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Do You Truly Love Christ? 100 Ways We Deny Christ

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Do You Truly Love Christ? 100 Ways We Deny Christ

As watered down Believers we are led by Satan to believe that the only time we deny Christ is when a gun is pointed at our head and we are asked "Are you a Christian?" But nothing could be further from the truth for we deny Christ many more times that we might ever believe.

100 Ways We Deny Christ

1. We fail to regularly read our Bible

2. We do not accept Him as our Lord & Savior.

3. We do not live like we accepted Him as our Lord & Savior.

4. We have a job and do not start a weekly Bible study at our office.

5. We don't invite our neighbors to church.

6. We don't serve at church.

7. We don't pray for others.

8. Jesus was not a mime. We think the way we live is enough.

9. We are a chameleon Christian bending this way and that.

10. We believe there are shades of gray in our faith walk.

11. We believe some Bible stories to be "just stories."

12. We look to hang out with the "in crowd."

13. We don't study God's word.

14. We believe science's story of evolution.

15. We see a sunset and fail to know the truth.

16. We seek our own way.

17. We follow those who are not following Him.

18. We don't stand strong even when others fall away.

19. We walk by someone in need.

20. We fail to stop to help a stranded driver.

21. We fail to serve the poor.

22. We fail to bind up the broken hearted.

23. We fail to ask when someone is hurting.

24. We ask how someone is doing, when all we really want is to be on our way.

25. We believe we did something ourselves.

26. We fail to give all the glory to God.

27. We fail to consider others better than ourselves.

28. We fail to tithe.

29. We fail to go the extra mile for others.

30. We fail to see the world through others eyes.

31. We fail to act when God tells us to.

32. We fail to speak when we know our words will make a difference.

33. We fail to try to lead others to Christ.

34. We fail to disciple others.

35. We fail to seek to be Discipled by others.

36. We fail to seek Godly counsel.

37. We fail to listen to Godly counsel.

38. We fail to be obedient.

39. We fail to be a team player with other Christians.

40. We fail to see our place as part of the Body of Christ.

41. We fail to be the part of the Body of Christ God desires.

42. We serve the church while failing our spouses.

43. We serve the church while failing our children.

44. We fail to serve on Mission trips locally, in our neighborhoods, work, school and all aspects of our lives.

45. We fail to keep our commitments.

46. We fail to make commitments we should.

47. We talk more than we listen.

48. We are relentlessly committed to our being right.

49. We accept praise as an acknowledgment of our efforts.

50. We fail to pray.

51. We fail to fast.

52. We fail to be humble.

53. We believe ourselves to be a great leader.

54. We believe all our words are of God's authority.

55. We are prideful.

56. We believe in our own efforts.

57. We fail to rely solely on God's power.

58. We stopped reading this list at number 10 believing are lives "are good."

59. We believe we are mature in our faith.

60. We believe we understand the Bible.

61. We believe in ourselves.

62. We fail to know we have a cross.

63. We fail to pick up our cross.

64. We fail to pick up our cross daily.

65. We fail to recognize the power of the cross.

66. We fail to take our sins to the cross.

67. We fail to appreciate the power of grace.

68. We fail to forgive others.

69. We fail to forgive ourselves.

70. We believe in worldly power.

71. We let the sins of the past rule over our future.

72. We fail to live knowing we cannot be snatched out of His hand.

73. We fail to believe in our true value.

74. We fail to reach our true potential with Christ.

75. We fail to believe we are an overcomer.

76. We forget who God made us to be.

77. We react rather than respond.

78. We anger easily.

79. We hold grudges.

80. We let the sun go down on our anger.

81. We become indignant.

82. We are self righteous.

83. We speak first.

84. We listen last.

85. We listen thinking of what to say next.

86. We fail to truly hear.

87. We believe we know how someone feels.

88. We think we know the answer for someone else's life.

89. We fail to seek out others in misery.

90. We fail to walk alongside others who are suffering.

91. We struggle when we need to be strong.

92. We waiver when we need to push forward.

93. We befriend those that Christ knows you should not.

94. We do not witness to those Christ knows you should not befriend.

95. We seek friendships with those mainly like ourselves.

96. We fail to speak the light of Christ into a lost world.

97. We believe the job of witnessing is for others.

98. We believe the Great Commission was a great suggestion.

99. We fail to interpret the Bible under the grace of the two greatest commandments.

100. We believe there are only a 100 ways we can deny Christ.

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