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Lilburn/Duluth/Suwanee CPA: Are Your Financial Statements Making Cents?

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Tired of Your Accounting Records Not Adding Up?

Tired of Your Books and Records Not Making Cents?

Ways to Avoid Accounting Errors

Seeking Guidance on Ensuring Your Monthly Financial Statements Are Reliable?

Need Help in Guiding Your Bookkeeper to High Standards of Excellence?

Here are Few Time Tested Tips to Being a Good Accountant That I Have Learned Over the Years. I Pray They Are a Great Asset.

-Always have in your hand a copy of the last sample of what you are seeking to duplicate. For example if you are working to close August you will always want to have a copy of July in your hand. This is especially true when a report is important as they all are.

-Seek to Focus on One Thing at a Time and to See it Though to the End Before Starting Another Project.

-Before Starting on Any Project Contemplate & Consider What the End Result Will Be Before You Start For It is Only When You Know Where You are Going That You Best Might Know When You Arrive.

-Use Paper. A Lot of It. When Comparing and Reconciling It is Critical to Do It Well. Frequently Not Having a Hard Copy Will Be Problematic as Frequently Computer Screens Can Lull Us into Non-Attentiveness. Keep in Mind Paper is Cheap While Mistakes Are Not.

-Always Check Your Work Before You Let Anyone Else See It. Especially When For Example When Working on Completing a Financial Statement as There Are So Many Components and Variables. Before Sharing Your Work With Anyone. Review It Greatly. Never Let Someone Else Catch What You Could Have. Practice Genesis 1:1 "In the Beginning" by Reviewing Your Own Work From The Very Beginning to the Very End in Assuming That It All Needs to Be Re-checked Before Sharing With Others With a Goal of No Surprises.

-Never Say, Type or Prepare Any Report That You Cannot Prove With Supporting Documents, Statements & Written Correspondence. Practice Inductive Reasoning When Facts Are Scarce But Only As a Last Resource as Frequently There Are Many More Facts Than You Ever Before Imagined If You Are Careful and Wise.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions
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Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping
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