gospel didn't come out of Mayberry." The Gospel came out of the Roman Empire and Christians were willing to lose the respect the people of their neighbors because of their faith in Jesus.


Moore says the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is setting up a forum to train churches to address social issues.


The convention prays for Iranian Christian Saeed Abedini and the persecuted church.


Moore presents a plaque to Saeed Abedini's wife Naghmeh Abedini.

Moore tells the story of Iranian Christian Saeed Abedini. Abedini has been sentenced to prison after working in an orphanage. Abedini has been enduring solitary confinement and prevented from receiving visits from his family.


Steve Green is given a plaque to honor his work on behalf of personal liberty.


The Green family opposed the Obamacare birth control mandate. The Supreme Court should rule this month.

Moore is joined on stage with the Green family that runs Hobby Lobby.


Moore says that Baptists got their start in prisons in Europe.


Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, gives a report. Moore tells the story of a former inmate that just got out of prison and looked anxious in church. The former inmate told Moore, "I don't know what it is like to live free."


LifeWay video promoting Explore the Bible. This scene shows Abraham about to offer Isaac as a sacrifice in obedience to God.


Biblical illteracy is found in survey results that showed many people believe the Bible teaches "God helps those who help themselves."


More information about developing small group ministries is available at GroupsMatter.com.


Churches acting through small groups need to "feed your people well".


Stetzer says, "New groups reach people that established groups do not."


Ed Stetzer says research shows that in churches people need to move from sitting in rows to sitting in circles.


LifeWay video shown that promotes small group ministry.


Rainer is questioned regarding the sale of Glorieta. Rainer says the conference center was sold for $1 to a Christian ministry. LifeWay doesn't get any Cooperative Program funds and operated the center at a loss.

Glorieta is successfully being used to bring people to Christ since its sale.


Rainer is questioned about why Disney ads appeared in LifeWay magazines. Rainer says he was unaware of such ads.


Rainer invites Jerry Vines and David Dockery on the stage to recognize them for their work.


LifeWay has partnered with Big Oak Ranch to help children that have been abused.


Rainer says that B&H Publishing Group is now the largest publisher of Spanish language Bibles in the world.

Thom Rainer gives the LifeWay Christian Resources Report.


Spoken word poetry as a bridge between choruses.


Worshipping with the song "Forever"

Singing "Forever"

Forever he is glorified
Forever he is lifted high
Forever he is risen
He is alive, He is alive!



Band plays the song "Awesome"

Worship continues with the song "Awesome"

My God is awesome, Savior of the whole world
Giver of salvation, by His stripes I am healed
My God is awesome, today I am forgiven
His grace is why I'm living, praise His holy name



Singing "Every Praise"

The worship team sings "Every Praise"

Every praise is to our God.
Every word of worship with one accord
Every praise every praise is to our God.
Sing hallelujah to our God
Glory hallelujah is due our God
Every praise every praise is to our God.



Mohler says that God is raising up a generation to open their mouths.


Mohler says that Southern Seminary has started a center to equip its students to understand how to reach Muslims.


Mohler says that more people are going into ministry than any time in world history.


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. gives the report for his seminary.


Allen says that when God allowed the conservative resurgence, He gave the SBC a second chance.


Midwestern Seminary is debt free.


Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Jason Allen gives his seminary's report. Allen describes seminary education as being in a crisis and says some seminaries are merging and others have lost sight of their mission.

Allen says it is the job of Midwestern Seminary to train ministers for Southern Baptist churches.


Lorg requests prayer for the seminary as it moves.


The seminary relocation means a lot of changes for the faculty. Spouses must find jobs and their children new schools because of the seminary relocation.

Lorg explains Golden Gate's move to another campus.


Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary President Jeff Lorg give his seminary report. Lorg says the seminary mission is "shaping leaders who expand God's kingdom around the world."


Singing in Spanish.


Worship continues with the song "Great I Am"

I want to be close, close to Your side
So Heaven is real and death is a lie
I want to hear voices of angels above
Singing as one



The worship team leads everyone to sing the hymn "It Is Well with My Soul"

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.



