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Christian CPA's: How to Find the Right One

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Christian CPA's: How to Find the Right One  

With tens of thousands of CPA's in Atlanta to choose from, it's difficult for business owners to find the one who is best suited for their needs. Having been a CPA for almost three decades, you soon discover that CPA's like doctors and lawyers are not all alike and that each one has their own particular set of nuances, training, experience and specialties. Just as finding the right doctor when you are having chest pains, it is equally as critical to your business success to find a CPA to fill in the financial gaps that many business owners lack.  

Our world has become one of intense specialization as you have had to hone and perfect your craft and you will want to find a business CPA whose dedication and ambition matches that of your own. To that end, recapped at http://hiscpa.com/Atlanta-CPA.html several issues to contemplate as you make one of the most important decisions that will impact your business success and your family's financial future. Preparing tax returns is a "taxing" business, being sure you retain a CPA who can see "both the forest and the trees" will be essential to ensuring that you pay only your lowest legal possible tax. Below is an excerpt we might use to help a taxpayer be sure that we have all of the required information to properly process and evaluate their return:  

Your advice that your LLC is a C Corporation for all tax years prior to 2010.

 That you have not yet done a W-2 for the 2010 tax year and that I should prepare one and that you should retain a payroll service ASAP.  

Please forward me a copy of where GA assigned you a GA Withholding number and a GA Dept. of Labor number. If not let me know and I will begin applying for ASAP.  

Please forward me a copy where the IRS accepts your election to be an S Corporation effective 1-1-10.  

This will confirm that your are pulling the information together to address the IRS request for documentation/proof for your some of your Schedule A Expenses for your 2008 personal return.  

For the IRS you owe $3,000 and you owed the state of Georgia $1,000; please be sure to pay ASAP using the IRS Form 1040ES and GA Form 500ES forwarded.  

Amount owed is predominantly due to insufficient withholding and lack of estimated payment to IRS to cover the K-1's/Profits from your business. I suggest all of my clients tax plan at least twice annually as both the IRS/GA will add penalties and interest for late payment.  

Please be reminded that an extension to file is not an extension to pay and that the IRS will add penalties and interest for all late payments, so be sure to get your return postmarked 4-15-10.  

Psalm 33:5 The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.  

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