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Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Are You Willing to Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Christ?

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Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Are You Willing to Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Christ?

God is good for I know when I seek Him, live according to His precepts and live in His will for my life I find a peace about me that truly does surpass all understanding. It is often when we are doing the most good for the Kingdom of God that naysayers as well as Satan will join together in an effort to derail our Godly effort.

I exhort you to do something today to further the Kingdom of God. Go Tell Others About Christ, Share your Faith, Help Out Someone in Need, Encourage Those Who Are Suffering, Strengthen Those Who Need You and most importantly of all to Be the Hands & Feet of Jesus Christ. Look to ways that you can serve the Lost, the Last and the Least and to lead them to our Almighty God.

By our thinking globally while serving locally we as Christian Believers can unite the Body of Christ and to be Light Unto the World. If you are being prosecuted for your efforts to fulfill your God given destiny you are doing great things for God's Glory so continue to fight the good fight and to do all you can to be the very Hands and Feet of Jesus Christ.

Dare to Attempt Something so Great for the Kingdom of God that it is doomed to failure, lest Christ be in it!

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