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The Resurgence Live Blog - Day Two

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Welcome to the second day of live blogging R13, The Resurgence 2013 Conference.


Producer Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, producers of The Bible TV series talk about making a movie about Jesus for theaters. Burnett says that the same character portraying Jesus made appearances in the Old Testament parts of the TV series. The voice of Jesus spoke to Moses.

Clips from the new movie The Son of God were shown at R13.


Tim Smith, a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Portland, gives a report on the first day of the conference. People from more than 150 nations viewed the conference online.


Mark and Roma are interviewed by the local hosts on the live stream. Roma says they filmed the entire project in Morocco. Roma says that the wind blew through the set symbolizing the Holy Spirit.


The Bible was nominated for the People's Choice Awards.


Mark Driscoll introduces James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel. MacDonald opens with prayer.


MacDonald explains why the pulpit is often in the center of the the front of the auditorium - preaching has a central role in churches.

MacDonald is using John 13 as his primary text for his speech.


MacDonald describes how Jesus taught us to humble ourselves when he wash the feet of his disciples. Some churches wash the feet of members as an ordinance.


James MacDonald jokingly says that anyone wearing socks and sandals needs to leave right now.


MacDonald says the servant wasn't there that would have had the job of washing the feet. MacDonald says that Jesus loved his people to the very end and that pastors should do this too.


"Humility is an action, not a style."


"Help is a do thing not a feel thing."


"Humility is losing yourself."


Slide from MacDonald's presentation: "When it's personal and painful -- humble yourself."


MacDonald says that where he often feels pressure is where God has called him to be. The only way out is to fall, get as low as you can. MacDonald gets on his knees.


MacDonald focuses on John 13:3 which says, "Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come forth from God and was going back to God."


MacDonald reminds us that we know how this story ends and who is victorious. "You will win ... You will exult."


There are seven verbs in verses John 13:4-5.


Jesus good a good job, a humbling job and was dressed as a slave when he did this work of washing the disciples feet.


Difficulty obedience will cost us ... run to that.

"Own it all to reconcile." Even though fault may be on both sides, humble yourself. Grace will run like a river ... God loves humility.


"With God the way up is down."


"Serve in total secrecy." MacDonald says that pastors are so public in their ministry.

MacDonald describes serving as a police chaplain.


Stop responding to legalism with liberty.


MacDonald says that he was accused of being a high stakes gambler. After the accusation, he got rid of his card table and poker chips. He forsook his liberty for the Gospel.


Refuse to be offended. "Do nothing when you are hurt."

"Hurting people hurt." Instead "get low."


The disciple Peter was constantly impulsive but God uses all kinds of people. Peter didn't want Jesus to wash his feet.


MacDonald says that some of the pastors in attendence need to humble themselves and will be pressed to argue.


Jesus made the point that not everyone of the disciples was clean. Judas would betray Jesus. Judas got his feet washed too. Jesus ordered the events before recognizing Judas' betrayal.

"Humility is not meakness."

"Jesus is not weak."


"Humility is not groveling. Humility is not enabling."


"You never have to help someone sin." Also humility was not manipulating.


"You know you've humbled yourself for the wrong reaons if you quickly revert to pride when you don't get the results you wanted."


MacDonald asks, "Did Jesus get his feet washed?" The servant often gets lost in the act of serving.

MacDonald says we should set the example.


"Only God is great ... You're not great ... We're not great."


"Blessed are you if you do them."


MacDonald concludes with prayer.


Mark Driscoll interviews James MacDonald.


MacDonald says that pastors should be the most joyful people and that someone should write a book on the theology of fun.

MacDonald quotes Jesus saying "my burden is light."


MacDonald says, "Raising kids is not cooking. There isn't a recipe."


"Sharing with your kids ... the overflow ..." MacDonald would buy his kids a pizza after he would guest speak somewhere.


MacDonald says pastors' kids understand things that aren't taught in seminary.


The bullseye of Christianity isn't truth, it is love.


Tim Smith, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Portland, reinforces some of MacDonald's main points. Smith says that today's sponsor of the conference is X3 Watch.


Nick Viterllaro, a spoken word artist delivers a poem Simply Freedom about the temptation about pornography.

Poet Nick Vitellaro describes how pornography enslaves people but Jesus saves.

How our culture raped the beauty of sex and yeah, we ended up being abused. It is a curse of an an addict to chase that which destroys you. This is the silent addiction of today’s youth.

The poem Simply Freedom is available here.


Final convention contest question: What is the stupidest thing you or someone else in ministry has done?


Short break from the conference.


James MacDonald is being interviewed by local hosts on the video feed. MacDonald describes his work as a chaplain. He did death notification.


MacDonald says that he regrets acting out of hurt. He would have preferred to be more restful during those hurtful times in the past.


