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Duluth/Johns Creek CPA: Your New Business Incorporation: Don't Forget the Details

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Duluth/Johns Creek CPA: Your New Business Incorporation: Don't Forget the Details

Though many file their initial Georgia/your state's Articles of Incorporation correctly, frequently as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story" is overlooked and missed. Being sure that you understand the big picture will help ensure your new business gets off on the right foot and does not fail in maintaining its responsibilities as a Georgia corporation.

Establishment of Your Corporate Bylaws

After the Secretary of State has accepted your initial Articles of Incorporation, you will then need to look to document the business purpose of the company. Your Georgia Bylaws will be govern/determine how the official business affairs of the business are conducted. Though these are not required to be filed with anyone, they are an essential part of the incorporation process.

Legal Publication

Georgia law has long held that new business owners are required to file in the official county newspaper a public notice of intent to incorporate. Listings of the official newspaper in your county are available on-line on the Georgia Secretary of State's web-site.

Paying the Annual Registration Fee

Your state like the Georgia Secretary of State's office will require that all your corporation file an annual registration and pay an annual fee to keep their corporation legally registered with the state. The report will include the names and addresses of all officers of the company and its registered agent.

Electing/Naming a Registered Agent

As a business owner you will be required to initially elect and to maintain an official registered agent for the business. Typically small business owners elect to nominate either themselves or their attorney as a registered agent. However, in fact law allows, for a registered agent to be any individual or business that resides/does business in Georgia or where your state operates

Opening a Corporate Bank Account

Now that your new Georgia business is incorporated, you will need to open a corporate bank account using the corporate name and Federal ID #. As the corporation did not exist prior to its incorporation date, you will need to set up an new corporate bank account and to supply to the back the new IRS EIN.

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