Creation, Evolution, and Genesis
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Allen J. Epling

A former teacher of physics and Math, he holds an MA degree in mathematics and the post graduate degree of Rank I in Education. His passion is Astronomy and staying current in Quantum Physics.

Posted 2/12/10 at 1:11 AM | Allen J. Epling

What Is The "GOD" Particle All About?

I read recently that scientists at CERN, using the Large Hadron Collider, think they may soon have proof of the long sought for Higgs, or "God Particle".

Scientists have been looking for the existence of this particle that has long been suspected to exist, but could not be detected. The Higgs particle is important to physicists because it is believed to be responsible for "mass". It is called the "God" particle because all that exists is dependent on it for mass. Without mass, matter in the universe would never have formed at the beginning of creation or have structure, because there would be no gravity, inertia, or energy. Einstein proved that mass and energy are equivalent with E=MC^2

It is interesting that it is called the "God" particle because science is usually atheistic in its outlook. For science to have a "God" of any kind seems to discredit all the attacks and allegations that have been thrown at people of religion for centuries. You might argue that the "Higgs" particle, known also as the "God" particle, is not really a "God", but then you have to explain what a God is. FULL POST

Posted 2/5/10 at 11:23 PM | Allen J. Epling

If You Created Heaven , What Would It Be Like?

I have always been fascinated by the subject of Heaven and what it will be like. In the many times I have speculated on the nature of its substance I have imagined many scenarios as to what to expect. The problem is that all of them had flaws that suggested that they could not be accurate or it would eventually lead to some of the same problems we have in this life.

I finally realized that Heaven cannot be imagined in the mind of man because man himself is flawed and filled with psychological hang-ups that demanded that any utopian ideas of Heaven would only serve to satisfy those very human hang-ups. Because everyone has a different background of experiences and psychological needs, each of us would necessarily have different views of what would be a "perfect" environment.

One of my most disturbing speculations of heaven involved my facing God and asking "What is Heaven like?" and having Him ask me, "What do you want it to be like?" How would I answer a question like that? I know beforehand that any answer I give would be imperfect and that I would have to accept that vision for eternity. A person could inadvertently create their own version of hell in doing so. I'm glad that the final decision is in God's hands for that reason. FULL POST

Posted 2/4/10 at 10:40 PM | Allen J. Epling

The Last Days: Signs or Guesswork?

Whenever you talk about Jesus and the time of the end, inevitably someone suggests that we are not to know when the time will be. They always quote the passage in Matthew 24:36, " But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only.", as "proof" that we will not know when the end will be. History is full of so-called "prophets" who claimed to know the day of the end of the age, and were wrong.

 It is true that no one will know the day or the hour, but what is ignored in such arguments is the fact that Jesus gave us 38 verses of what to look for  when the time is "near". Was His message to not look for the time or to ignore the signs.  Why would He give us the signs if He wanted us to ignore them? Whenever someone says "We are not supposed to know when the time is near", I think to myself, "Why did Jesus waste all those verses if he did not want us to be aware of when it is happening." True, many of the verses tell us to be aware of many deceptions and false predictions, and what to avoid in thinking when the time is near, but He did say "Watch therefore: for you know not what hour your Lord doth come".

 He was very specific about some signs that will suggest when  the time is near, such as earthquakes, famines, and pestilences, and calls them the beginning of sorrows. These have all happened to some degree throughout history and for Him to mention them here seems to suggest that intensity will be the difference. FULL POST

Posted 1/7/10 at 8:19 PM | Allen J. Epling

AVATAR: A Spiritual Connection?

I am very selective of any product I watch coming from Hollywood (some call it UNHolywood), because of the liberal bias and antichristian sentiment prevalent with most of its leading spokespeople. Once in a blue moon they, accidentally, stimulate some of my neurons with a hint of a suggestion that there may actually be some truth hidden in one of their movies.

One of the latest, 2012, while it contained many falsehoods and much speculation, was based on predictions of a disaster of biblical proportions in 2 years and I wrote a post on its possibility.

 I was surprised by another recent product, Avatar, that I watched just last night, (mostly because it was so popular and I was curious), to find myself stimulated intellectually about one of its basic suggestions. The movie portrayed the warlike, materialistic, humans as the bad guys destroying the habitat of an innocent, simple, but morally sensitive, race of aliens who worshipped, and tried to preserve, the natural beauty of their planet. I found myself rooting for the aliens.

What I didn't expect to find was the premise and basis of how the leading character would interact with the aliens. That idea was what started my neurons firing.

I have long advocated that we are a physical body inhabited by a spiritual being that is not of this world, but of another place the bible calls the Kingdom of God. My theory of how this happens is that the spirit enters the physical realm by interacting with our body's brain at the quantum level where physical laws become blurred. It is there, that I believe the spirit enters the host, our body. FULL POST

Posted 12/7/09 at 11:20 PM | Allen J. Epling

2012: Is it Possible?

