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Southern Baptist Convention - Day 2 - Live Blog

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The pictures in this live blog came from the Southern Baptist Convention video stream. The Christian Post would like to thank the SBC for media access to the annual convention and recognize Baptist Press for their indepth coverage of the convention.


Jesus to the Neighborhood and the Nations - a theme for the convention.


Eddie Wren says the closing benediction. "May you do more through us than we can imagine."


Applause given to show thanks to the Convention leadership and Fred Luter comes to for the symbolic passing of the gavel and he is thanked for serving. Applause is given for Bryant Wright's service as outgoing president.


The song God of This City plays while mission video is shown.


Ezell says revival cannot be started by the mission board but can be started by prayer. Then the audience forms groups to pray for church planters in their midst.


Chaplain Jared Vineyard requests prayer for chaplains, the challenges they face and their families.


Video presention features testimony of soldier that survives car bomb and becomes a chaplain.


Carver says chaplains also need support. N.A.M.B. has a goal to connect chaplains and the local church.


Doug Carver, executive director of chaplaincy at N.A.M.B., talks about the need to set up programs to help veterans returning from combat.


Video about church revitalization is shown which features two churches, one of them dying, coming together.

Larry Wynn, vice president of evangelism at N.A.M.B. describes efforts to revive dying churches.


Ezell says almost 900 Southern Baptist churches close each year


A scholarship program is announced for church planters to assist them in education.


John Voltaire, a bi-vocational pastor, gives his testimony about working as an engineer and as a church planter among Haitian immigrants.


Church planting project is named Send North America with goal of starting 13,500 church.


Video report tells the story of a family coming to Christ and it starts with a haircut.


Ezell says that it is the North American Mission Board goal that each church plant have a sponsoring church.


Ezell reports that no cuts have been made to disaster relief efforts by N.A.M.B.


Ezell announces Missionary Farm System to train missionaries.


Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board gives report on home missions and reports 1,086 new Southern Baptist churches.

Slide from North American Mission Board presentation.


Worship ends with the hymn Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.


Singing the hymns The Solid Rock and My Jesus, I Love Thee.


Singing the hymn Here I am to Worship.


Applause is given to recognize the pages that served during the convention.


Mohler says, "Our goal is to do yet more and more."

Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. gives the Southeastern Seminary report and says the seminary has adopted an unreached people group of Turk Muslims. After selecting this unreached group the seminary learned there are 80 of this group living in Louisville, Kentucky.


John shares his testimony of how he visited Capitol Hill Baptist Church and repented of his sins. Then he attended Southeastern Seminary and was equipped for missions.


Motion to consider resolution to condemn racist statements in Mormon literature defeated. Committee member speaks against resolution saying more time needed to study the resolution.


Resolution to recognize contributions of African American Southern Baptist leaders is approved.


Resolution on human needs and verbal witness is approved.


Resolution on same-sex marriage and civil rights rhetoric is approved.


Resolution on biblical scholarship and biblical innerrancy is approved.


Resolution on protecting religious liberty is approved.


Resolution on cooperation and salvation is approved.


The motion to require all nominations be made from the floor was defeated.


Committee spokesman speaks against the motion and says that it will take more time if all nominations must be made from the floor.


Messenger Richard Tribble speaks out for his "passion for parliamentary procedure" and recommends that nominations to be made from the floor and not the stage.


Applause for Anne, the wife of outgoing president Bryant Wright.


A gift is given to the wives of previous convention presidents.


Video clip of pastor Jack Graham, SBC president 2003-2004.

Video shown with excerpts from the speeches of previous convention presidents.


Singing Amazing Grace with only a piano for accompaniment.

Worship begins with the song Amazing Grace.


Dr. Akin quotes Jerry Rankin, former president of the International Mission Board who said, "Being in the center of God's will is not always safe but it is always best."


Dr. Akin says the goal of Southeastern Seminary is for every student to be a Great Commission student that will build Great Commission churches.

Dr. Daniel Akin says Southeastern Seminary has started partnerships for students and churches to work together.

Dr. Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, is selected as Convention speaker for 2013.


New Orleans Mayor Landrieu thanks praises Luter for his work in serving the city.

Mayor Landrieu gives Fred Luter a symbolic key to the city


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says, "Out of darkness comes light and out of despair comes hope" in reference to the problems caused by Katrina. Landrieu describes how the disaster brought the city together and race didn't matter.


Pastor Fred Luter introduces his family

Frank Page introduces his family, his wife, daughter Kimberly, son Fred III and his wife.


Frank Page gives a plaque to honor the outgoing officers and welcomes the new officers


Worship team leads in singing the song I Will Follow by Chris Tomlin followed by the song Shout to the Lord.

Program to start again at 4 pm EST.


Mark Vincent pastor of Clarke-Venable Baptist Church in Decatur, MS, says the benediction.


Singing the hymn "I Stand Amazed in the Presence."