Hands joined as people pray for the nations.


Cuban pastor Juan Carlos prays in Spanish and interpreter translates his prayer into English.


Page prays for God to sensitive his people and "to bring tears of concern for our neighbors."


The conference attendees pray in small groups for the denomination.


Page says he doesn't see much weaping for lost people.


Frank Page says that he is praying that God will speak to His people and reads from Judges 2. God's angel gave a message to the people and they wept.


Steve Horn prays: Revive your work in your churches.


A small group praying for church revival.


Conference attendees are called to prayer for church revival and the speaker quotes from Habbakak 3:2 which says, "LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, LORD. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy."


Luter prays for forgiveness of sins and quotes from 1 John 1:9 which says, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

Messengers praying.


Luter read a passage of scripture from Psalm 51 and the messengers gather in groups to pray.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. - Psalm 51:10


David Smith prays for the Holy Spirit's presence to be felt by persecuted Christians.

David Smith gives the Committee on Order of Business report. Messengers adopt the report. The motion that churches be encouraged to pray for persecuted Christians was adopted and Smith prayed for the persecuted.


Pastor Roc Collins gives the Committee on Committees report. Messengers adopt the report.


Williams ends his thematic interpretation on the topic of revival with prayer.


My grandmother said she would rather see a sermon than hear one.


"God values instant obedience from the body of Christ."


"We need brokenness in the body."


Pastor K. Marshall Williams Sr. speaks on the topic "recipe of revival".


Fred Luter greets the messengers and Kevin White opens the day in prayer.


The attendees sing Crown Him, The Risen King.

Song on YouTube


Welcome to the Christian Post's live blog of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Baltimore.

Worship has begun with the song "This Is Amazing Grace".

This is amazing grace
This is unfailing love
That You would take my place
That You would bear my cross
You laid down Your life
That I would be set free
Jesus I sing for all that You've done for me


Posted 6/10/14 at 8:04 AM | Christian Post

Live Blog: 2014 Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore


Singing "Oh Happy Day"

The choir and orchestra perform "Oh Happy Day"


Pastor Marvin Parker closes the evening session with prayer. He looks somewhat like actor Morgan Freeman.


Luter ends his sermon and Roger McGee leads the attendees to sing the hymn "Just As I Am - I Come Broken to Be Mended."

Just as I am without one plea
but that Thy blood was shed for me,
and that Thou bidst me come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Hymn on YouTube


In his sermon Fred Luter asks the crowd if they know the name of the one who saves?


"Brothers and sisters, we are losing a generation."


Luter says if there is repentance and remorse, then there will be revival.


Luter says the days of parents dragging their kids to church are over. The parents and often grandparents are not going to church. "So we must go to them."


Luter says besides repentance there must also be remorse for our sins.


In order to reach this iPod, iPad, iPhone generation, we must give them the Gospel.


"What did it take to change you?"

Answer: We were changed when we heard the good news of the Gospel.


Numerous Southern Baptist Churches didn't baptize anyone in the past year. Luter says if SBC churches were businesses, many of its members/churches should be fired.


"What happens we call to God on behalf of our churches? I believe that God will send revival."

What must happen before revival: Repentance


Luter quotes his favorite Bible verses about prayer.


Luter says, If revival comes, it must start in the church with the people of God.


Luter says, "Just like Israel in Psalm 80, America has messed up with God... America is rapidly becoming a pagan nation."


Luter reads the Bible verse Psalm 80:18.

The sermon will be about "when God sends a revival."


Fred Luter thanks his wife Elizabeth for supporting him.


Kimberly and Chip introduce their dad, Pastor and President Fred Luter.

Pastor and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Fred Luter, is introduced by his son and daughter. They say their dad loves to laugh at his own jokes and is a strict disciplinarian in a humorous introduction.


