Creation, Evolution, and Genesis
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Did God write The Book of Genesis? Part 1

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The greatest proof that the book of Genesis is divinely written by God is the miracle that it still exists, unchanged from the beginning.

The Old Testament is a chronological description of God’s plan, from the beginning of Eden to Jesus, to elevate man to be a creature worthy of entrance into His Kingdom... The fact that this story still exists is a testament to God’s will to preserve it.

Man has wandered from that plan from the beginning, first with Adam, then the offspring of the fallen angels, to the gods of the Sumerian civilization. After the flood Noah and his descendants carried the truth of creation with them to the plains of Shinar (Sumeria), where it became a part of the civilization that man began to build. Under Nimrod, an early king of Babylon, that truth began to be replaced with other gods and stories that conflicted with the truth. This corruption was carried after theTower of Babel scattering to other civilizations around the world. The truth was about to be lost forever, and god forgotten.

God called Abraham to leave all this and go to an isolated country where He could preserve the truth. Through Abraham, the truth was preserved, through his descendants, the Hebrew people and the tribes of Israel. They were His “chosen people”.

Their dedication to this “covenant” was proven through the story of Joseph when he refused to follow the Egyptian gods. This dedication was proven over and over through the stories of the prophets, to Daniel, and others in the Babylonian exile to the extreme, facing even a burning oven for their faith.

The story of the creation of man was preserved in the beginning by word of mouth, until Moses was called by God to make a written record of the narrative. The Torah and Old Testament say that God dictated it to Moses on Mt.Sinai when he received the Ten Commandments. This written record of God’s plan has been passed down to us through the ages, unchanged in its original Hebrew form, from the original.

God didn’t select the Hebrew people to carry the “truth” because of their “righteousness”. There are many examples in the Old Testament of their wandering from God to pursue other religions and gods. Each time this happened, God sent a “prophet” to lead them back to the truth, to Him. The mission of the tribes of Israel was simply to carry this “Truth” through the ages so that it would be preserved for all generations of the world to see in later ages.

The final chapter in that mission was through Jesus Christ, who established a new covenant with man, so that it would be carried to all the world, so that “all the world through Him might be saved”.

We are seeing today proof of the divinity of the Bible and the book of Genesis in the fact that it is being carried and read throughout the world by all nations and all cultures. This is in spite of all attempts by those commissioned to carry this “Word of God”, to stray from the truth. The Bible has survived through a chain that includes Adam, Noah, Abraham, the tribes of Israel, Moses, the prophets, and finally, through Jesus Christ and the disciples. Break any link in that chain and the truth about how God created the world of man and His plan to bring about the salvation of man would have been lost forever.

The “truth” has survived because of God’s divine will that it should do so.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whosoever believes and is baptized will be saved…”.

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