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Johns Creek/Lawrenceville CPA: Are There Really Angels?

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Johns Creek/Lawrenceville CPA: Are There Really Angels?

Taking Christianity Into the World

On one of those days when the clouds were big, but not rainy, the sun in and out, I was standing on our back porch in Findlay, Il. It was 1954 and I was 10 years old. There was a steam engine just approaching the railroad signal light on the road leading out South of town. I always enjoyed watching the trains coming through but on this day as I was watching, the strangest thing happened. Just above the smoke from the train's smoke stack, in the sky, I had a vision. You are going to think, Oh, Oh another crazy! But I can tell you what I saw is as real today as it was 58 years ago and to a boy of 10 years old, very frightening. Until now I have not related this story to no one except for a very few. I SAW A MAN WALKING ACROSS THE SKY!!

Who was it and did anyone else see him? I do not know the answer to either of these questions. But if anyone was looking at that same time, I do not know how they could have not seen him. I can tell you this, it scared the beegeebees out of me. I ran in the house, shaking, and Mom ask me what was the matter. I could not tell her and I never told anyone for another15 or 20 years. When I did, they just pretty much listened and blew me off. Pretty much what I expected. If I could paint a picture I could describe him perfectly from the color of his hair, the robe he was wearing and the type of sandals on his feet But let me get on with my story.

I grew up in a family that went to church every Sunday for Sunday school where I learned about Jesus and how He love children, then went to big church where I never understood anything the Pastor was talking about and giggled when you would hear one of the older men snoring in one of the pews. I guess he had learned all he needed to know. We, my family, never talked about God or anything else pertaining to church at home. For some reason I always thought other families did, but in reality I don't think many of them did either. I always thought we should have had some sort of discussion about the days happening, but we never did. Anyway, I graduated at the age of 17 and it was off to the Air Force for me. Finally I was out of small town USA, heading for the big towns and big time. I never went to church or never thought much about God for that matter for the next four years. I did get married at the ripe of age of 19, a daddy that same year, which scared me to death. I felt perfectly comfortable sitting at a ICBM missile site monitoring a 9.3 megaton warhead, just waiting for nuclear war, but when it came to a baby, well I was just a baby myself. I guess the only real thing I got out of the service was how to blow the world up and a drinking problem to some extent. I received my honorable discharge in June 1966 and returned to Illinois. I worked for Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. as a tire builder for awhile. I do not recommend that job to anyone, then moved to Caterpillar Tractor Co., doing various jobs there. After a few months I decided that the best way to go was a cushy office job, but I needed a college degree to assure myself of any chance of that. So I went to college on the G.I. Bill (another thing I got from the service), graduated, got divorced, and moved to Atlanta. Skipped a few years there, but I was boring myself, so lets move on.

Getting to Atlanta was by chance as I was actually on my way to Miami, Fl. Decided to stopped in Marietta to visit with some friends I graduated from college with, stayed too long, ran out of money and had to get a job. Got my cushy office job with C&S Bank and never made it to Miami. Thank the Lord for that, huh! I continued on my way just having a lot of fun living in the world. Blew through a couple of marriages along the way never taking the vows very seriously. Cheating on my wife was never my thing, I would just get tired of being married. A very poor excuse but it was a fact. Then I met a young girl at work and reflecting back it was love at first sight. Unfortunately she was half my age but then again she was irresistible, so we decided to get married. This time was very different. When the vows were taken I told myself the vows were not only to Donna, but more importantly to God. I vowed to Him that no matter the circumstance, I would never again get divorced. We are now approaching 32 years of marriage. Obviously there have been many challenges over the years but there have been many more great times than bad. I can truly say the only consistent thing in my life up til now was the vision would occasionally pop into my mind. I did not know why but there it was. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Donna and I have had two beautiful children, Jason and Chelsea. They just served to strengthen our marriage. However, we were not a Christian family. We did not go to church, but there was always something in the back of my mind that seemed to say there was more to life than what we were living. Donna had grown up in a Christian family but for some reason by the time I had met her she had left the Christian life and joined my world. At the beckoning of her mother, I would occasionally TAKE both the kids to church and wait at the Waffle House next to the church for them to get out. Believe it or not I would actually get dressed in a suit like I was going to go, but then just drop them off with their grandmother, then pick them up after church was over. I would occasionally go myself, but that was rare. All of the Biblical education the kids got outside the church came from their grandmother.