Worship continues with the hymn "I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary" and "The Old Rugged Cross"

I believe in a hill called mount calvary
I believe whatever the cost
And when time has surrendered
And earth is no more
I'll still cling to the old rugged cross

Lyrics and more lyrics


Singing "Mercy Tree"

Charles Billingsley leads now leads the worship with the song Mercy Tree.

Stripes of blood that stain its frame
Shed to wash away our shame
From the scars pure love released
Salvation by the mercy tree



The choir sings the well known hymn Victory in Jesus.

O victory in Jesus,
My Savior, forever.
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming blood;
He loved me ere I knew Him,
And all my love is due Him,
He plunged me to victory,
Beneath the cleansing flood.



Orchestra plays "We Will Remember"
Singing "We Will Remember"

The next hymn sung is "We Will Remember"

We will remember we will remember
We will remember the works of Your hands
We will stop and give You praise
For great is Thy faithfulness



The choir sings "Praise His Holy Name"

Praise His Holy Name!
Praise His Holy Name!
To God be the glory, now and forever,
Praise His Holy Name!



The choir sings "Holy, Holy, Holy"

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

Complete lyrics


The choir and orchestra perform the song "To the King"

Let the sound ring out
Lift a mighty shout
Bring an offering to the King
Let your soul rejoice
With a mighty voice
All the praises ring
To the King

Complete lyrics


The choir and orchestra of First Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, lead in worship.


Children sing.

Children from All About Kids Productions perform at the opening of the evening session of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting.


Pastor Stephen V. Allen closes the afternoon session with prayer.


Messengers declined to reconsider motions that did not pass the Committee on Order of Business.


The following motions were approved by messengers:

On Appreciation
On A Call for Church Revitalization
On the Importance of Christ-Centered Education
On Global Hunger Relief
On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act
On the Sufficiency of Scripture Regarding the Afterlife
On Ending Government Sponsorship of Casinos and Lotteries
On Predatory Payday Lending
On Transgender Identity

Baptist Press has the text of the resolutions here.


Mike Scott makes a motion that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary make a report on if and why it accepted a student of another religion.

Chris Burns makes a motion that ethnic diversity be represented in the convention's annual meeting worship.

Todd Burgess makes a motion for a meeting time to be held at future annual meetings so that messengers may question nominees before voting.

Steven Owensby make a motion to for a study to identify and support churches that are declining.

Jerome Taylor makes a motion to request the SBC executive committee study online students to waver fees for taking students taking

Motion to request seminary presidents to allocate 1% of their budget to the International Mission Board.

Motion for SBC churches to be encouraged to pray regularly for persecuted Christians.

Daniel Sigler makes a motion that the SBC endorse Trail Life and American Heritage Girls for boys, girls, young men and young women.

Steven Bailey makes a motion that anyone making a nomination make known the percentage their church gives to the Cooperative Program.

James Jones makes a motion that messengers join My Hope With Billy Graham.

Thomas McCracken makes a motion that LifeWay cease of all sales of My Hope Is For Real.


Committee on Order of Business brings report on motions brought earlier today.


Dr. Allen re-nominates John Yates for recording secretary. The nomination is unopposed and he is re-elected.


Billingsley sings "Midnight Cry"


Billingsley leads in worship by singing a modified version of the song "In A Moment"

All the broken, they're no longer broken
As they dance before Him
A radiant debut
And the lion walks beside the lamb and
All is well again
He's making all things new

Complete lyrics


Billingsley sings the song "God So Loved the World" which is based on John 3:16.

God so loved the world
God so loved the world
Ev’ry daughter, ev’ry son,
All of us, the fallen ones
God so loved the world

Complete lyrics (pdf document)


Dr Ronnie Floyd leads the messengers in prayer for missions and taking the Gospel to people in North America.


Ezell says that he is thankful for a layman that shared the Gospel with his dad.


Video shows an attorney how he used a napkin and pen to illustrate the Gospel and a person came to Christ. Most of his work provides temporary solutions but sharing the Gospel is eternal.


Jimmy Scroggins uses this simple illustration to explain the Gospel.