Worshipping by singing Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.


Mark Driscoll describes working to reach to Seattle, the most unreached city in America. Then Driscoll introduces Rick Warren.


Driscoll tells a story about Warren being a hugger.


Warren says, "If you want the blessing of God on your life, if you want the power of God in your ministry, if you want the anointing of God on all that you do, you must build your life on integrity, humility, generosity and faith."


"According to your faith it will be done unto you."


Warren says ,"There is a pricetag and it is character."


Warren says that there are three great temptations. Satan doesn't have any new temptations.


Warren explains two Bible verses.

John 3:16 God is about the people of the world.

In 1 John 2:15 the word "world" refers to value system.

Warren says we have this mixed up. "We hate the people and love the value system."

Warren explains the 3 great temptations.

  1. Lust of the flesh is the temptation to feel - it is more than sex.
  2. Lust of the eyes is greed, is possession "I see it and I want it."
  3. The pride of life is the temptation to be known, position, status.


Warren explains how Moses and Jesus faced these temptations.

Moses refuses to be known as the son of Pharoah's daughter. Jesus was tempted by Jesus to turn stones into bread.

You will be tempted to use the gifts God has given you for your own benefit, to feed yourself.


Satan says he will give Jesus all things if Jesus would worship him. This was the lust of the eyes.

"I have seen guys sell their souls for a bigger salary."


Warren said he decided he wouldn't change his lifestyle because of the success of his book The Purpose Driven Life.


Warren says he started 3 foundations. Acts of Mercy to help people with AIDS, a foundation for orphans and a foundation for training pastors.

Warren says that it isn't a sin to be sick but that sin can cause sickness.


Satan tempts Jesus to show off. This is the temptation of the pride of life - the temptation to use your ministry to show off.

"We have an amazing ability to lie to ourselves."


Warren says that he isn't impressed by churches that grow by 5,000 in one year. That growth is from transfers instead of new converts.


Integrity is the antidote for the lust of the flesh.


The Titanic myth: I can take on a little water and not sink.

"But a hole in the boat is a hole in the boat ..."

Our sins will affect other people even if they never know about it.


Generosity is the antidote to the lust of the eyes.

Warren challenges his listeners to become more generous each year.


Warren says the reason for the success of his book was because of his life of generosity.


Warren says Saddleback church paid the salaries of 400 pastors after Hurricane Katrina. Warren says that he doesn't give to get a blessing.


Humility is the antidote to the pride of life.


Humility is about being honest about strengths and weaknesses.


Warren describes getting PMS - pre-message syndrome and about feeling inadequate on Monday mornings.


Warren says we need to stop qualifying what we say. We don't need to point out what we disagree with before saying we like someone.


Warren says it takes different kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.


Warren says that pastors often set low goals.


"God uses the person that dreams great dreams."


"Failure is not that bad."

"Don't call it a failure. Call it an education."

"God uses the person that is willing to risk failure."


Another evidence of faith ... never give up.

Respond to critics by outlasting, outloving and outfruiting them.


Rick Warren closes in prayer.


Warren prays, "Help me to risk failure."

Warren and others pray for a resurgence to take place in our hearts and lives.


Warren prays for renewal in marriages. Prays for a double portion of the Holy Spirit so the cultural climate will change and that Christians will stop fighting with each other.


Mark Driscoll decides to have a prayer time instead of interviewing Rick Warren. People in attendence pray together for each other.


Attendees have taken a break for lunch. We will return with Pastor Mark Driscoll's closing address.


The conference has resumed with worship.

Singing about the gift of salvation.


Worshipping by singing the song Jesus Paid it All.

Jesus paid it all
All to him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow


Attendees show appreciation to volunteers with applause.


Tim Smith says that more than 20,000 people have created accounts to watch the live stream.


Mark Driscoll says that The Resurgence and Mars Hill Church are planning to develop a higher education program.

Mark says this conference was an experiment.


Mark says a prayer of thanks for the conference.


Driscoll says there are ideological movements and action movements.

If disciples aren't being made then, this is a failure. The purpose is to equip churches to make more disciples.

Driscoll asks the listeners to consider a question: What are we supposed to do?


"Our job is not to win America. It is to win Americans."


What are the primary rejections to Christianity?


Pay attentions to the questions nonchristians are asking. Nonchristians are asking question that we aren't answering.


Driscoll says that the questions nonchristians are asking have changed.


Phone survey conducted by secular firm. What are the primary rejects from the unchurched and dechurched.

More than 1,000 people provided answers to the phone survey


Focus groups also were conducted.


Experts were interviewed regarding their insight regarding the research.


Part of our missiological work is to anticipate the questions of non-Christians and to be able to answer them.


