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Atlanta CPA on Starting the New Year Right Means Missions Start at Home...Taking Christianity Into the World

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Atlanta CPA on Starting the New Year Right Means Missions Start at Home...Taking Christianity Into the World

Though many serve those in the world, they are often prone to ignore their own family. Looking ahead to the life that God calls us to, we are all called to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and it is to this end that I desire to serve my family and my Savior. To wit today, by God's grace and majesty I received the below not from my brother in Christ:

I just want to thank you and your wife for your hospitality last week. I could not express how much I love you both. You may not know but I had been in and out of the church for most of my life, especially after I left home and went in the service. I never stopped believing in the Father but I put very little effort into serving or for that matter even thinking about Him. It was my daughter who really got me going back to church about 10 years ago. God Bless Her! It should have been the other way around, but God works in mysterious ways. But let me digress a bit. I know that my wife's family had great concern for her when you found out we were getting married. I did too! But for the first time I realized that the vows I took were not only to her, but primarily to Our Heavenly Father and for the first time I was not going to let Him down. But still in all other matters I kept Him at arms length. But He did not keep me at arms length. He stood by me at all times and would often remind me that He was there. He continued to bless me with good employment, home, and good friends. He let me suffer and endure when I made stupid mistakes, but He never left me and continued to bless me. The greatest of these, besides my Lord and Savior, has been my wife. She turned my life completely around. I am sure if I had not met my wife I would have been an alcoholic and possibly dead. She laughs at that, but it is fact. Through her I gained a family in Georgia although I sure reluctant to accept me at first. I wish I could have known your father before he was ill, but I can tell he was a great father by getting to know his family. I got to say that I sorely miss your mother. I love her as much as I loved my own mother and I pray that the Lord will someday bring us all back to her and her to us.

I have a family up North and I love and miss them all the time. However, this past 29 years I have my family here at home and how many people can say they have a second family that they love as much as their blood family. Not many and The Heavenly Father has certainly blessed me with one. I could go on for hours and never be able to truly express how I feel, but who has time for that?

Just thank you for your love and May God continue to bless us all!!

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