With a lightboard Scroggins explains that God has a design for life, but sin occurs and leads to brokenness. To escape this brokenness, we must repent and put our faith in Jesus.


People understand brokenness, what it feels like to be confused about sexuality.


Pastor Jimmy Scroggins explains how leads a marriage training class that shares the Gospel to people that do not have a Christian background.


Kevin Ezell is president of the North American Mission Board

Ezell says Christians need to engage in Gospel conversations.


David gives a Montreal Canadiens uniform to Ezell to say thanks for the missions support.


David says that the spiritual conflict in Canada is intense and requests prayer for a release.


David Pothier is pastor of La Chapelle which means The Chapel.

Video of the work at La Chapelle shows people being baptized and one of the members tells how he became a Christian.


Ezell interviews David Pothier, a church planter working in Montreal, Canada. The church grew from zero to 700 members in one year.

The church planter says that abuses in the Catholic church made Canada resistent to the Gospel. The church has grown because of the members sharing their faith.


Ezell interviews deacon Ray from the old church and the pastor Brad O'Brien of the new church plant about how the merger took place.


Video about church revitalization is shown. A church plant starts meeting at a small dying church in Baltimore. The two churches merge to form Redeemer City Church.


Ezell thanks attendees for their support from the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.


Ezell says that mission funds are being shifted from the south to areas where SBC work is weak.


Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board gives the report on missions work in America.


Report from the Committee on Nominations is adopted.


Billingsley leads the attendees in singing "God of the Ages.

He is creator, ruling sustainer of all
He holds it all together
He is the Word of God
The hope for all the world

His name is lifted higher
Jesus, your name is lifted higher

Complete Lyrics


Singing "Amazing Grace"


Billingsley tells the story about how his family got a tour of the Dallas Cowboy stadium because an official knew his name. Then Billingsley relates the story to the privilege of God knowing our names.


Billingsley sings "You Are God Amazing!"

 You are God amazing!
You took my sin and rose again.
You came to live inside my heart.
You wrapped my soul inside Your arms.
You are my almighty King who knows my name.
You are Holy and worthy of praise!


Charles Billingsley singing.

Charles Billingsley sings the song "Never Forsaken"

We don't have to worry what tomorrow brings
For we know He is sovereign in everything
We can rest in this peace that always endures
Of this I'm sure
We're never forsaken

Complete lyrics


This pastor's church plant was financially supported by the Cooperative Program.

Video testimonials of Pastors explaining their support for seminaries, the North American Missionary Board and the International Mission Board.


In his conclusion Page calls for Christians to pray like never before.


The Cooperative Program supported two missionaries from this pastor's church and the seminary education of his son.

Video of pastors telling why they support the Cooperative Program to fund local and world missions.


Page describes the work of advisory councils advising the SBC on how to evangelize various ethnic groups in the United States.


Page speaks in support of "an Acts 1:8 strategy".


Frank Page, president of the executive committee, shows a picture of a vulture waiting for a starving child to die. Photojournalist Kevin Carter failed to help the child. After readers asked about the girl, the photojournalist revealed that he did nothing to rescue the girl. Later he committed suicide.

Page says Christians should help people like this girl. That we have a calling from Jesus in the Great Commission.


James Merritt nominates Hance Dilbeck for Second Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Church. Nomination is unopposed. Dilbeck is elected the new Second Vice-President.


Frost says, "If we are going to make a difference, our hearts need to be attuned to God."


Frost says Southern Baptists need both reformation and restoration.


Gary Frost: "Proper interpretation comes before proper application."

Gary Frost, vice president of the North American Mission Board, speaks on the meaning of 2 Chronicles 7:14. Frost says this passage is about having a restored relationship with God.


Romanian pastor Paul Negrut opens the afternoon session with prayer. Negrut prays for revival in Europe.


Worship continues with the song "Jesus Messiah"

Jesus Messiah, name above all names
Blessed redeemer, Emmanuel
The rescue for sinners, the ransom from Heaven
Jesus Messiah, Lord of all

Complete lyrics


The SBC annual meeting afternoon session begins with worship. Roger McGee and the worship team sing a hymn based on 2 Corinthians 5:21 which says, "God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."


