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Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit - Day One

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Speaker Chris Brown

Marty Duren is live blogging the  Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. The two-day leadership conference is held at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois. Pastor Bill Hybels and other Christians leaders share what they've learned about the skills needed in leadership.


With the title I've been given, how can I be the best Jesus I can be?


If we aren't careful there are major cities who, in the next 20 years, will be getting some really nice civic centers because some major churches will be closing down. Reason? The church has been dependant on a single personality.


When you can make room at the top for the young eagles, you will get a healthier you, team and church or organization.


Spirtual leadership serves the staff, rather than protecting title and position. A secure leader will pick up a towel.


Never get caught up in the good thing and miss the God thing.


A pagan king (the Pharoah over Joseph) had a better idea of godly leadership than the king of God's people (Saul).


Saul did not have room in the chariot for David. He could not celebrate the achievements of others if they began to overshadow him.


Rather than being jealous of David, Saul should have embraced David and partnered with him. "We are members of the 11,000 Club."


When it got bad, Saul felt like any neck was better than his own.

Chris Brown session begins.


Liz Wiseman

End of fourth session.


The top of the intelligence hierarchy is the genius maker, not the genius.


Are you leading like a genius or a genius maker?


Asking instead of telling reveals the strength of the team.


Stop saying, "How hard can it be?" when things are really hard.

Extremely high capacity leaders need to take care they don't quash lesser capacity leaders by dismissing actual difficultures in the guise of optimism. --MD


Do we do our greatest damage when we withhold our most noble intentions.


Multipliers are talent magnets. They are debate makers. They are liberators, but they challenge their people to bring their best thinking.


Diminishers want to hire the best talent, but then treat them like curios on a shelf. They delegate small decisions. They spend a lot of time trying to get buy-in on decisions they have already made.


Dimishers are selfish, did not listen, control, micromanage.

Multipliers have vision, use talent, let the team drive, are trust gurus.


Multipliers believe their people are smart and they will figure it out. Dimishers believe people always will need help.


The difference between pressure and stress is a matter of control. If you withhold pressure, it causes stress on the others who work under you. Don't spread the stress; spread the pressure.


Verbal affirmation not only affirms, it opens ideas. One coach told a player, "You are fast." He'd never thought about it before, but the kid noticed he began to run harder. The coach pointed out something true, but unseen by the player.


People around you do their best work when you live like a multiplier. People get smarter as they work around you.


Multipliers get so much brain power from their talent that they essential double their workforce for free.


Liz has to follow comedian Michael, Jr. He was fantastic. --MD


Speaker Patrick Lencioni

End of third session.


Three signs of a miserable job: irrelevance (my job does not matter), immeasurement (using the wrong metrics), anonymity (no one knows or cares about me or what I do).


When we allow others to evaluate themselves we lose a measure of control, and that's why we resisite it.


How often and what you measure depends on what you are doing. People need a metric for feedback to help employees know they are doing a good job.



We had a bit of rain and lightning, so the Internet was out for a while. Which is really sad since Patrick Lencioni hit a grand slam.


Speaker Colin Powell

End of second session


Leaders in churches want to be challenged.


I have chosen to spend the rest of my life helping kids.

I told my pastor if we are really going to live our faith we have to leave our affluent area and adopt this all Hispanic and Black kids.


Tell me early.

Tell me about the problem early so we can get it taken care of. Let me give you some guidance.


Hybels: "What leader on the world stage did you have tremendous respect for?"

Powell: "I cannot name just one. I'm the product of every person has impacted my life."

H: "You're dodging this."

P: "Of course I am. But you mentioned one earlier, Nelson Mandela."


Promote people based on their potential not on their performance.


"What character in a young leaders is a real red flag?"

"Ego." Powell said this with no hesitation at all.


Subordinates know when a peer isn't getting the job done because they are right there with them. And, they are waiting for the leader to do something about it.

Promoting the one not getting it done is not the answer. --MD


"How do you know when to fire someone, and when to give that same person a second chance?"

"I tried to adapt the personalities of my subordinates."


Get mad, but then get over it.


It will be better, because we can make it better.


Hybels: "You do a lot of your leadership by proverbs, or axioms."

"It'll look different in the morning." "Yeah, it may not."


I'm sure throughout my career some people saw and officer and some people just saw a black guy.


Discussion turns to racism:

"Were you ever a part of racial discrimination?"

"Yes, but I was also fortunate in that I came along as the country was making changes. Fort Benning was great, but Columbus, Georgia was a segregated city."

"As a practical matter, a segregated army made no sense."


Hybels is commenting on Powell's interaction with a bunch of wounded veterans. He always started the conversation, "Were you a good soldier?"