Puritans preached longer sermons are part of that was about answer the objections of the hearers.

The research revealed 9 differences between Christians and non-Christians.


The highest good for non-Christians ais human autonomy. Christians seeing the highest good as living under God's sovereignty.


The highest authority is the individual, statism (government) or God. Respondents didn't want a book telling them what to do. For the Christian the highest authority is God but for most non-Christians the highest authority themselves.

#3 Non-Christians view the world non-normative and improving. The Christians believe the world is getting worse.


Tolerance is the highest virtue for non-Christians. For obedience is the highest virtue for Christians. The Bible doesn't say anything about tolerance.


For the non-Christian God is defined by subjective experience. One of the things many non-Christians liked about visiting church was the music. They got to experience something. For the Christian God is person that seeks us.


For the non-Christian spirituality is a way to improve one's life. For the Christian spirituality is living in relationship with Christ in obedience to what He requires.

For the non-Christian the world revolves around "me". It is a form of idolatry. Also the secular world does not believe in the demonic. Demonology comes from spirituality.


For the non-Christian sin violates autonomy. For the Christian sin is a violation of God's law. Repentance is seen as intolerance by the non-Christian.


For the non-Christian faith is a private matter. Conversion is coercion. Evangelism is equated with terrorism. For the Christian faith is not a private matter, but it is public and it is an act of love.


Still people believe in heaven. Non-Christians believe in salvation by death. Christians believe in salvation by the death of Jesus.


There are two options exist for Christians:

1. Thesis vs antithesis.

2. Synthesis.


Christians are tempted to adapt the message but when it does, the Holy Spirit will refuse to bless a lie.


Driscoll says that the emergent church is a form of synthesis that leads to compromise.


It is the offense of the Gospel that makes it attractive.

Thesis vs antithesis shows that the Gospel is an offense. If we remove the offense, we remove the faith.


Driscoll warns about joining a bandwagon. Someone tries to promote a new vision of Christianity. Christianity is not something we create. If we alter the Gospel, we are a heretic.

If you preach the Gospel you will offend and find yourself in fights.


Biggest Objections to Christianity


Intolerance - "Some Christian groups are too intolerant."

God is not tolerant but He is patient in converting us.

Non-Christians define tolerance as approval.

John Piper says the church should have a wide door to let many in, a smaller door for membership, an even smaller door for church leadership.

Intolerance is also an issue for non-Christians.

Non-Christians view Christians as unintelligent.

Everyone is intolerant. Who's right?

Tolerance is not an issue. It is THE issue.


Sex - This is now the litmus test if you are a good person or a bad person.

We have an absence of the definition of marriage.

Sin is now a civil right.

However, the Bible teaches that love delights in the truth so truth is the issue.


Politics - "I don't like how some Christian groups meddle in politics."

There is no myth of neutrality.


Hypocrisy - "Most Chrstians are hypocrites."

Most many non-Christians don't know much about Christianity. We can't assume too much. We need to do a lot of teaching before inviting them to Christianity.

Many of the non-Christians have not been in church much or it has been a long time. The Christians they know about are Ted Haggard, Pat Robertson, Creflo Dollar.


Exclusitivity - "There are lots of religions, and I'm not sure only one has to be the right way."

Christianity believes in salvation by faith instead of works.


Inequality - Non-Christians see differences as inequality.

Christianity teaches equality while respecting authority.


Scripture - "I don't share the beliefs that the Christian faith tells me should."

Give people a Bible. Often the non-Christian hasn't read it. Faith comes by hearing.


Greed - "Christianity is about making money, not religion."

Many non-Christians believe that televangelists accurately portray Christianity.

Prosperity theology and infomercials go hand-in-hand. Many non-Christians don't know that most churches are small.


Irrelevance - "The Christian faith is not relevant to modern times."

It ultimately comes down between tolerance vs repentance. If we stop practicing repentance, we become hypocrites and if we stop teaching repentance, we become heretics.


"Preaching is the war. If satan can get the pulpit, he can get the pew."


"You only have access to people's ears. The Holy Spirit has access to people's hearts."


Let God determine the fruitfulness while we work on the faithfulness.


God alters a person's identity. We aren't looking for good people but new people.


We are to go public with this offensive message even to people that don't want to hear it.


Mars Hill pastor Tim Smith closes says the lectures will be posted on The Resurgence website.


The speakers will be re-broadcast tonight via live stream on The Resurgence website.

Mark Driscoll, his family and the live stream hosts.


Driscoll reinforces what the Bible teaches about God being patient in waiting for us to repent. God wants us to change.


The re-broadcast begins at 6 pm Pacific Time.


A free e-book is available to people that sign up on The Resurgence website.


The End. We hope you enjoyed this live blog.

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