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Southern Baptist Convention - Live Blog

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The Christian Post would like to thank the Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist Press for streaming the event online and providing indepth coverage of the annual convention.


The closing prayer is spoken.


Sela sings, "Be my heart, my hands, my voice"


Elliff closes his speech with prayer and Sela sings a song about taking up the cross.


Tom Elliff says that it will cost us everything to take the Gospel to the world. Elliff challenges the audience to to say to God, "I am willing to pay the price. I give you everything."


Tom Elliff tells a story about how 99 years ago a man committed himself to go to the mission field. He was a millionaire but left the wealth behind. The missionary died one month after arriving in Egypt. In his Bible were written the words, "No reserves. No retreat. No regrets."


Video shows missionaries going to places where people have never before heard of Jesus Christ.

Every person deserves to hear the Gospel.


Troy Lewis talks about missionary work in Zambia. He assists AIDS victims

Lewis says Baptists in Zambia are training Christians to be God's hands and helping 40,000 orphans in his country.


Missionary tells a story of how a Japanese convert was accused of being in a cult after becoming a Christian. Another story is told of how Christian disaster relief volunteers are having an impact sharing the gospel by going to Japan after the recent tsunami / nuclear reactor disaster.


Missions video is shown based on the words of Lottie Moon.

Lottie Moon was a pioneer missionary to the country of China.


Pastor Jay Montgomery says if his old church can start a new church, others can do the same.

Pastor Jay Wolff tells how his church committed to praying for the people of Senegal, Africa, to come to Christ. A team of church members went to Senegal and planted a church. There are 35 new believers in this church committed to reaching their tribe.


Another pastor describes how his church has committed to reaching Muslims in South Asia. Some of his church members will be going on mission trips to San Francisco and Seattle.


Speaker says we used to be the church using the missionary tourism approach.


Another video shows how churches can adopt an unreached people group.


Sela sings the words of Jesus, "Deny yourself and come follow me."


Video is shown of Muslim girl telling her testimony of becoming a Christian. Her face is not shown in order to protect her identity. Video is followed by music video from the Christian band Sela.


Tom Elliff speaking about world missions.

Elliff reports that missions board trustees speak to missionary candidates via Skype.


Missions slide during Elliff's speech.


Last year Elliff reported 3,800 unreached people groups in june 2011. The number of unreached people groups has dropped to 3,328 by May 2012 because of Christians engaging these groups.


Tom Elliff, president of the International Mission Board, issues international missions report. Elliff says that 4,916 missionaries were involved in efforts that resulted in 333,823 baptisms. 28,873 new churches were started last year.


Singing Amazing Grace.


Messengers offer additional motions on Southern Baptist business.


Paige Patterson thanks the messengers for coming to the annual convention.


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor Ryan Stokes says the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls shows that the Scriptures of the time of Jesus is the same scriptures that we have today.


Dr. Paige Patterson says the Dead Sea Scrolls will be on exhibition at Southwestern Theological Seminary.


Nathan Lino is elected first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Messengers speak in favor and in opposition to using the name "Great Commission Baptists" as a name descriptor.


The executive committee of the Southern Baptist Convention recommends that churches consider using the descriptor "Great Commission Baptists."


Jimmy Draper speaks about the negative connotation that some people have to the name "Southern Baptist" by African Americans and Baptist in areas not in the South. Draper says, "The name Southern Baptist says what we are but not what we do."


Richard Land concludes his report


Land says the HHS mandate is about government control of religious groups and that if the government can go after the Catholics, that "we are next."


Land says America is spending $400 billion on federal welfare programs because of absent fathers.


The Commission submitted a friend of the court brief in California to support traditional marriage and to oppose gay marriage.


The Commission has opposed gay marriage and opposed the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The Commission has also called for repeal of ObamaCare. The Commission has opposed cockfighting, distribution of pornography, the legalization of internet gambling.


Richard Land says the Commission has called for an end to sex-selection abortions and a ban on federally funded abortions. The Commission has also supported a prohibition on federal funding for the United Nations population control efforts. The Commission has supported a reauthorization of a commission for religious freedom.


As president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Richard Land gives a report on the Commission's work. The Commission has developed reports on numerous moral and political issues and addressed bills in Congress and state legislatures.


Richard Land prays for God to give wisdom to President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and members of Congress and the courts.


Fred Luter given award for his work in the denomination.


SBC spokesperson Richard Land mentions "the elephant in the room": racial insensitivity and plagarism which were charges brought against him.


Bob Sith, a member of the Southern Baptist's Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals, was convicted by God towards his attitude toward homosexuals. When preaching about homosexuality, God spoke to him and said, if someone struggling with homosexuality heard your sermon, would they ask you for help.


Worship has begun again.


Fred Luter elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Luter says, "To God be the glory."

Messengers vote for Fred Luter by standing.


