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Duluth/Lawrenceville/Johns Creek CPA: Elevate Your Financial Knowledge & Understanding

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Duluth/Lawrenceville/Johns Creek CPA: Elevate Your Financial Knowledge & Understanding

As Believers I am thankful that I have Jesus Christ as an Intercessor & Advocate. So it is in this world that we need others to help walk alongside us and to guide us in the way that we should go. This world and tax law in particular is difficult for all to understand. It is to this end that I suggest all business owners work with a CPA who desires to teach and advise their clients in order that they may learn what they need to know to more profitably run their company's financial affairs. Below is such a letter we might receive from a client seeking guidance:

Hey, I saw your ad and wanted to ask you a question. I wasn't even looking for anything like what your ad said. I was just randomly looking under the barter section because I have never looked there before. When I saw your ad it peaked my curiosity.

I got audited by the IRS and that has never happened to me before. It was on my 2009 tax return. I'm going to be honest, I took my W-2's to a Tax Preparation Firm (not a CPA Firm) and they helped prepared my taxes. I got back around $4,000 when they did my return. After my audit the IRS is wanting me to pay back just barely over $2,000. I have no idea what to do. I don't have any documentation to back up anything that they claimed on the return. And, to be honest, I have no idea what they did. I never asked questions and they never said anything. The two things that I know I did but it wasn't mentioned in the letter from the IRS is I used dependents to get extra money.

Anyway, if you have any kind of advice or anything at all, let me know. I'm just super scared and I'm not sure how to handle this or what's going to happen. I have until 9-10-13 to respond. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Below is my response:

I would pay the amount in full that they ask for including correcting the returns where you claimed deductions for which you were not entitled. If the penalties get to be where they are over a $1000 then give me a call and we can have you complete a power of attorney to help you address the open monies owed the IRS. Please be reminded that you will also want to amend your Georgia state return, as well.

In the future I encourage you to use a CPA firm for all of your tax information, especially if you own a business or you make more than just a few itemized expenses. Be sure that you have documentation for all deductions claimed. I would welcome helping you in future years be sure your taxes are as low as legally possible. All the best,

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