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Expect Great Things!!! Prayers for Navajo Family Missions

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Expect Great Things!!! Prayers for Navajo Family Missions

Taking Christianity Into the World

We are at just over 40 days and counting as we ready ourselves to do God's bidding in the desert of New Mexico. Just as Jesus went into the desert to pray (Mark 1:13) so should we ready ourselves for it is by our preparation that we are best able to see the messages of our Lord. I ask you to share with those who know of your journey and to seek their prayers for the tasks ahead. Please read it with your family and place it on your refrigerator and office as a testament to the great work ahead. Expect Great Things!!!

Prayer for Our Pueblo Pintado Mission Team: We pray that our mission team to become a body of Transformed Lives, seeking to bring Jesus into all aspects of their lives, homes, work, school and friends. I pray that by our service to others that we become more like Christ. We pray that we become the very hands and feet of Jesus Christ seeking to be a light of Jesus Christ to the Navajo people. I pray that we become a student of God's word seeking to know all we might about our creator, to be bold in our faith, while seeking to discover God's destiny for our lives.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to serve the world. Let us be a people of doers of the word and not just hearers. Let us constantly seek out ways that we can serve the Lost, the Last and the Least, and to keep in mind that missions start in our own homes and families. We pray that in our humility that God and us know the truth, and that through him alone, we can do all things. We pray that our hearts are turned away from the ways of the world so that we can best learn His incredible will for our lives. Let us find the true King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as we do His will in the desert of New Mexico. Let us live in faith and be a willing vessel and always ready to "step out of box" to see what He will do to and through us. John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

Though trials and tribulations will come, just as they did to Jesus, let us seek to learn all we can about the heart of God. Instill in us a passion to become so much more than mission team members, but lead us to mission minded in all aspects of our lives. We pray that we become a people of action leading all we come in contact with in our daily lives towards the loving hands of a Savior. Help us to be able to offer so much love the Navajo that they ask us "why" and that we answer with the truth of the Gospel. For it is only in the offering of our unconditional love that we earn the right to speak absolute truth into their lives.

Help us to be ready for when trouble comes, by putting on the very breastplate of righteousness of Christ so that we will rise above what otherwise would drive us down. Teach and lead us to be conquerors and over achievers for the Kingdom. Jesus, grant to us a new way to see life, a new way to see the Navajo and a new way our lives, as well. Give us strength when we are weary, wisdom when we are challenged, friends when we are lonely. Give us God's peace which surpasses all understanding when all seems lost, and indeed it feels as though we are walking through the valley of the shadow of death. God, grant us your heart, your compassion, your unbending will to do right and the ability to constantly change, as we seek to be more like you. Help us come back from our week serving God's people, the Navajo, a new creation, more like you and begin to discover your complete will for our lives.

We are thankful for all of our team members. We are amazed your willingness for the work ahead, and to set aside the many details or daily lives to serve others. I pray that you all may come back new creations in Christ and that God blesses you in ways that you previously thought not possible. Each of you has a destiny to fulfill for you in the desert of New Mexico, We pray that as your are still that God speaks both boldly to and through you. Each and every one of you are essential to the success of our trip. Romans 12:4 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function.

We ask that you pray with us as we ready ourselves and our team to accomplish things so great in God's name, that it can only be accomplished if we give it all to Him. We pray you gain new insights, visions and strength to the work ahead, as the Pueblo Pintado Team and the whole of SUMC seeks to be the active and living Body of Christ. We pray that you will do even more in the upcoming years and become a beacon of truth both locally and throughout the world. We thankful that God put us all here so that we might see together what we might all better become. In the Matchless Name of Christ!!!

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