David Crosby, a messenger from First Baptist Church of New Orleans, nominates Fred Luter to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Iorg says that Golden Gate is launching a bilingual program for Koreans that have weak English skills.

Iorg says that Golden Gate Seminary is facing opposition in attempting to modernize its facilities and requests that Christians pray for these efforts.


Iorg recommends that people use estate planning to leave money behind to fund Christian causes.


Iorg says that in many churches, as long as minorities agree to do things the way the majority does, then the minority is welcome.


Jeff Iorg, president of Golden Gate Seminary, speaks about multicultural missions education and outreach at Golden Gate Seminary.


Video is shown challenging each church to commit to increasing missions giving by 1%.


Page concludes with the words, "Let us be about a Great Commission Advance."


Page says missions requires fuel and the fuel is running out. Page calls for Baptists to tithe. He says that Southern Baptists give 2.3 percent of their income to charity or the church.


Page says that a survey shows there are non-Calvinists in the Southern Baptist Convention that are interersted in rooting out the Calvinists but he isn't one of them.

The theme of Page's speech is "Great Commission Advance" and he says the denomination needs everyone to do the work of God.


Frank Page: "We are no longer fishers of men. We are keepers of the aquarium."


Page says Jesus is the rock the church was built upon. The church is to attack the gates of hell.


Frank Page, president of the SBC executive committee, says an advisory committee will be formed to increase Asian involvement in the denomination.

Page says, "I believe that we are in a battleground not a playground."


A motion is made for the SBC executive committee to adopt an officer policy manual. Another motion is made for nominations to be made from the floor and not from the stage so that all nominations remain impartial. The motions were referred to the Committee on Order of Business.


The SBC Annual Meeting has begun. A list of motions was read and messengers, representatives from churches, voted to recommend the motions be sent to the executive committee.


Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, presents a report on the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives. Mohler says that while the Smithsonian serves America as a secular museum, the SBHLA preserves Southern Baptist history to preserve the denomination's founding documents.


Pastor Ron Lentine leads in opening prayer.

Worshippers sing the song Thou, Oh Lord based on the Bible verse Psalm 3:3


Convention participants and choir sing Hallelujah to the Lamb.


Wright concluded his sermon and there was a closing prayer.


Wright challenges his audience to do their mission work not in the flesh, but in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Last year the International Mission Board challenged churches to make a commitment to reach an "unengaged people group." 1300 churches have responded to this challenge.


Wright warns of idolatry in the Church - that there is no difference in how church members live vs. the secular world. "This calls for repentance in our churches."


"We are to proclaim the gospel to every people group."


Wright describes a recent mission trip to Asia and how he had the opportunity to meet someone that had never heard of Jesus Christ.


Bryan Wright calls for Christian unity regarding the recent debate among Southern Baptists over the topic of election / predestination. He asks for people on both sides to show humility towards each other.


Bryan Wright, the outgoing president of the Southern Baptist Convention, speaks about conflicts in churches: conflicts over biblical innerancy, spiritual gifts and worship styles.


Singing the words: "Here in the power of Christ I'll stand till he returns or calls me home."


Singing Holy, Holy, Holy.


Singing the hymn All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name.


Ed Stetzer and Trevin Wax, two of the Southern Baptist Convention's most popular bloggers work for LifeWay and are developing The Gospel Project, a curriculum for training Christians to understand the Bible and to equip them for missions.


Missions video showing at the Convention. Recently the SBC has recommitted to world evangelism and finishing the Great Commission.


Frequent "Guest Views" contributor Trevin Wax unveils The Gospel Project.


U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan share via video how the Courageous book and video helped them form a Bible study, stay encouraged as they serve their country, and become better fathers and husbands.


Mark Cottingham sings a worship song proclaiming "Your grace still amazes me."


Kevin testified that the SBC's church planting efforts to plant immigrant churches led to his salvation, his family's salvation and his becoming a immigrant church planter in California.


Vietnamese Texan Kevin testified how important it is that SBC continue it's efforts plant churches among immigrant communities. He stated that the Hispanic and Asian communities are the fastest growing communities in the United States


Rob Warren shared his testimony of coming to Christ after a football teammate Andy Grubb engaged him with the gospel. He is now asking college students to be an "Andy" on Oct. 11 and to engage their peers with the gospel though a college evangelistic effort called "Engage 24."


Eric and Ramona ask Christians to pray that they may also be able to minister to Brazil's upper class as well as its lower class.


Southern Baptist Missionary couple Eric and Ramona talk about helping a "spirit woman" in Brazil who believed that she was hearing voices in her home and to come to Christ.

The spirit woman told Eric and Ramona that she felt a peace that she never felt before while attending their Bible studies and English language classes.


Summary: Christian Post reporters are in New Orleans to report on the Southern Baptist annual convention meeting this week and will be reporting on the event.

Today the Southern Baptists will elect a new president for the denomination. Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, is running unopposed and will become the first black president in the denomination's history.

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