Convention breaks for lunch and will resume at 1:30 p.m.


Pastor Mark Stinson prays for the new leadership. "May your Spirit be upon us."


Clint Pressley is nominated as First Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention. His nomination is unopposed.


Dr. Ronnie Floyd is elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Bilingual prayer

Messengers pray to have passion for the lost and for God to put love in the hearts of Christians.


Video encourages people to find their role in the Great Commission to take the Gospel to the entire world.

Mission video


Tom Elliff says Southern Baptists could have a church planting movement in America if the denomination took the word "building" out of its vocabulary.


"Let us not limit ourselves to our temples, our churches."

Cuban pastor says, "The raw materials that God wants to use are people." He also challenges the messengers to use their homes as churches.


Another video about Cuban missions is shown and mentions "newfound freedoms" that allow the Gospel to be shared more freely.


Cuban pastor says they don't talk about church growth. Instead their focus is on the kingdom of God.


Pastor of a church in Havana says that Christians are establishing a church planting network to reach the largest cities of Cuba.


Video shows how churches were established on a Cuban island.


Pastor says, "Today we are seeing the glory of God in Cuba."


Tom Elliff is joined on stage by Cuban pastors and a video is shown about Christianity being driven underground in Cuba and then in the 1990s revival breaking out in response to prayer.

Cuban Christians praying.


IMB mission video describes the mandate to take the Gospel to the world.

The video describes funding missions through the Cooperative Program as "one sacred effort".


Tom Elliff gives IMB report.



Pastor David Uth introduces Tom Eliff, President of the International Mission Board.


During the question and answer session with GuideStone a pastor asks for more bilingual help for people that speak Spanish.


"If God guides, he will provide." Video shown of pastor widows describing their financial plight and how Mission Dignity has helped them.

Widow thanks everyone giving to Mission Dignity.


Hawkins says Mission Dignity Sunday will be held June 22. Mission Dignity assists retired ministers and their wives.


O.S. Hawkins says we are in a spiritual battle and that GuideStone is fighting the Obamacare mandate.

O. S. Hawkins, president and CEO of GuideStone Financial Resources gives a report to messengers on investments and mutual funds, retirement planning and health care for ministers. Hawkins warns there will be a correction in the market.


Previous presidents of the SBC that are in attendance are recognized and roses are given to their wives. Fred Luter's wife is wearing an awesome hat.


Video shown featuring excerpts from previous SBC presidents preaching.

While video shows highlights of previous SBC presidents preaching, the ballots for the SBC presidential election are collected.


Bennie Smith nominates Jared Moore for President of the Southern Baptist Convention


Dwight McKissic nominates Dr. Dennis Manpoong Kim for President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


R. Albert Mohler, Jr. nominates Dr. Ronny Floyd for President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


The Penny Loafers' final song is "Goodbye World, Goodbye".

Now don’t you weep for me when I’m gone
‘Cause I won’t have to leave here alone
And when I hear that last trumpet sound
My feet won’t stay on the ground
Gonna rise with a shout, gonna fly
Gonna ride with my Lord through the sky
Heaven is near, and I can’t stay here

Complete lyrics


Singing "Peace in the Valley"

There will be peace in the valley for me some day
There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray
There'll be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble, trouble I see
There will be peace in the valley for me

Complete lyrics


The Penny Loafers sing Shut De Do.

Shut the door, keep out the devil,
You shut the door, keep the devil in the night,
Shut the door, keep out the devil,
You light the candle, everything's alright,
Light the candle, everything's alright.

Complete lyrics


The Penny Loafers sing a capella.


Video shown promoting the idea of each Southern Baptist church increasing its giving to the Cooperative Program by 1%. This funds missionaries, seminaries and disaster relief.


Resolution 6 approved by messengers.


Messengers pray for church planters.


