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Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Utilizing Tax Information To Understand Changes in Your Tax Situation

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Duluth/Gwinnett CPA Advises on Tax Planning 101

Utilizing Tax Information To Understand Changes in Your Tax Situation

Understanding nuances of your own personal tax information will do much to help you both communicate with your CPA as well as to plan for your current tax bill and well into retirement. As such a CPA will work with a client to help understand and apply the many tax variances that might consist on a return to both enlighten and to educate a taxpayer. Below is a sample of what we might send to a taxpayer to teach and to help show clients reasons for variance in both their final tax obligation as well as the net amount due or to be refunded upon year-end income tax preparation:

In Comparing Your Personal Tax Bill From prior years I noted the below, which are the primary contributing factors to your increased tax liability and taxes due:

-Your K-1 from your P.C. increased $25,000 from last year.

-Your Interest Income increased $18,000 from last year.

-The K-1 from your Partnership Interest increased by $40,000 from last year.

-Your federal withholding fell by $8,000 from last year.

To help avoid any unnecessary penalties and interest from being assessed by either the IRS or GA I recommend that we tax plan at least twice annually.

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