Dr. Uth tells a story from when he was a teenager. The KKK showed up at his dad's office to protest his dad's support for allowing blacks to attend the church. Dr. Uth's father was fired for allowing blacks into the church and would have celebrated Fred Luter's election to SBC president. Dr. Uth's dad died 3 years ago. The reason his dad loved much was because he was forgiven much.


The woman's worship cost her something when she poured the alabaster on Jesus. Theologians speculate about the purpose of the alabaster jar. The alabaster could have been her life savings from a career of prostitution or it could have been intended as a gift for a future husband.

Slide from Dr. Uth's sermon.


Dr. Uth, went to Haiti and seeing the poverty he responded by asking the question, "How come I wasn't born here?"


Dr. Uth says to the messengers, "We all have been forgiven much."


The Talmud prohibited a woman from letting her hair down. The woman in Luke 7 was overwhelmed with emotion and showed her gratitude to Jesus Christ.

David Uth, the pastor of First Baptist Orlando tells a story about one time he was in a taxi and a prostitute sat down in the car next to him. He did not want anyone to see him with this woman. Then God convicted him of his attitude. "We don't see sinners. We miss them."


The speaker says there were two sinners in this Bible story found in Luke 7: Simon the pharisee and the woman that washed Jesus feet. Jesus said to Simon, "Do you see this woman?" Simon is shocked that Jesus did not condemn the woman.


Actors portray the Bible story of the woman that washed Jesus feet with her tears


Singing contemporary version of the hymn "It is Well With My Soul."


Singing "Blessed be the name of the LORD."


In a contemporary song the band leads everyone to sing "It's all because of Jesus I am alive."

The worship team starts worship with contemporary music.


Outgoing SBC president Bryant Wright says that contemporary worship is used in all new church plants.


Video shows a woman in New York City that asks, "Who is Jesus?" Her question is answered by a new church plant.

Videos from the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board are shown.


Video report on the work of Mission: Dignity shown featuring testimonials of retired ministers and their wives describing how they've been helped by this program.


O.S. Hawkins says all proceeds from a book will fund Mission: Dignity, a program for retired ministers.


GuideStone Financial Resources President O.S. Hawkins gives report on Southern Baptist investments and health insurance. Hawkins says that Southern Baptists are taking a legislative route to addressing problems with ObamaCare.


Singing Great Is Thy Faithfulness


Singing the words, "We will remember the works of your hand."


Pastor Josh Hall nominates Dr. Jim Wells for registration secretary. Wells is re-elected unopposed.


Pastor Rodney Autry re-nominates John Yeats for recording secretary. Yeats is re-elected unopposed.


Dave Miller elected Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Messengers approve resolution reaffirming the Sinner's Prayer.


Resolution to affirm the Sinner's Prayer is discussed.


Messengers vote on resolutions


Video shown about a mural painted on the side of a building used in evangelism.


Singing the words, "We cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb."


Messengers are voting by paper ballot.


Run-off vote held for Second Vice President between pastors Eric Hankins and David Miller.


Dr. Kelly says the Seminary is a reminder that "the grip of God is on your life."


Some of the New Orlean's seminary's good news includes the largest December graduation in the seminary's history.


Dr. Kelly reports that almost all of the seminary's curriculum is now online.


Dr. Kelly was asked about how the New Orleans Seminary has recovered from Hurricane Katrina and responded, "You can come see what a miracle looks like."


Dr. Chuck Kelly is president of New Orleans Baptist Seminary

Kelly describes the program his seminary started to train inmates and says the gospel is so great that there is no one it cannot change.


Messenger questions Midwestern Seminary president about when an audit of the seminary would be made public. The results were included in a report to the Convention's executive committee.


Students in video describe how seminary life and training expanded their vision for reaching the nations.


Promotional video reports that Midwestern Seminary has one professor for each 14 students.


Robin D. Hadaway, interim president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, gives a report on the seminary's work.

Hadaway reports that Midwestern offers a bachelor of arts program online.


Singing Amazing Grace.


Singing How Great Thou Art.


 Singing the song How Great Is Our God.


Report from Committee on Committees is approved by vote.


Messengers vote by paper ballots.


Pastor Alan Cross nominates Dave Miller, pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Sioux City, Iowa, for Second Vice President of the Convention.


Johnny Touchet nominates Brad Atkins, pastor of Powdersville First Baptist Church in Easley, S.C, for Second Vice President of the Convention.


 Pastor Clint Pressley nominates pastor Eric Hankins, pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, for Second Vice President of the Convention.


Committee chair prays for Billy Graham.


Messenger asks question regarding disclosure of pay to Southern Baptist Convention executive committee members.


Messengers approved the descriptor Great Commission Partners as a substitute name for the denomination.


The second day of the Southern Baptist annual convention in New Orleans has begun with worship.

Singing the song "To God Be the Glory"
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