Matt, a church planter describes how his church plant and another church merged to form a new church and this church has grown as it pursues its mission of making disciples. This could be a new paradigm for how church plants and existing churches work together.


Frank Page says he talked to church planters in Montreal, Quebec, and described the city as the most unevangelized city in North America.


Missionaries have made contact recently with unreached people groups in jungles in South America. There are 191 unengaged, unreached people groups.

Missionary requests that we pray for them to have wisdom in serving Christ.


IMB missionaries thank churches for their support.


Frank Page leads in prayer for Ukraine.


Brian and Hanna Crane represent collegiate ministry at the annual meeting. Brian says that he learned how to share the Gospel by as college students. The Crane family is part of a church plant (Progression Church) reaching LSU students.

Brian and Hannah Crane

Jacob Watts, another member of the Progression Church team, talks about the role of collegiate ministry.


Video shown promoting Baptist collegiate ministries.

Students students share the Gospel with their classmates.


All recommendations from the Southern Baptist executive committee are approved.


Messengers approve recommendation that Orlando, Florida, host the 2020 annual meeting.

Messengers approve recommendation that Birmingham, Alabama, host the 2019 annual meeting.


Messengers approve recommendation that Birmingham, Alabama, host the 2019 annual meeting.


Messengers approve the Executive Committee report and budget.


Frank Page describes the Executive Committee and how it operates.

The executive committee is reducing its costs so that more can be spent on missions.


Pastor Bumpers says we have the promise that God will hear us when we pray and that every great revival began in response to prayer.

Bumpers says that we are fools when we fail to pray.


Pastor Eddie Bumpers of Crossway Baptist Church quotes 2 Chronicles 7:14 and talks about the privilege of prayer.

"Prayer is the key to revival."

 "We need a burden to pray that would drive us to our knees."


Singing the hymn "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"

Why should I feel Discouraged
And, Why should the shadows, shadows come
Lord why, Why! should my heart, my heart feel lonely
And long for Heaven and home
When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow

Complete Lyrics


Singing the hymn "In Christ Alone"

In Christ alone! who took on flesh
Fulness of God in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones he came to save:
Till on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied -
For every sin on Him was laid;
Here in the death of Christ I live.

Complete Lyrics


Worship continues with the song "Lord, I Need You".

Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
Every hour I need You
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God, how I need You



Attendees sing the song Stronger.

You are stronger, You are stronger
Sin is broken, You have saved me
It is written, Christ is risen
Jesus You are Lord of all



Roger McGee leads the messengers in worship by singing "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name".


Tim Overton makes a motion that seminary faculty be surveyed on their views of tithing.

Wally Drake makes a motion that new officers be asked to be a part of American Spring seeking the impeachment of the President.

Allen Cross makes a motion that the SBC set up a task force to report on racial reconciliation.

Bob Lilly makes a motion regarding LifeWay's use of gender neutral NIV.

Wally Drake makes motion to join the July 4th Celebrate to Racial Reconciliation on the Gettysburg battleground.

Wally Drake makes motion for the SBC to prayerfully consider church disciple for California church that approved of homosexuality.


R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gives the SBC Historical Library and Archives Report.

8:38 - Video shown to promote next year's Crossover Columbus mission project. Southern Baptists will work together to share the Gospel in Columbus, Ohio. Only 10 percent of the city population is involved in an evangelical church.

Crossover Columbus

8:35 - H. Al Gilbert, North American Mission Board vice president of evangelism gives the Crossover Evangelism Report. The report describes the mission outreach Crossover Baltimore. Cindy says, "Thousand of gospel conversations took place ..."

8:28 - The Local Arrangements Committee gives its presentation.

8:25 - (Internet suddenly died. Sorry. Now the Live blog is back)

8:13 - Nobles leads the messengers in pledging allegiance to the American flag.

8:12 - Chaplain Jason Nobles opens the meeting in prayer. Nobles prays for the freedom purchased by Jesus on the cross. Nobles also prays for people serving in the military. Nobles prays for President Obama and other leaders as well as missionaries.