Powell: The warrior wants to be recognized as having served their country and buddies well.


Now being interviewed by Bill Hybels


Failure is an option--every time. Great leaders understand this and plan accordingly.


If you want to make sure you keep moving forward, have a destination.


Great leaders have themes people understand that are constantly repeated.


Subordinates must be empowered and trusted.


People need to know their zone of operation and have freedom to operate within it.


Hire people who can do the job and let them do it.


I worked with a number of presidents, both Republican and Democrat, and enjoyed working for all of them.


The best organizations I've been are the ones where the individuals know their purpose. That collection of individuals give the organization purpose.


Even the clean-up crew has a purpose. I didn't believe I could achieve my purpose as secretary of state if she didn't achieve her purpose in cleaning the offices.


How are we making a contribution to society by what we are doing?


It's the followers that get it done. I've tried to focus my leadership efforts on the followers.


Never as a child dreamed of being chairman of the joint chiefs.


Powell could not attend VMI, the Citadal or Texas A&M because of the racial biases of the South.


Educated in the public school system.


Powell, as far as I can tell, as no notes, no lecturn, and no teleprompter. --MD


Colin Powell's latest book is It Worked for Me.

Pastor Bill Hybels


End of first session.


I'm still such a sucker for a changed life. Amen, Bill.


Some of the most rewarding experiences of a leaders marathon are received quite late in the race.


If you lead an organization long enough you will probably have to reinvent the organization, and you will probably have to reinvent yourself more than once.


At some point the vision has to be declared as a firm value of the church. This takes fortitude.


The first 20 years of our church we were all white and we are alright with being all white. The, God got ahold of me.


There is a time to cast vision, then there is time to establish an inviable value in an organization.


I fear that people are going to walk into our weekend services and, due to our love of social media, will walk out having not had a meaningful experience of community.


The more I utilize social media, the hungrier I get for old-fashioned contact with no screen between us.


Leaders must establish and enforce values. This takes more courage than you might think.


You simply will not believe how well healthy, flourishing cultures respond.


If you aren't willing to measure it, can you at least admit you aren't willing to measure it because you are cowardly about it?


Gallup: only 30% of workers are engage with their jobs, 50% are disengaged, 18% are actively engaged against the organization.


Sometimes I had to look new staff, and sometimes long time staff, in the eye and say, "If you aren't with us, you be getting off the bus."

Only culture builders will have a place at Willow.


"I'm sorrys" are hard, but necessary. God help me to be strong and courageous.


A staff culture will only ever be as healthy as the CEO or senior pastor wants it to be.


Managers who lost their drive for self-improvement, lost their ability to lead people on our staff.


People join organizations they leave managers.


We knew there was no silver bullet to fixing our culure. We would have to have hundreds of meetings while still "flying the Willow plane."


Bringing in an outside firm to evaluate our culture created to much fear in me, I delayed it for nearly a year.


The courage to build a fantastic culture. A healthy, flourshing, God-honoring culture.


Sometimes leaders must pour fuel onto a nicely burning fire.


Leaders, you whole team knows what reality your organization is in. They are waiting for you to work up the courage to admit it to yourself.   <-- WORD


Sometimes leaders have to declare a Code Red and start things over.


A little arson is sometimes required from leaders to express a sense of urgency.


Courage is followed by the leader's absolute responsibility to define their current reality.



Get on your knees and say the Joshua prayer as many times as you need to say it: "Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you where ever you go."


Don't go to your grave with cool visions shriveling up and dying inside of you.


I have to step out in faith even when I am vibrating with fear.


Lack basic bravery, just old-fashioned courage. (on leaders who will not pursue the vision)


No one knows how many "cool visions" are being aborted because of fear of the leader who got it.


Every leaders know how ugly it would be to move a group of people half-way and not complete the plan.

Many leaders, when they get a vision from God, abort the vision secretly.


There is dignity in choice. Hybels speaking on helping the poor.

This is so true. Lack of choice regarding food and clothing choices is not humbling, it's humiliating. -MD



Every leader could show you the battle scars of moving people from here to there.


Vision is a picture of the future that creates passion in people.


Today the whole world has been reflecting on the leadership of Nelson Mandela. Arrested at the age of 44 for speaking out against apartheid. He spent 27 years imprisoned on Robin Island.

"Ending apartheid is a cause for which I am fully prepared to die." Mandela on his purpose.


Hybels' topic is "The Courage Leadership Requires."


No one is better than Hybels in teaching Christians how to interact with those of other faiths or no faith at all. --MD


"Everybody wins when leaders get better." Hybels.

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