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Are You A Disciple or a Christian?

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Are You A Disciple or a Christian?

Did you know that the term Christian is only used three times in the New Testament? I didn't. Never really thought about it until I heard someone refer to it the other day. So I decided to check it out and sure enough they were right. Guess what else? All three times it is either a derogatory or implied as being derogatory. The only places the term Christian is used is in Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28 and I Peter 4:16. The Roman historian and Senator, Tacitus, states that the believers were know as "vulgus Christianos appellabat", which translated means "the vulgar call them Christians". Who were the vulgar, the Romans, Greeks, and Jews, or all the non-believers. Not even did the apostles called themselves Christians. Most importantly, Jesus never mention the term Christian. So why do we call ourselves Christians. The general consensus is that we, the followers of the Way, became accustomed to it, and as Peter said do not be ashamed, but glorify in it, no matter how derogatory others may think it may be. That is not a quote, but a generalization. You probably figured that out! So if not Christians, what did Jesus want us to be. Yep, DISCIPLES!!!!!!!!

You know that great minstrel, Bob Dylan, said "You can fool part of the people all the time, and you can fool all the people part of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." Now what does that have to do with anything here. Well I think it has everything to do with what I am talking about. You say "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Well I am working on it. There are some people out there that make it their everyday business to belittle, discredit, or even totally stop we followers of the Way. These are the people, who are not new by the way, who have kept us from making disciples of all nations as Jesus commanded us. They are the ones who have successful in fooling some of the people all the time. Heck they have been successful in fooling all of us part of the time. If they were not around, the discipleship of all nations would have been completed years and we would all being in our glorious eternal kingdom.But The Lord knew it was going to be a tough battle and we just need to keep up the good fight. follow His command and that is to be disciples and teach the Gospel to any all we can. Then if those people choose to be part of the group that is fooled all the time, that is not our responsibility .

So I guess the bottom line is I love being called a Christian, a follower of the Way, but I would prefer to know as a great Disciple. How about you?

Love you all, and may God bless you, Gary

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