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Duluth/Suwanee CPA: How do you know when God is speaking to you?

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Duluth/Suwanee CPA: Too good not to share from my brother Gary Brooks...

Some time ago I asked my pastor "how do you know when God is speaking to you?" His reply was that God is always speaking to you. To tell you the truth at the time I thought that was a rather canned answer he had given me to a stupid question. I have since realized in fact what he told me was true. The real question I should have been asking was "how do I learn to listen when God is speaking to me?"

I, like most people these days, find myself just too busy to listen when God is speaking to me. It is just for this reason I think Francis Chan said in his book Crazy Love that instead of praying sometimes just be quiet and listen. If we do not just sit back and listen in today's hustle and bustle we are not going to hear what God wants us to do in our lives for Him. Please take notice I said "for Him". As long as we are doing for Him it will always be good for us and not always true the other way around. As a matter of fact I have found most of the things I have done in my life that were geared solely to serve my purposes rarely turned out good because they served no purpose for God. Here is where H.B.T.O. comes in. They stand for "Hear, Believe, Trust, and Obey."

These are not, as usual, my original words, but some that I heard while listening to one of my favorite speakers (pastors), Dr. Mark Rutland on the radio. I would encourage all of you if you have not heard him or heard of him, to find him online and give him a listen. He is a great speaker as well as a great teacher. Anyway the rest of what I am about to say is how these words have effected my life in my words, not his. He would do it in a much better way, unfortunately I do not think he would write this for me.

HEAR: Jesus said many times, "he who has ears, let him hear.", both in the Gospels and The Book of Revelation. Look, if you are not listening how can you expect to hear God speaking to you. God is not going to scream at you, He is going to speak in a soft whisper just as He did to Elijah. Not everything that comes to your mind means that it is God speaking to you either. I don't think God is going to tell us to go get a Big Mac, buy a new dress or a new Corvette. He is also not going to tell us to do things that are immoral or illegal. So if you hear a voice telling you to go out and rape and murder, it is not God speaking to you. Go see a shrink, you definitely need help! He will tell us to do only Godly things that will serve to promote the Good News of the Bible.I can speak from experience that when He is speaking to you, He is very persistent. So lets open up the ears of our hearts and truly listen, because He is always speaking to us.

BELIEVE: Jesus also said to Thomas he believed because he had there and he had seen. He further said that blessed are those who (us) have not seen but still believe. What are we talking about here? We are talking about faith. How do we get this faith? First and foremost we have to accept that Jesus is who He said He is, and that is He is the Son of God and He died on that Cross for our sins, then rose again, just as He had promised, on that third day over coming death. This gives us the hope, again as He promised of eternal life through Him by the grace and mercy God the Father. Then by studying His Word, the Bible, gives us the eyes to see Him just as His disciples and countless others saw Him. By believing His Word helps us to develop a "close and personal" relationship with Him while all the time strengthening our faith at the same time. So as the song goes, "open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you." So if we be quiet and listen we will hear Him and open our heart to Him we will see and believe Him. To Be Continued

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