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Posted 8/20/14 at 9:04 AM | John Dillard

Got a New Business that is a C Corporation or an LLC?

Atlanta CPA....Got a New Business that is a C Corporation or an LLC?

Just Got Your New Business Incorporated?

Looking to Find Which Entity Type is BEST for Your New Business?

Just Incorporated Your Business in Georgia and Don’t Know What to Do Next?

Need to Understand How an S Corporation is Taxed?

Looking to Know How Being an LLC for Tax Purposes WILL Affect Your Personal Taxes?


Posted 8/19/14 at 1:54 PM | John Dillard

We Must ALWAYS Remember: 9/11 Ride for Freedom

Photo: Pixabay/tpsdave - Public Domain
Fireman near the Twin Towers in New York City.

9/11 Ride for Freedom

I just returned from a 2000 mile motorcycle ride leaving Atlanta GA and arriving at where Flight 93 Went Down, to Washington D.C. and the Pentagon and then to New York City Where the Twin Towers were fallen.


Posted 8/12/14 at 1:09 PM | John Dillard

Resources for America’s Entrepreneurs: Changing the Paradigm of Your Organization

Photo: Pixabay/geralt - Public Domain

Resources for America’s Entrepreneurs: Changing the Paradigm of Your Organization

In order for any organization to TRULY Change it BEGINGS with changing individual paradigms. This study and report will do much to help you consider your fit in any organization as well as your skill set in addressing the needs of a particular position.


Posted 8/12/14 at 12:22 PM | John Dillard

Are You Proud You Are a Christian? Prove It!!!

Photo: Flickr/James Naruke - Creative Commons
" ... baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" - Matthew 28:19

Christian Living 101

I am very proud to say that I am a Christian. To date when given the opportunity I express my belief in Jesus Christ as to Who He is and what He did for me and the world by dying on the Cross! No Problem!? But then in my mind I wonder can I really claim the title "Christian"? What does it really take to be a Christian? We all sit around an moan and groan about all the wars, poverty, starvation and the general downhill slide the world is experiencing. Most of this as an individual we do not make much of an impact. Here is where I would like to quote a message given to us by a singer named Matthew West in his song "Do Something" At the end of the first verse of this song Matthew says "I shook my fist at Heaven and said, God why don't you do something, and He said I did, I created you." Wow, does that put it in your face!


Posted 8/11/14 at 9:06 AM | John Dillard

When Was the Last Time You Got Anything Free from your CPA?

Atlanta CPA Asks...When Was the Last Time You Got Anything Free from your CPA?

Jesus died on the cross for our sins giving us the chance to accept our salvation as a free gift. Seems like a Free CPA Consultation is the very least your CPA can do. At His CPA PC You are More Than Just a Customer or a Client Number for indeed You Are a Child of Our Most High God. At His CPA We Think You Should Get from Your CPA...

Free Initial CPA Consultations

Free Initial CPA Review of Your Filed Corporate Income Tax Returns


Posted 8/11/14 at 8:57 AM | John Dillard

Determining where Your Corporation Have to Register for Business Licenses, Payroll and as a Foreign Corporation

Do I Need a Business License in All Locations Where I Transact Business?

Where Should I Report my W-2 Wages?

Atlanta CPA Advises on Filing of Corporate Multi-State Returns

Multi State Reporting is not for the faint hearted or ill prepared and taxes a great amount of tax planning to be ready so that no undue surprises occur. The below is a sample letter we might send to a client to help them with their multi-state filing responsibilities when filing of their Corporate Income Tax Return or IRS Form 1120S:


Posted 8/8/14 at 1:22 PM | John Dillard

Tax Guidance for IRS Representation for America's Taxpayers & Back Taxes

Press Release: Assisting America's Taxpayers with Back Tax Issues for Decades

This week at His CPA PC we prepared with three workdays nine years of back old amended returns to assist a taxpayer with old back tax returns. In doing so we reduced my tax preparation fee on a client substantially to help them survive the continuing downturn in the economy.


Posted 8/8/14 at 1:09 PM | John Dillard

Misunderstanding of the Present Grows Fatally From the Ignorance of the Past

Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain
To See Yourself as HE Does?

"Misunderstanding of the present grows fatally from the ignorance of the past."

-Marc Bloch

Matthew 11:15 “Whoever has ears, let them hear…”


What in your life do you need to change today?


Posted 8/7/14 at 1:33 PM | John Dillard

Know ALL the Key Facts BEFORE You Buy a Business

Top 25 Items to Consider BEFORE You Buy a Business

Know ALL the Key Facts BEFORE You Buy a Business

Recently I was approached by an individual seeking to buy a new business looking to buy a business. Being an entrepreneur is one of the GREATEST gifts God ever gave me but it is not for everyone as there are MANY nuances with MOST of them being NOT predictable in either their occurrence or their resolution.


Posted 8/5/14 at 10:40 AM | John Dillard

One Minute That Will Change the Way YOU Think

One Minute That Will Change the Way YOU Think

AND the Way You See Your World

Your EVERY DAY World!!!


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