Chaplain Nobles

8:08 - Frank Page introduces Southern Baptist Convention President Fred Luter. Luter asks Jim Wells the registration secretary to give the registration report. The messengers adopt the registration report.

President Fred Luter

8:03 - Day one of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting has begun in Baltimore, MD. The worship team leads attendees in worship by singing the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".

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June Calendar of Church and Ministry Events and Conferences

Photo: Flickr/slgckgc - Creative Commons

To all the CP visitors that are dads: Have a happy and memorable Father's Day.

"As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him." - Psalm 103:13 - ESV


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Churches Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Photo: Flickr/Eric Chan - Creative Commons
Pinata with Mexican flags

The CP Events blog would like to wish our readers a happy Cinco de Mayo.

A growing number of protestant churches in America are celebrating Cinco de Mayo by eating Mexican foods. On Saturday  The Church At South Las Vegas celebrated with "tacos, sno cones, face painting, bounce houses, and more."

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, served home-cooked Mexican foods and provided Mexican folk dances as entertainment. According to The Times, 450 people are served at this celebration.

Yesterday the Metro Calvary Chapel served a taco meal and children played with a pinata. Clarendon United Methodist Church held a fundraiser for the "Leadership College at Art for Humanity in Honduras."

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National Day of Prayer - Live Blog

Welcome to The Christian Post's 2014 live blog of the National Day of Prayer. Thank you to God TV for live streaming the event. Refresh this page to see the latest updates.

9:03 - the 63rd annual opens with presentation of flags and singing of the national anthem.

9:04 - Pledge of allegiance to the American flag.

9:06 - Shirley Dobson, chairperson for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, recognizes military personnel participating in the National Day of Prayer.

Shirley Dobson

9:09 - Dobson describes 7 centers of power to pray for including the media.

9:10 - Shirley Dobson reveals that the task force did not receive a presidential proclamation for this year's National Day of Prayer. FULL POST

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May Calendar of Church and Ministry Events and Conferences

Photo: Flickr/Nina Hale - Creative Commons

To all the CP visitors that are mothers: Have a happy and memorable Mother's Day.

"Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies." - Proverbs 31:10 NLT

May Events

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Reminder: National Day of Prayer is Thursday

The 63rd Annual National Day of Prayer is May 1, 2014. Christian leaders, politicians and concerned citizens will gather at the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C. Thursday morning and the special event will be broadcast on GodTV and streamed on the Internet from 9 am. to noon Eastern Time.

This year's theme is One Voice, United in Prayer and the Bible verse for the event is Romans 15:6 which says, "So that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

President Eisenhower established the annual National Day of Prayer but the practice of praying for the nation began before America was an independent nation. In 1775 the Continental Congress established a day of prayer.

National Day of Prayer: One Voice United in Prayer

National Day of Prayer links: FULL POST

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April Calendar of Church and Ministry Events and Conferences

Easter: He is risen.
Photo: Flickr/New Life Church Collingwood - Creative Commons

Easter is coming. Do you have any plans to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in a unique way?


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March Calendar of Church and Ministry Events and Conferences

Don't forget those New Years Resolutions. March is a gift from God. Don't waste these 31 days.

Calendar: Mostphotos/human_306

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Today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day

A coalition of anti-slavery groups are working together today to increase public awareness of slavery worldwide.

End it Movement, the coordinator of the Shine a Light on Slavery Day event, describes its mission to "be the generation to stand up for the 27 million men, women and children trapped in slavery around the world today."

Previous generations have also fought this fight. William Wilberforce led the efforts to ban the slave trade throughout the English empire in the 1800s. Wilberforce educated the public and challenged them, "You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Anti-Slavery Society reports on slavery in modern Africa: "The children are kidnapped or purchased for $20 - $70 each by slavers in poorer states, such as Benin and Togo, and sold into slavery in sex dens or as unpaid domestic servants for $350.00 each in wealthier oil-rich states, such as Nigeria and Gabon." FULL POST

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