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Prayer Walk For Navajo Family Missions

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I have learned much over the last ten years. One of the biggest is that we are ALL part of the Body of Christ with MUCH to each give. It is to that end I seek wisdom and your input. Be thinking with me about the Prayer Walk we plan to do for our Navajo Family Mission Trip.

I am working on some ideas in greater form and will be presenting them to you shortly.

Would welcome each one of our groups manning one of the Prayer Walk Stations from our VBS, Sports Camp, Senior Center, Mens and Ladies Bible Study.

I welcome your input in all of them...some of the ones have been on my mind initially are:

If we are to enter the Kingdom of God we are to do it as little children...VBS

Mens and Ladies Bible Study....here it would be ideal to address the biggest issue each group (men and women face on the reservation head on).

For men...there may need to be two...one for Pride...could have a pebble and a pool of water as symbolism as to how we all need to be washed clean by God's hands killing our old self and putting on our new. The other for men could be the gift of a woman to the home and families (could find a heart and talk about it as symbolism and could place in on the hogan home) sharing with all the importance of honoring our women of all ages.

For ladies....I defer to smarter and wiser ladies :0) who know the Navajo women so much better than I.

For Sports Camp...would welcome the Bob brothers and sisters to pray and consider that issues affect Navajo teens.

For Senior Center there is so much wisdom to be gained from others when we just stop and think to ask and to seek....TONS of great Bible verses and could even tell the story of Solomon.

I believe for the walk it will be advantageous for us ALL to be involved with both leaders at each station as well as guides through the different stations.

One of the stations I see our cross giving all an opportunity to nail to the cross prayer requests.

Would be awesome to close with some music and to pull the notes off the cross at the end along with the closing notes.

Remember the Truth About Yourself. You are Made in His Image to Do GREAT Things in His Name,

In Christ,


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