Much attention is being given to the Mayan prophesy of the end of the world as we know it in 2012. Many Christians are re-reading their bibles to compare the predictions, and current events to the book of Revelation and other prophetic passages. Concern over world and government affairs fuel further speculation about if we are in the "last days", as predicted by Jesus and other passages of the Bible.

If it were just the Mayans who were predicting a catastrophic event in 2012 it would probably be ignored, but further research has revealed other sources that also predict some kind of world shaking event in the same period. What is the truth?

A movie was just released based on this prediction that while very imaginative and with spectacular special effects is wildly speculative about what will happen. First, it is not certain whether the Mayans predicted the end of the world or just a changing of the guard of an era. They divided the history of the world into cycles of approximately 5125 years each. The last cycle, or long count began on 11 August, 3114 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar or 6 September in the Julian calendar (-3113 astronomical).   according to the  Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. FULL POST

Posted 11/30/09 at 10:04 PM | Allen J. Epling

EDEN PART 1: Was It Real?

The first story in the Bible concerns man's place of origin, a place ideally suited for every need and supposedly ideal for the creation of other forms of life. It is a beautiful story of a paradise that was created, inhabited, and lost, by man, supposedly forever. Was it real or just an allegory, or beautiful story to convey a moral message?

 The Bible describes it as a real place and even goes so far as to give a description of its location. Readers sometimes misunderstand that the AREA of Eden is not the GARDEN of Eden. Genesis 2:8 clearly states that the Garden of Eden is in the EAST of the area or region of Eden. In Genesis 2:10 it says that "A river went OUT of Eden to water the Garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into 4 heads.

 A River went OUT of the land of Eden and watered the Garden of Eden, and from there it seems it was fed by 4 other rivers. Genesis 2:10 describes the Garden being watered by a single river that is fed by four other rivers, two of which we know, the Euphrates and the Tigres. A documentary of Eden was presented on the History channel lately that hypothesized that the garden was at the most eastern area of what is now  Iraq, and the area of the garden itself is now under water in the Persian Gulf because of the rising level of seas worldwide in the last 5000 years. FULL POST

Posted 11/16/09 at 5:55 PM | Allen J. Epling

Genesis and the Big Bang Revisited

The subject of the creation of the universe and everything that implies is divided into two camps, the scientific and the religious. Most Christians believe the book of Genesis describes how God created the universe, not in allegorical terms, but is specific in the details provided. Most scientists see it as simply a matter of science and would rather religion stay out of the issue. How about both camps recognizing that both groups are seeking the same thing, THE TRUTH.

I realized something while watching a documentary on the Big Bang and the Creation of the universe, that struck a neuron about the beginning according to God.

Most cosmologists and theoretical physicists now accept that the Big Bang started from a singularity. What is a "Singularity"? When a Black Hole collapses it creates an object in space in which all matter, space and time is compressed into a single 'point', a geometric point which has no size, only a place. What they are saying is that in the beginning all the matter, energy, light, and space/time of the universe was inside a huge Black Hole that somehow exploded. They can provide no explanation as to why it exploded because Black Holes are not supposed to do that. FULL POST

Posted 11/4/09 at 11:45 AM | Allen J. Epling

Searching for "Proof" of the Soul

Two of the greatest mysteries of man: Does the soul exist and what is time?

 Are they related? I didn't think so until I began writing a paper on time and in the process of attempting to explain what time is I realized that I had stumbled onto evidence of the existence of the 'soul', or an entity that is separate from the physical body that we think of as "us". The argument for that hypothesis follows:

The basic assumptions for this "theory" are the following: FULL POST

Posted 10/15/09 at 9:39 PM | Allen J. Epling

Who Are They, Evolutionists, Theistic Evolutionists, and Anti-Evolutionists?

The most controversial topic in the ongoing battle between fundamentalist Christians and the scientific community today is the validity of evolution. When Charles Darwin first published "On the Origin of Species" in 1859 it was welcomed by the science  community but was immediately attacked as anti-bible by members of the church and religious groups


Evolution is the theory that animal species are changed by genetic changes that are brought about through two forces, natural mutation of DNA, and nature's ability to 'select' the best example of a species through 'survival of the fittest'. Evolutionists advocate that animals that are better equipped for survival through genetic change, will more likely live to produce offspring that also have the 'survivability' genes of their parents. An animal that is ill-equipped, genetic-wise, will more often die before having offspring than those that have enhanced genes. Through this 'natural selection' of the best, over long periods of time, through sheer numbers, the species will change to be better adapted to the environment and its climate, and will live on. FULL POST

Posted 10/15/09 at 9:33 PM | Allen J. Epling

Quantum Entanglement: A 'Type' of "The God Connection"?

When God created the universe and the laws of physics, did He leave a 'connection' with all particles and forces within it?

 Biblical scholars and theologians are fond of studying events in the old testament that they call "types and shadows'.  These are events that are similar to, and are prophetic of, other events to follow at a later time. Joseph in Egypt was a 'type' of Jesus in saving his family and the world from the famine of that time.  Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage to the promised land, another 'type' of Jesus.

A definition of "types" and "shadows" is: FULL POST

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