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Is DNA Proof of Intelligent Design?

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I confess that the idea for this post came from another post that I was commenting on, and I realized after it was frozen that there was an argument here that demands further scrutiny and an answer.

The evolutionists and atheistic biologists group have consistently written off life and DNA as an accident of nature that could have happened anywhere with similar conditions as the earth, and given enough time WOULD happen. 

I used to feel that the argument had some merit and was possible. I now have reconsidered my position and believe that there is enough evidence to say that all life, and DNA specifically, is evidence of, not an accident, but of deliberate design.

Why do I feel that there is design at work in the presence of life on this planet?

1. The order of complexity of DNA is such that to compare the most complicated non-living thing that nature has ever produced to DNA is like comparing the stone axe of primitive man to the space shuttle. If life is an accident of nature, then where are the intermediate steps to life. If the formation of life happened by chemical processes then there must be some intermediate steps that lie just outside of life itself, which with a little nudge, could produce a living organism.

Those who don't accept evolution as the process by which man developed, point to "the missing link", a state in which the creature that became man was just outside of being human, as evidence that man didn't come by way of that process. By the same token, there should be some extremely complex chemical compounds that are "almost', but not quite, a living, reproducing, organism. If we had found such 'chemicals' we could easily synthesize them and "push" them over the boundary between the living and the nonliving. We have not.

 That gap in nature,  from the nonliving to the living, suggests to me that life did not come by way of nature but was 'created' by an intelligence that we don't yet understand. For man, life is still a complete mystery that we are not even close to understanding. Yet some of us claim to think we understand how it came to exist.

2. Man has been able to overcome unimaginably complicated tasks and obstacles, and even catalog the genome of his own species, yet cannot produce the DNA of even the simplest living organism. We still don't have a complete understanding of how it works!!! 

We can put footprints on the moon and send robots to Mars to explore the universe, yet we still cannot produce the simplest strand of DNA that is known to us. How could such intelligence fail to make the simplest version of something that has been described as an "accident" of nature.

3. The most complicated creation of man so far has been 'artificial' intelligence, which is a computer program, and the device that interprets it and runs it. This 'imitation' of intelligence is just a shadow of 'real' intelligence that exists in many higher order animals. We can't make a device that can hunt and track other animals, like a hunting dog, yet that dog is supposed to be an accident of nature, and our crude imitations that we call robots, are deliberate designs.

 4. We have never established that there is other life anywhere else in the universe. We have searched our solar system for evidence and found only rocky planets that are devoid of life and other planets that are composed of poisonous gasses. We have had the "Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence" SETI, ongoing for some years now, and have not had even the slightest hint of radio waves, TV signals, or any other evidence that there is other life among the stars.

Yet, with the infinite number of stars, and planets that could harbor life, if life is indeed a product of natural processes, we should have seen something. We send megawatts of signals every day into space in all directions, that other intelligence could pick up and detect that we are here. If the same thing happened elsewhere, why do we not detect similar signals. Given that the distances between stars is almost incomprehensible, most such signals would have had to start out long before we even existed. Yet the universe is 13.7 billion years old and there has been time for intelligence to develop many times over if it came by way of nature, on other planets. There should be at least one that has reached us by now. Yet we still do not see the signals we are looking for.

Even Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist, has professed his belief in an interview with Ben Stein, in the movie "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed", that perhaps life on earth developed by way of "intelligent design". He was quick to say "that does not mean I believe in God, but only that it may have come by way of other intelligent life in the universe". Contrary to what many think, Intelligent Design does not necessarily infer a belief in a supreme God.

If God did create intelligent life on earth, there is no real reason to believe that we are not unique in the universe. He could have chosen to deliberately to do it that way for reasons we do not understand. That we are alone may or may not be true, depending on why we are here in the first place.

And that is the ultimate mystery, isn't it. We have all asked that question at some point in our life. Why ARE we here? The Bible doesn't answer that question, but only tells us what we must do to satisfy God, and be saved.

An analogy I like to use is, suppose beings from another external universe, made their way into our universe and landed on planet earth. Why would they not say to one another, "Someone was here before us"? Suppose that we sent men to Mars and found a computer chip lying on the ground with "Intel" stamped on it. Would we not say the same?

I have to admit that while these arguments do not constitute "proof" of Intelligent Design, a logical person would have to admit that there is strong circumstancial evidence.

After years of thinking that, in the vastness of space and the universe, it would be unreasonable to think that we are alone, I have to confess that lately, I have been giving that possibility some thought.

Maybe we are special to God.

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