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Did God Write the Book of Genesis? Part 2

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There are many arguments that support the idea that the Bible was written by man, and even give the approximate date for its origin. There is no doubt that some parts of the Old Testament were written after Solomon’s rule and during the period just after the Babylonian exile, but what about the “Books of Moses”, the Torah.

According to tradition, the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament, was written by Moses, but there are passages that describe Moses’ death, which had to be written by another party. Genesis, chapters 1 and 2, however is unique in that it has NO PARALLEL anywhere in the ancient world outside the Bible.

The creation myths from Egypt and Mesopotamia have little resemblance to the narrative in Genesis. Who was around to write the story before they were even created? Adam and Noah could have kept the story alive orally to pass on to other generations, but the art of writing was not invented until the Sumerian civilization came along after the flood, according to historians.

Because many similar stories to those in Genesis, also exist in the clay tablets left by the Sumerians, some historians think that much of the book was taken from those documents when the Israelites were in exile during the Babylonian captivity. They offer as support of this belief, the fact that the Sumerians even had a play depicting the creation of the world that took 7 days to performance. That argument isn’t very sound on several points.

Myths originate when an ancient tale is retold and rewritten many times, each time with a little more “embellishment” than the previous version. It is a proven archeological fact that a simple “story” will take on MORE details as it is retold, than the original version.

The creation myths of ancient Egypt and the Sumerians are good examples of a simple story that eventually became so “embellished” that it bore little resemblance to the original stories that were also recorded by the same people centuries earlier.

The Egyptian and Sumerian versions began as true as told by descendants of Noah and became corrupted as time passed and each generation retold it slightly differently according to their preferences.

The Genesis version however, has remained true and simple. It has remained unchanged because it originated at a later date directly from the one who created it. God ordered that not one word or letter of the book be changed and it has remained so to this day.

Why do I think the Hebrew version came directly from God?

There is a recognizable pattern in all revelations that come from God. It is the pattern of 6 descriptions of events, followed by a period of quiet on the 7th event. This is evident in the 6 days of creation plus the seventh day of quiet and rest, and it occurs again several times in the book of Revelations in the descriptions of the “seals”, “trumpets”, and “bowls”.

Genesis 1 and 2 are a revelation from God of the beginning of the world, and the book of Revelation is a revelation from God of the end of the world of man.

This is evidence that both were written or dictated by the same hand.

There are also examples in the first two chapters of Genesis of knowledge that only someone who knew the future could have written, things that would remain a mystery to the ancient world, until an age would come along in which they would become clear.

I believe that the book of Genesis originated from God and was written by Moses as God dictated it word for word to him on Mt.Sinai.

Exodus 24:4 says, "Moses wrote all the words of the LORD,"

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