Creation, Evolution, and Genesis
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Allen J. Epling

A former teacher of physics and Math, he holds an MA degree in mathematics and the post graduate degree of Rank I in Education. His passion is Astronomy and staying current in Quantum Physics.

Posted 10/9/09 at 11:58 AM | Allen J. Epling

Fine-Tuned Earth Part II: Comparing to Drake's Equation

 Did God fine-tune the Earth for life as we know it?

In my previous post on "Was the Earth Fine Tuned For Life?" I posted an equation for estimating the probability of another planet anywhere in the universe having life similar to earth's. The value that I calculated for that occurrence was approximately ONE occurrence in over a QUADRILLION. A commenter responded that I should compare my equation to Drake's Equation, formed in 1961 to determine how many planets we should detect in our galaxy with which we could communicate. I used the probability function for multiple events, each having a probability value, (estimated), and computing the overall probability that all events would occur at once on a given planet.

The values I gave for individual events which I consider critical for life on earth as we know it, are below: FULL POST

Posted 10/2/09 at 5:31 PM | Allen J. Epling

Was the Earth Fine-Tuned for Life?

Was the Earth Fine-Tuned for Life?

The argument for Intelligent Design is based on the idea that the conditions necessary for life are too perfect to have occurred naturally, and the complexity of DNA is so great that there must be an intelligence behind the creation of the earth and all life.

Lets look at the earth and the variables involved that must be "just right" for life to exist, apart from the argument of how life began. I will offer some of the variables and the estimated probability that any planet would have that condition so that we can calculate the probability of ANY planet being so suited for life. These factors were chosen for a specific property and reason. Change any factor listed below significantly and life on earth could not exist. FULL POST

Posted 9/18/09 at 8:59 PM | Allen J. Epling

Is DNA Proof of Intelligent Design?

I confess that the idea for this post came from another post that I was commenting on, and I realized after it was frozen that there was an argument here that demands further scrutiny and an answer.

The evolutionists and atheistic biologists group have consistently written off life and DNA as an accident of nature that could have happened anywhere with similar conditions as the earth, and given enough time WOULD happen. 

I used to feel that the argument had some merit and was possible. I now have reconsidered my position and believe that there is enough evidence to say that all life, and DNA specifically, is evidence of, not an accident, but of deliberate design.

Why do I feel that there is design at work in the presence of life on this planet? FULL POST

Posted 9/7/09 at 2:25 PM | Allen J. Epling

Who Are They, OEC's and YEC's?

There are Creationists, OEC"S, YEC's, Theistic Evolutionists, and just plain Evolutionists, as well as Atheists, but who are they really, and what do they believe. Pastors preach from the pulpit that you can't believe in Creationism and Evolution at the same time, but do they really understand the difference. This post, and following posts,are intended to clear up any misconceptions of what  the two groups believe and why.

There are two main groups of Creationists, The Young Earth Creationists and the Old Earth Creationists, and the difference between them is mainly over the age of the earth.

YEC's or Young Earth Creationists believe that the Bible is to be taken literally in its description of the Creation and that the 'days' mentioned are actually earth, and man-defined days. Its followers include both Christians and Jews. From calculations of the ages of the patriarchs from Jesus back to Adam it is not hard to compute the time when God began "The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth". I must give credit to an author named Frank R. Klassen for a comprehensive work in this area, and his book "The Chronology of the Bible", which makes clear, graphically, how long each of Adam's descendants lived and who their children were. FULL POST

Posted 9/3/09 at 6:42 PM | Allen J. Epling

Is Earth AGAIN The Center of The Universe?

I came across a news item in the USA Today website, dated August 18, that got my attention. It concerns "Dark Energy", the mysterious force that seems to be speeding up the expansion of the universe, that no one can find or explain. 

Two scientists say is doesn't exist now because of a "mathematical solution they have produced, that suggests it is a natural result of the Big Bang. Part of the article is reproduced here.


Posted 8/30/09 at 1:01 PM | Allen J. Epling

"Let There Be Light", Why God Didn't Create Evil

I have always been fascinated by the subject of "light".  It was the first "substance" created by God. It is mysterious in that, science cannot explain what it is, except to say that it consists of a massless particle/wave called a photon, and always travels at the same speed. Einstein built his General Theory of Relativity around it, and his formula, E=MC2 contains it in the form of C, the speed of light.

I find it referred to many times in the Bible, in such passages as

Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. FULL POST

Posted 8/24/09 at 6:30 PM | Allen J. Epling

What Was The Forbidden Tree?

What Was The Forbidden Tree?

By Allen Epling


Posted 8/7/09 at 3:46 AM | Allen J. Epling

Why Evolution Fails in the Origin of Life

Evolution is a process that appeals to many atheists as an explanation for how we got here because it seems to eliminate God from the process. When Darwin proposed it 150 years ago He initially meant only to explain scientifically the process of how animal species change in time to adapt to differing conditions that allow them to survive. As the theory  became accepted within the scientific community, people of faith realized that there was a conflict between his theory and the accepted biblical version of man's origin. Science and religion has been at odds ever since over this conflict.

 The major problem with evolution is not the process of adaptability and change, but the origin of life itself, and that is where evolution fails. Most people who are not biologists or geneticists view the theory as saying that the changes in animal and biological species within the last billion years or so, are the most important and hardest to explain, ignoring the origin of life itself. They fail to realize the complexity of the single cell as the real problem with evolution.

 Once the cell was formed in the distant past, and reproduction and survivability was assured, it continued to survive by changing and adapting to new conditions. It became a multi-celled organism, then developed the various organs necessary for survival, and finally became the first water and land animals that eventually evolved into the millions of species that we see today on our planet. FULL POST

Posted 8/6/09 at 1:05 AM | Allen J. Epling

Does Genesis 1:1 Describe the Big Bang?

There are Old Earth Creationists, Young Earth Creationists, and the scientists, all who have a different version of how the universe was made. Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth". Is there any connection in the first passages of Genesis that could be interpreted as supporting the science view, which is "The Big Bang"?

 According to science, the beginning of all that we see and know, happened about 13.7 years ago in an event called "the big bang", as Sir Fred Hoyle sarcastically called it about 60 years ago. Their description begins with the universe bursting forth from a singularity, a point without any size, in an instant and expanding outward, continuing that expansion today. The universe at that point in time was infinitely dense and infinitely hot. There is an abundance of evidence that the scientific description of that event is accurate, and billions of dollars are being spent in an effort to further describe the process.

This event would have been followed by a tremendous burst of radiation and LIGHT. In the first few milliseconds of the event there was no matter, only plasma and radiation,  expanding outward at an unimaginable rate. As time continued, the radiation cooled and subatomic particles and atoms began to form, but there was no such thing as solid matter, only plasma and gasses due to the extreme temperature. FULL POST

Posted 7/20/09 at 7:29 PM | Allen J. Epling

Was Adam the First Man?


By Allen Epling            


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