To move on, when Jason was a freshman in High School and Chelsea was in the 8th grade we moved to Gainesville. The move was prompted by two reasons. I had got out of the banking business and was working for a retail business there, but more importantly the area we were living in Norcross was a transitional area and becoming a high crime area. So we felt it best to get the kids in a better environment. Through a girl who lived behind our house in Gainesville, Chelsea was invited to go to church and went with them on a regular basis. She also met kids at school who heavily involved also. She met someone who was going to a new church, a contemporary style and she loved it. One day she asked me to go with her to church. I said okay, I will take you. She said no, I don't want you to take me, I want you to GO with me. God works in strange ways. Is it not suppose to be the other way around? The father of the home is suppose to insist on the children go to church as a family? Long story short, I went. I was blown away. They played Christian contemporary music (like rock, sort of), dressed very casual, and I loved the preacher. I began going every Sunday. I can't say that I was a true Christian yet, but there was something going on in my mind and it was effecting my life in a very slow way. The vision I had had when I was 10 years old was coming back to me in my thoughts quite often and I kept wondering why. I even began to sit on my porch on partly cloudy days to see if I would see the man in the sky again, but no such luck, but on May 1, 2011 a very dramatic thing happened to me.

Through the urging of my brother-in-law, John, I attended a retreat called North Georgia Walk to Emmaus. It was April 30th thru May 2nd.. Anyway during one of the speakers presentations I experienced my first true indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I just broke down and cried like a baby.. I was so full of joy and peace that I could not control myself. That was when the old Gary died and the new Gary was truly born! I did not totally change, but I began on a path that I knew was leading to me dedicating the rest of my life to the Lord, Jesus Christ. It was then I finally realized what my vision was all about what had been so mind boggling to me for so many years turned out to be really so simple. It was the Lord just letting me know in a very dramatic way to just walk with Him. To let me know that there are such things as Angels. They may appear in dreams or in a vision of a man walking across the sky. Why did He chose to reveal Himself to me as He did and at that time, I do not know. Quite frankly I don't care any more. He has been so very patient with me, but He knew the day would come, through circumstances and people, places and time, I would realize that He had called me to live the the path He had chosen for me.

I have always had good employment, made good money, had good cars, homes, clothing and the ability to make friends. But as good as I have had it I finally realize that none of it is mine. It all belongs to God. When I die, whatever I had will still be here, not with me. So basically in the "world" I am really worthless just as you are. But by walking in His Light we are priceless! My real treasure is waiting for me in the life after I die. My life verse is in Proverbs 24: 3 & 4. It says, "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."

Now I have not found any real interpretation as to what these verses mean, but I have my own. To me it means God gives me the wisdom to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, begin building His house in my heart. By reading and studying His Word, my level of maturity as a Christian, a follower of The Way becomes more and more established in my heart, mind, body, and soul. Then I am to use this knowledge by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, serving in any and all talented ways at every opportunity I get. This will all be done, not for me, but to the praise and glory of our Heavenly Father. There is nothing outstanding about serving the Lord as it is only what is expected of us. But as we humbly do the things that are expected of us He will smile upon us and hopefully those rare and beautiful treasures will be waiting for us in our life after death. Amen! Actually, as I mature in my Christian life, a great part of those treasures I already have by just knowing He is always with me. What great peace of mind it is!! I just pray I have not twisted the meaning of these verses as to appear self serving, but hopefully to be serving the Lord my God in all His Majesty and Glory.

I have written this not to be boasting for my "new" life, but in the hope that someone who may be teetering on the edge, with that whispering in their ear, that there is something better to be had. I hope that they would take the chance to see what God has to offer them instead of the "worlds". There are no promises that there will not be difficult times and circumstances, but there is a promise that your God will "always" be with you for guidance and comfort. Just lay everything at The Cross, forget your past, God hasl

May God Bless you all,
Love, Gary

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